Two sets of boobs! (Sientra)

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Hiiiiii! First off, no one wants to make life...

Hiiiiii! First off, no one wants to make life decisions alone. It's hard! That's why I, Maddie and my homegurrrl Annita have decided to team up and finally conquer our lack of boobies. We've seen 4 different doctors in hopes we've found the ONE. Everyones told us once we meet the right surgeon, we'll just know. Hopefully the last one we've met, works out!

Wanted to share our experience through this CRAZY journey!

Age: 22
Considered getting a breast aug since I've been 20!
150 lbs- in the process of losing weight. bleh..
Currently: "36C" but don't really fill the cup out on top, bottom of breast is heavier.
Goal: a FULL C/D- have not decided.
Type: Silicone
Brand: interested in Sientra by Silimed.
No kids

Age: 21- waiting to turn 22 in January so I can get SILICONE! YEA!
Been wanting this for 4 years
116 lbs
Currently: 32B
Goal: small C, 320-350ccs
Type: Silicone
Brand: interested in Sientra by Silimed.
No kids

Our first consult was in Marina del Ray, quoted $7500
Second, Pasadena, quoted $7100
Third, Pomona, 9/20 $5000
Fourth, Upland 9/25 $6400

We've been set on sientra ever since they were introducted to us at our first consult. We've done a ton of research, and they seem like an overall great implant. After the first consult we decided we'd search for other doctors, since we didnt feel like we met our Dr. Right. And plus, $7500 was definitely out of our price range. We did talk about selling our kidney on the black market, but we're pretty sure thats illegal. Boo.

Our second consult was amazing, but the doctors schedule was inconsistent. He'd be in and out of the office doing studies on how to improve breast augs. Which is totally great and all.. More power to him! but... we wanted our doctor to stay put.

Now... here's where things got alllll messed up. Our third doctor preferred not to use Sientra. WHAT!!!!! We've been so gun hoe about this implant, now you're telling us... it's not a good idea?! He still offers to implant them, but prefers the other two brands Allergan /Mentor. He says both Mentor and Allergan have implants that are still cohesive but just not as cohesive as Sientras. Wahh... We asked if he perfered one over the other, Allergan or Mentor, he said, NO. WHAT x2 !!!!! Okay so that's really lame cause we're confused if we want sientras now, or if we want the same cohesive implant by Mentor/Allergan. He did make a good point though why would you go for an implant that just came out? Over another implant thats been out for a long time? SO CONFUSEDDDD!

Still in the process of working out consult #4. Will update you then!


Last week we went to consult #4 and... we think we found our doctor!!! We saw Dr. Park, right here in Upland, Ca. He is amazing!! For lack of a better word! He is so sweet, and took everything into consideration. With the previous doctors, we felt like we were being pushed into getting Sientra implants (probably so the doctors could be in studies). Dr Park was awesome. He showed us the different brands, and the pros and cons of each. His favorite were the Sientra high-profiles, but he did not force them on us.

One thing that differed was the HP vs. the MP, which all of the other doctors recommended. Does anyone else have advice on if they got high profiles and are happy with them??? We want to be perky, but not porn-star-ish!! We definitely want to be natural, but do not want to have "pancake boobs" if we get the moderate profile! Help!! With high-profile, do you still have "side boob" ???

Another thing he suggesed that had not been suggested to us before, is to do a transaux incision (through the armpit) vs under the breat. Has anyone else experienced this?? Is it a lot longer of a recovery time? Does it hurt a lot more? Or is it better? What is the best place to get a silicone implant??

We think we will be scheduling our surgery next paycheck, for the end of January! Woohoo!!!

We've weighed out the pro's and con's for each...

We've weighed out the pro's and con's for each doctor, and emailed each doctor and their team to get all of our last questions answered. We've.... *drum roll pleaseeeee* decided on a doctor (not dr. Park) ANDDDD we've set a date! (Go- us!) Thursday, January 24, 2013. I'm (Maddie) scheduled for 7:30 and Annita is scheduled for 9:30! We're counting down the days. I think Annita reminded me exactly 80 left from today, and exactly 66 days till pre-op. Now the waiting game. What to make the time go by faster? Thank the Lord for holidays (pun intended.) There is so much to prepare for! I've been reading around and my mind is all over the place! -extra pillows, sleeping in a recliner? stool softener?! It all makes sense now! I think we read somewhere, don't forget to shave your underarms before the surgery- totally makes sense! Would not have thought of that. We would love more tips, and thanks for the support girls!

