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I decided to post a review because I found this...

I decided to post a review because I found this site to be such a wealth of information! I've been on it for hours since I confirmed my surgery date. It is amazing how you become obsessed with boobies!!

So a little bit about me...I am 39 years old, 5'4" and 140lbs. I have 2 teenage kids. I have fluctuated with my weight for many years going from 130 to 180 after kids. I wore a 36D at my heaviest weight but that was about 10 years ago. Since I've lost weight, my breast really started to deflate and sag. I started telling my friends and family I was really considering BA. I was wearing only push-up padded bras and I was sad with the fact that the more I exercised, the smaller they got!

I guess the final straw came when I took my 15 year old bra shopping and she sized in at 34D. When we got home she gave me her 34/36B bras and they fit. I decided it was my time! I'm turning 40 in 2 months and I want to feel fabulous!! So I made 2 appointments to see the PS. The first PS told me he wanted to do silicone implants above the muscle because I had good breast tissue and he would determine the size prior to surgery. I just needed to bring in pictures of what i wanted and liked. He also suggested I have crescent lift on my right breast because of my symmetry.

I wasn't familiar with the lift so I had to do some research on that. I really liked him but wanted a second opinion. The second PS wanted to do silicone unders. He did not think I needed a lift and that I would do well with 350 or 380 cc moderate profile. I was so confused when I returned home and started my research. That's how I stumbled onto this site. Well I decided to go with the second PS. While trying on sizers, I liked 350 but after reading all the post about 400-500cc and wishing they went bigger, I brought my husband in for feedback. I think that processed really freaked him out! He kept holding the sizers and saying they were huge and I should just do baby ones.

It was quite an ordeal so I settled on 350. Then a few days later I called the PS and asked if they could have the 380 on hand so I could decide before surgery. After looking at a million photos of BA I think the sizes look so different on every body. Some BA of 500 cc look small on woman and some 300 cc look huge!! So now 2 days before my surgery I'm pretty sure I'll go with the 380.

I do want to thank all the ladies out there that posted helpful tips and what to expect. Hopefully I'll be able to share my experience and it will help someone out there as well. I know one thing for sure is that I am soooo excited to start loving my boobs!

Well I'm finally on the other side! this is day 2...

Well I'm finally on the other side! this is day 2 for me. When I returned home from surgery I was so exhausted, I mostly took my Vicodin every 4 hours and slept. I understand the elephant on your chest feeling! I was also really sore under my arms and around my incision (inframammary). Yesterday was pretty much the same, tight chest but I felt that the bra I got from my PS was too constricting. It's the one with the strap built into it. It just hurt everywhere including my back, when I got up to move around. I would unstrap it and ice my chest to help the swelling and it felt soooo much better to loosen the bra. I googled tight bras and what not and it seems every PS has a different way of after care. I took off my bra today just to check it out and see if I have any bruising. They look great, no bruising and I think the soreness was from the tight bra chafing my underarm and back. I decided to put on the genie bra and it feels so much better. My babies want to be free!!!! I get to shower today and hopefully the miralax, smooth move, dulcolax will do their job today! I go in tomorrow for my 1st post op and will post new pictures.
They are definitely way up there but I'm still really happy cuz I know once they drop, they'll be perfect. I went with Sientra 380 MP unders. Bye for now!

So I feel like all I've been doing is sleeping! ...

So I feel like all I've been doing is sleeping! It's heavenly, considering I'm a mom of two active teenagers and I have two additional jobs, not to mention I am a caretaker for my elderly in-laws. So at the moment, my in-laws who live in an attached unit to the house think I have the flu. My mom is here helping with the cooking and cleaning. My husband and daughter are being super helpful and catering to all my needs. I guess all those years of asking care of everyone else is finally paying off! ;D. I also have vacation from work until 2/17.

I'm still taking Vicodin every 4 hours and a muscle relaxant every 8. Thank you to all for the advice about the miralax because I just went and I feel good!!! I was thinking I should ease off the meds but my breast still hurts, mostly under my arm area when I lift my arms. Also at the breastfold. I don't have any bruising but it hurts. Don't know if it from the incision or the stitches pulling. Anyone else hurt there? I am also very glad to have taken off the PS bra, hope the docs ok with that but it was so tight it hurt every time I moved.

So in terms of size, my boobs feel huge! When I cup them in my hands I think OMG they feel big already and when those babies drop they'll be even bigger. It's amazing how they already make you feel sexy! So even with all the pain I'm so excited for the end result. I'll include some pics now. TaTa!
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