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Hey everyone, I've been a part of realself for...

Hey everyone, I've been a part of realself for over a year but have been looking into getting a BBL for years now. I am 140 lbs (currently gaining more to achieve my optimum goal) and am about 5'5' white caucasian female living out of the States. I've read so many reviews on how happy the ladies that get their procedures done are and reading their journeys through here makes me want a BBL so much more! I love hearing about the ups but also the downs to make me aware and what to look out for. I love how real and honest everyone is about their procedure and I want to do the same as well. No bullshitting but just the plain truth to help other females to get the booty of their dreams.

So a few months ago I reached out to two different dr's, (1) Dr Fisher (Miami) and Dr Hazani (California). both of them responded pretty quickly. Fisher's assistant/admin worker said that they'd be happy to assist me in any way possible via phone or email and that they'd hear back from me. I responded within a couple hours asking a few questions and received nothing back. A few months down the track and still nothing. When I firstly reached out to Hazani, he said that he isn't taking any appointments for anything at the moment and to try again in a month or so. Since I didn't hear back from Fisher I decided to try again with Hazani and he responded so quickly asking for pictures (to see if I was a suitable candidate to receive BBL) and when the best time would be for us to make a virtual consultation (as mentioned before I don't live in the States). So tomorrow we are going to have a consultation and I'm going to ask him a few questions Ive been meaning to know the answers of. I'm nervous yet excited to see what happens.

I'm planning to have this surgery done in February 2017.
If anyone has any questions or comments please don't hesitate, I promise I'll always get back to you.

Talk soon my loves x

Set up consultation

So Dr Hazani and I have been communicating via email for several days now back and forth and told me to get what'sapp and for us to communicate via that. It unfortunately wasn't working well on my end but I called the office up (the lady at reception was the nicest) and helped me and now it works. I've set up a virtual consultation to talk to Dr Hazani at the end of this coming week!


Okay ladies so the consultation was delayed due to connection issues but in the end got connected fine and spoke to him earlier this morning and it went well. *Shout out to the ladies at the office for making it a breeze*. He went over the procedure of incision sites and the process of pre and post op. I asked him a couple questions that I had concerns about and he answered them fluently and without hesitation. He has a few pictures of me currently and spoke to him about my height (5'6') (167cm) and my weight (150) I was so happy being at 130 before I started gaining. I fell sluggish and tired more easily now. Hate this feeling of being insecure. But he did say I was a good candidate and that I'd be pleased with a very nice outcome.
Once coming to the conclusion of the conversation he spoke to me about making an appointment and proceeding if I was still willing to do so (which I am!). He said that one of the girls in the office will contact me in the next few days up to a week to discuss locking in a date and putting down a deposit. I was thinking within the last week of February.
Very pleased of how it went and looking forward to keeping you updated.
In the next few days I'll post some wish pics as well as myself
Talk soon x

Paid deposit

Hi again! Apologises for being away..I've been terribly ill and had to deal with family issues. After I got a hold of Dr. Hazani he as well as reception staff said that they'd send me my proposal and later my invoice (from Gary). I had to read the contract, pay a deposit before the following week and sign it (which I later scanned and send them a copy). That's really been it. I've send the office a question but they haven't gotten back to me yet. A little concerned but I'll follow up shortly.

In the mean time I've been feeling gross and sluggish from my weight gain. My clothes are tight fitting. I'm really self conscious more than I was before and feel tired easily. I want to go out and work out but don't want to ruin my added fat I've gained. Soo annoying!

I've added some photos I've been obsessing for months up to years! I've got so many but these are my top favourites!


Date is locked in

So I've gotten my questions answered and I've also received pre and post operation instructions from Nayely. She really is a gem. I had to sign a patient info sheet which I scanned and send them.
Also big news is that I booked my surgery date. It's Tuesday February the 14th and it's been approved.
I've been reading so much about this procedure, more than ever before and I know time will fly past! I've been prepping and getting things ready as of now because of Xmas and the new year rush. Also trying to work around my work schedule can be difficult around this time. I've compiled a list (pic) and if any one else can share or add their own input from their experience or feel as if I'm missing something I'd greatly appreciate it.
When emailing Nayely she informed me that that I'll be receiving a first and second stage binder, BBL pillow, gauze and chucks and my prescriptions that I will pick up all on my pre op consultation.

I know some ladies on here (from what I've seen, heard and read) don't like the way Dr Hazani speaks to them. To me I prefer for my chosen doctor to be upfront, direct and honest rather than beating around the bush and hoping to get good results.



So it's just shy off two months and I am super excited. I've pretty much got everything ready and set to get it done now! I have been taking to Gary via email and was telling me to get my blood test within 30 days from surgery date. I've been reading and looking at everyone reviews from a lot of different doctors and ladies bbl experience. I can't get enough. I added an image of what I look like currently after weight gain and was playing around on what I've seen a lot of ladies here have the surgery app, thought I'd give it at go and I'm not great at it but seemed to get a realistic goal. There are a lot of great looking ladies with amazing bodies out there but what better way to show what I want on my body than to play around and see what results I could have. I really don't like the way I look now and I was comfortable before I started to gain weight :( As mentioned before in my other posts I feel sluggish, tired and gross. Please no hate! It's part of the process but this is a terrible feeling. I don't want to wear anything that will show my body at all. I'm so self conscious and am praying that this is worth it. I hope Dr Hazani can work his magic on me.
I'm also worried about the amount of cc's that are injected..I'm not sure how the doctor will determine that. I'm scared of going overboard and too much but I also don't want something where you can't even notice much of a difference. Plus you lose about 30-40% if you're careful. I hear over 1000cc in each cheek is normal.
Can't wait and hoping all my blood work will be good results.

Accomodation ??

It's getting close and still getting everything ready. I've just however booked a place in Beverly Hills from the 12th feb-19th feb. then will be staying for the rest of my recovery in Texas. When I see it's coming closer and closer every day, I start to get cold feet but then realise how long I've wanted this and that I'm happy that I'm going through with it.

So excited xx
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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