Explanting with Possible Lift 3 to 6 Months Later - California

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I'm very nervous, scared of what I will look like....

I'm very nervous, scared of what I will look like...but I am also looking forward to being back to me.... I had and breastfeed 4 kids... So as you can imagine I had saggy socks : /
I always wanted implants and decided at age 47 to get them, now that I have turned 50 I'm getting rid of them... I feel fat and heavy with them... I have NOT gotten use to them and after 2yrs and 4 months I don't think I ever will.... I still try to hide them and feel embarrassed about getting them.....
I am 5'6 and 138 lbs I went from a mid / full B to a DDD way to big for me...
I have silicone 400cc and 390cc under the muscle and have NO idea of what to expect after explanting....


I'm going through a roller coaster of emotions right now : / I keep thinking maybe I just need a lift
( PS said it would make them smaller) maybe I need to down size.... I was saggy before I got them but had a lollipop lift at the same time so I really don't know what to expect....
I don't know which is worse trying to fill out a bikini / bra with saggy boobs / skin or overflowing with implants ????

Pre Op

I had my pre op on 1/7…... I'm SO nervous, but SO excited... I will be having them removed under local…. My PS recommends waiting for 4 months before deciding on whether or not to lift again…( I had a lollipop lift with augmentation) I have to say after talking with him again and finalizing the time I HAVE butterflies, he has in NO way pushed me in any dirrection and just wants ME to be happy in whatever I choose….. Come on 1/13 I'm ready : )

Their out !!!

Their out.... I'm home feeling good and my PS said I have breast tissue.... WOOHOO

Pre and Post explant photos

Yikes : / I'm hoping for lots of skin retraction but I don't think it can shrink up that much !!!!! I'm thinking a lift maybe in my future....

Nipple pain

I'm 11 days post op feeling very happy about explanting and my skin is tightening up.... YAY
BUT I'm having a lot of burning pain in one nipple and was wondering if any one else has experienced this ?

Still HAPPY I explanted

I just wanted to check in and say I'm still SO HAPPY I explanted.... Even though I may need a lift I somehow feel sexier without implants, probably because I never felt comfortable with them....I also felt like I needed to hide them now if I'm showing some cleavage I'm PROUD of it : )
I am still seeing changes so I will be waiting to decide on s lift at about the 6 month mark.....

4wks 5days post op

I will be getting a lift... I don't mind small but a little bit of perk would be nice : )

Enough to lift ?

I know I want a lift,... But I'm wondering if I have enough Breast tissue TO LIFT : /

Getting a lift 5/4

Its been just under 4 months since I explanted....As you can see I definitly still need a lift.... I'm not sure what to expect size wise but I'm looking forward to perky breast : ) on 5/4

Lift completed !!

Just a quick update I had my lift 5/4 and so happy I did lots of healing left to do but think I will be happy with the final result at least I can now bend over without feeling like I have two long tubes hanging down.... LOL

Photos added

4 day post op


Still healing doing well... I have a couple slow healing areas that are a bit red... I may call my PS just to be sure I'm on track....
For those of you that have asked my PS is Dr Thomas in Chico CA
I paid 850 for explant and 1100 for a lift..... I had everything done under local.
I'm SO MUCH more comfortable and confident with myself now and still VERY HAPPY : )

Updated lift photos....3 month post op

Just a quick update.... I'm about 3 months post op of my lift... I'm still seeing changes... I think I'm a small C it really depends on where I buy my bras.... VS I can still wear a D in some but I have wide boobs : / not so much projection is why.....Right after my lift I was still fitting in to my old bras it must have been swelling because I am smaller now.... But none the less still very happy to have the implants gone...... : )
Chico Plastic Surgeon

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