32, 3 Breastfed Babies, 210cc overs with Doughnut lift

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Hi! I am just beginning my journey of surgery...


I am just beginning my journey of surgery inquiries and looking forward to better boobs! I'm currently in a VS 32D or a 34C with some gapping since I have no upper pole fullness.
I've had 1 consultation so far, the cost was almost $15k!! I am now considering breast aug only, and maybe gain fullness and minimal lift. He also quoted me for that.
Going to see more surgeons and get different opinions.

Any opinions are welcome!

More consults

I have now seen 3 surgeons. 2 are willing to do lollipop lift with large implants. I used sizers and I just cannot get comfortable with a big size!
Although it's the most expensive and has the most scars, I'm leaning toward full vertical lift with small (200cc) implant.

Scheduled surgery!

Put my deposit and now trying to decide what type of lift and size implant.

I liked the small rice sizers of 6oz.. 180cc but that would require a full lift.
To do a benelli lift he requires an equivalent of 9oz rice sizer 265cc. It felt huge! However to most girls that seems conservative. It's tempting because the scars are less and I don't scar well. Unsure... any advice is appreciated!

Surgery booked!

Decided on subglandular silicone implant, 225cc,plus benelli lift. Date is March 30th! :)

Fresh post op!


Breast done this morning, I was home by 10am! I ended up with:

210cc Naturelle Inspira Textured
Submusclar "overs" with doughnut lift

My pain is minimal, been prescribed percocet and I've been using arnica . I mostly feel sore. Used an occasional ice pack. Any questions let me know! I'll update often with progressing pictures.

Postoperative day 1

Swollen and pain. The ice and percocet is helping. Even with help, my kids are demanding and it is difficult to really "take it easy ". I have some slight oozing from my right breast. So I replaced the gauze and snapped a couple pictures in between. I'm certainly glad I stuck to the smaller size. They feel huge!

They are also very wide set. I'm disappointed in that a little because I did not want side boob! Not much I can do at this point? I did express that to my surgeon beforehand. Also hoping they don't droop crazy lower. They look great now! However I have naturally low set breasts.

Post op Day 3

Slightly better pain. No more bleeding or oozing. I drove today and it felt fine without pain. I only use percocet at night now. Constipation is an issue I moved on to milk of magnesia because colace and miralax didn't help.
Still concerned that left breast turns outward more and I have too much side boob and that is disappointing. Hoping swelling goes down too as my breasts seem huge! Wouldn't mind slightly smaller even.

Post op Day 3

Post op Day 4

2 week post op

I'm feeling much better, pain meds only at night. U have developed mild mondis cord under my right breast and Advil has helped take care of it.
Looking forward to removing sterile strip in about a week and seeing how they loon.
I'll update soon!

2 1/2 weeks post op


I took the steri strips off as they were all peeling and lifting and just so dirty and full of dry blood.
My areola aren't as round and simetrical as I had hoped. I might look into cosmetic tattooing in the future if they don't look great.
Pain is very mild, only using advil. I'm very pleased with the size! I have low breast folds, from the side my breasts are not droopy at all, but I realize they're not as perky as other girls. Fine with me I want to look natural!

4 weeks post op

I'm doing well, very little pain! Back to light weights and the eliptical machine! Overall I'm happy with my result. I've realized that my breasts have low fold and I am not going to have super high perky boobs.. they look very natural and I'm okay with that look.

I'm using biocorneum.. hoping my areola scars won't end up too bad!

Additional pic

2 months post op benelli w 200cc


Healing well. My scars are flat and fading, overall still loving the size. I dont however love the sag, but they look WAY better than before and very natural.
Overall I'm happy!
I'm back to running and fitness which is awesome! :) I'm totally pain free, maybe an occasional zinger that's all. Looking forward to swimsuits this summer!

4 month update


I'm doing great,nipple sensation intact, I've gain 5lbs, but that seems to be the common thing occurrence. Since I didn't have a lift, and I he natural low breast folds, they do seem a ltitle droopy. Honestly they are 100% better than before and also I am not scarring amazing so that just confirmed my decision not to do the lift. I feel so much more confident naked now and in bathing suits and clothing - it's awesome!

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