Does aNyone know if Dr. Pantoja does Saline implants? And for ladies who has saline Do u like it?

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Hello beautiful boobie gurls! I'm usually in the...

Hello beautiful boobie gurls!
I'm usually in the BBL section hanging out but recently decide after all my indecisive-ness that my boobies should come first. So far I have been to one BA consultation in my local area of Colorado and was not comfortable towards what I've seen/nor impressed . First he doesn't do areola incisions, only under the breast, and he told me what size I should do. And never explain to me the differences with saline and silicone other than saying "one feels natural than other and one consist of salt water...." I'm constantly doing my own research, but would have been nice if the doctor took me serious.

A bout myself, I'm 5'3" and I currently weigh 174lbs which I'm trying to lose prior to surgery. My goal weight is 125lbs. I have two kids, youngest is 2 1/2 yr. and although I like my boobs they need to fill out much more with a lot more projection. I think my current breast size is C cup but not a Large C.

What I want to achieve is a Large C to D or DD. I like the natural look not high Round circle look. I believe I have plenty of breast tissue after breast feeding both kids, so that's good. Also I never had cleavage so it would be nice to finally get some. Hehee!

Why am I asking to find a doctor in California?
California has tons of competition/ different kinds of clientele ( which means variety) & differ prices, so I believe I'll find what I'm lookn for. And I can chill out at the beach before returning home. Hehee!!

So, Who gives natural looking BA with a little sagging affect? Not the old granny look..Lol.. And is talented at sculpting the boobs.

Any suggestions to what type of implant would look best for me

Thanks Ladies

I know there r many women on this forum that has...

I know there r many women on this forum that has received work in Cali, but where you hiding? Any info

I am planning to get BA this year hopefully before...

I am planning to get BA this year hopefully before summer ends. And if i decide to go to mexico i would like to get my BA done by Pantoja. Problem is I don't know if he does saline since many of his clients have silicone. I just wana try the saline before doing silicone.

More so, It seems soo many doctors are pushing for silicone more than saline. And I feel saline will give me what I want without feeling Fake nor looking fake...

For those of you, who has saline implants currently please share your thought on how it feels, and look.

Not sure

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