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Ok so my story goes like this... I am 31, 5'5,...

Ok so my story goes like this... I am 31, 5'5, 135lbs started out as a 32B was really hoping to be a 32D. I have been on at least 5 consultations over the years and finally had the money and the time to go ahead and get my boobs done. After breast feeding my boobs seemed to have lost their density and plus I had always wanted bigger boobs.

So this time around I went to 2 different doctors. One was a Beverly Hills doc who I had gotten several referrals to, the other was a doctor that one way or another I had built a relationship with. I didn't choose the Beverly Hills doc because 1) the consultation was literally not longer then 10 mins 2) I felt like in the 10 mins I was fighting to get a word in.

My breast aug. was supposed to be a "slam dunk" so I went with the other doc that didnt have the name but I felt comfortable with. So during every single other consult I had been on every doc told me I could easily go 400cc-450cc including the beverly hills doctor. The doctor I chose said 400cc was too big, I brought him pictures of breast size that I wanted he said ok ok, so I thought that should be it right? The day of surgery he says he'll do his best to get 400cc in but it might not happen... I tell him to make it happen. So I wake up and I have 325cc silicone... I am apparenty to narrow for a bigger implant??...Ughhh!

I think ok might not be so bad ( I have my bandages on and it seems like they're huge) Next day bandages come off and wow I have slightly larger boobs and what appears to be a double bubble...WTH!? I instantly point out the double bubble and he says its swelling. Ok. They show me the pics from surgery and how the 400cc was making my boob look weird.

Ok. SO this double bubble is gonna resolve itself right? Yeah its just swelling. 1 week post op I go for my post op visit and point out that I still have the double bubble, once again I am assured it just swelling...lay back and see that it is swelling. Ok. 2 weeks post op and guess what is still the only thing that is obviously swollen...My left boob! Still looks like a double bubble to me.. So I am not sure that at the moment I feel like my breast aug. was worth it. My doctor is very nice and I think that he will probably be willing to fix the problem, however, I think that I have lost confidence in him....maybe I'm jumping the gun and its too soon to make any decisions...

I know that it'll be a minimum of 6 months before I could do anything about it. In retrospect I should have told Dr. Beverly Hills that I really wanted his time and attention. I think that just based on the fact he's done so many breast augs that he would have been a better choice for me. I will update and let you all know what happens so for now I am undecided.

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