Breast Lift with Augmentation Gone Severely Wrong - California, CA

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I am 5 weeks post op, my left breast developed an...

I am 5 weeks post op, my left breast developed an Eschar...... Home care tried to chemically debride it, it tore open. I returned to my surgeon in the states (I'm from Canada) had it debrided, it was totally clean! I was told to go home, do dry to wet dressings for 1 week, then wet to wet, and return..... necrotic tissue has shown back up. I'm having it debrided again. I have no idea what to expect at this point. I don't care if the scar is hideous I just want it closed. I'm doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy..... Anyways has anyone seen this? Any person I show gasps and almost bursts into tears. I'm tired :(. Any advice? Why did this happen? My right one looks amazing! It's still sore but I'm thinking it ought to be, I did have a major surgury!

On the mend

I'm on the mend, my PS has been AMAZING through this! Problem is that I'm from Canada so I go home and the doctors there all day and do different things. My surgeon is amazing and this is that crazy slim .002% complication that can happen. I am ok as long as I'm near my surgeon. Oxygen therapy has been amazing! I was closed up yesterday and feel 1 000 000 better. You are all so very kind. Thank you

So still on the mend

Well well well after my last update and getting all stitches up...... Puss after 6 days :(. So we opened a part up again. Ugh, so only a small part though. My PS cleaned it again and has seen me every single day and has been more than amazing. Unfortunately the wound had to be packed with gauze every day so that sucked! But after 2 more weeks it's finally getting stitched up tomorrow for hopefully the final time. Please please please let this be it! I couldn't be happier about my surgeon. This had nothing to do with him and would have happened no matter what surgeon I had. But I can say I'm almost certain not one would have handled this or me in such a caring, kind way. Not once have I felt like a burden and they have seen me pretty much every day. Fingers crossed for both of us this is it lol
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