Lollipops Lift with 475 High Profile - California, CA

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Im 34 with 4 kids and finally going to get a my...

Im 34 with 4 kids and finally going to get a my breast back. Went in to my plastic surgeon who made me feel very comfortable with a great staff. He went over many different options with me and implant styles. After all was done we decided on a lollipops lift with 475 high profile. I looked at his before and after pics and was very impressed with what I seen plus I have had friends and family use this doctor as well. Can't wait to see my new look.

Tomorrow is the big day.

Im so excited, hope I can sleep. I have to be at the doctors office at 515 in the morning. I'll post more updates and pics as i can thanks everyone for sharing your experience on the site.

I'm so sore

I'm so sore, but feeling better today. My PS decided to do a donut lift and 500cc and from what I can see right now it looks good. I'll post some pics when I'm feeling better.Thanks everyone for posting, it help hearing others stories


Feeling so much better today, can't believe the difference from surgery till now! I'm really discouraged though, my left breast has always been bigger but now it's noticeable bigger! I'm sagging in my left breast as well, I know it's too early to tell but it's hard not to. My doc was really concerned about my smoking & the insions healing properly so I haven't smoked in 3 days & I'm cranky!! I just hope my breast turn out the way I want, I've waited too long for this! Maybe someone has some encouraging words about what they have gone through?!! Thanks ladies!!

5 days post-op

I'm so upset!! I just don't see how my breast are going to look good, it seems impossible. I'm regretting the whole thing. I've brok down crying a few times, I've waited 17 years for this & this is what I get? I don't know what to do from here. Today is day 5 of no smoking (an 18 year habit) not sure if it even makes a difference now. Sorry if I'm being negative I can't help it at this point. Just hoping things will get better & that I don't have to have more surgeries!

Hanging in there

Sorry, been awhile! Hanging in there, trying to quit smoking b/c I had some issue w/ my right breast, my nipple had turned black the night of my surgery due to me smoking. Quit altogether for 7 days, now smoke nicoten vapor @ night! Gained a grip of weight. :( ... so right breast lagging behind Schedule! Beside that I'm thinking they will look good ... Better than before. Been massage them & they have came down some.


Forgot pix in update ... Whoops

Itching like crazy

Ok ladies, when ur boobies r itching what do u do? Like how do u get relief? I've noticed at night when I'm sleeping I'm going to town itching my right breast which has the scabs on it due to issues I had w/ it in the beginnings. I wake up to find I have sometimes scratched off my scabs or irritated them, which is going to leave a worse scar! I don't want that. Any advice on how to get relief? Anything helps thanks

So Frustrated

Ok so it's been awhile since my last update, sorry ladies for those of you who are keeping up w/ my drama, lol! Well Wednesday the 10th my right breast, the one I've been having problems w/ from day 1 split open. I went to the doctors office to see the nurse (PS wasn't in) she looked at it & didn't seem too concerned & told me it was a superficial tear, really?? It hurt pretty bad for the 1st few days. The middle part of the tear will not scab for some reason, at night I pull my breats out of my Pajamas to try & air it out b/c all day long I'm wearing a bra, as I was told to. I am wearing the silicone scar strips on the parts where there are no scabs. The nurse told me after it does heal it will scar pretty bad there for he can go back in & cut out the scar! Hopefully this time it will heal with no problem, gosh I really hope so. My left breast is doing awesome & has been doing awesome from day one. PS told me they will probably drop about another 1/2" of so. To me they don't look round, they kind of look like a football shape? Ladies please tell me honestly what you think about the size, shape, implant still needing to drop, the scarring & scabing, ect! Anything, please don't hold back I need honestly not flattery ... Thankful so much

What next?

Ok so I am not real happy with my results really at all. My boobs still sag! My doctor should of refused to do my surgery if I was still smoking not change crap up at the last minute w/ thinking we could get the results I wanted from a donut lift its unreal for him to think that! I hate to think he is greedy b/c I know he's not! I really like him & he said he could do the vertical insision in his office but my guess is it isn't gonna be free! When really my $ was paying for a full lollipop lift NOT just a donut! I have wanted my boobs back in their place for 17 years and I was so excited almost got them done in 2011 but I got pregnant put it off till this year! I just don't know if I should look some place else and spend a lot more $ going some place else or go back to my PS and have him pretty much finish it by doing the vertical insision .... Please help ladies what would you do in this situation? Thank for your thoughts!


Well here are picture I just took, as u can see one is bigger than the other and is flat, b/c of the donut lift that's what happens, and they are both sagging!! What the crap!! So I don't know if I should go back to my PS or pay someone else to do it all over again ...
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