29 days till pre-op and 43 days till booooobs....

29 days till pre-op and 43 days till booooobs. We've been super busy, no time for updates! (Not that there's anything to update until our pre-op!). Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. :)

Tomorrow is the big day!! 1/24!! We can't believe...

Tomorrow is the big day!! 1/24!! We can't believe it! We are doing everything we can think of! Waxing underarms, suspending gym memberships, etc. Maddie's surgery is at 7:30 and mine is at 10. Maddie will be getting Sientra round hp implants, 510 or 545 cc. I will be getting Sientra round, size 300-350cc depending what the doctor thinks when he puts the sizers in. Going to trust him but we are freaking out a little bit about size! We are definitely anxious/excited!

Today is the day!!! Maddie is in already & i'm in...

Today is the day!!! Maddie is in already & i'm in right after her! Kind of freakin out! :)

We are officially boobie sisters for life!! This...

We are officially boobie sisters for life!! This is anita, i can't sleep the medicine seems like it makes me really anxious. The surgery went well, it was awesome being able to wheel pass maddie opening her eyes when i went into surgery. I even got a little wave :) i didn't have any nasea after, but maddie did. :( we haven't talked much since but our preop is at 11 tomorrow.

Maddie: 545 hp sientra round smooth, periareolar incision.

Me: 355cc hp sientra round smooth, inframmary incision.

The anesthesiologist was awesome, last thing i remember was him asking how we knew eachother and bam i was out. Took me an hour and a half to wake up in recovery :o

Both of our boyfriens drove us to and from surgery, and i had my boyfriend and bestfriens at home doing everything from pulling up my pants to putting deoderant on me. The pain has been horrible! The sports bra i took was from jcpenny, and the dr said it didnt have enough support so i'm wrapped on gauze.
Maddie had the champs bra from sports authority and hers was fine.


Hey guys! MADDIE here! Just posted week 2,3,4,5/6...

Hey guys! MADDIE here! Just posted week 2,3,4,5/6 pictures! I'm pretty much a baby, so I didn't start feeling like myself until the past week. :( I've been constantly asking everyone to do things for me- they all think I was milking it (I swear I wasn't!).
At week 2/3 my super sensitive skin did not appreciate the steri strips so I developed a rash :( it's all better now!

I've just started sleeping occasionally on my side. Go me! But it still hurts. I chose a periareolar incision, and the scars seem invisible at this point. Going into summer I hope they don't get dark! :( I have a six week post op in 2 days, hope I'm cleared to finally wear a bra :(

Hi! Annita here :) Haven't had a chance to update...

Hi! Annita here :) Haven't had a chance to update in a while. Let's see.. I think at day 7 is when i started to feel like myself again, and not clouded over by the medicine. It is definitely worth it! I ended up doing 350cc Sientra round HP implants. I love them! I still don't feel like they are really a part of me yet, because i haven't actually found any bras that fit right yet, so I'm still wearing unpadded, wire-free bras. :/ I did post a picture of me in a 34C Bra. I couldn't actually find the yellow bathing suit top that I used before, so i posted a different bathing suit picture and I will keep looking for the yellow one. I did my incision in the crease, and I think it really helped me have such a fast recovery!

It's been 6 weeks now, almost 7. I started working out again at around week 2-3, started off just doing slow stairmaster and lunges/squats etc..Now I am doing my full-out work out routines, and running etc. (wearing 2 sports bras when I run).
I could sleep on my side at around week 3-4, and now i even wake up fully on my stomach and it doesn't hurt. (That's how i slept before) My implants are squishy, and the only complaint i have is that stretch marks started appearing at the end of week 5 even though i've been putting stretch mark cream on them every day! They are on the sides and so far where a bra would cover so it's not so bad. The only time they stretch that way is when i sleep, so i'm thinking that sleeping on my side may have caused it? I am going to start putting something in between my boobs again when i sleep so that they don't move when i'm on my side. Hopefully they don't get worse.
I really think the size is perfect for me, and I think if i went any smaller I would have really regretted it! I couldnt decide between 300, 335 or 355cc. I think the sound of being a medium or big C just sounds really scary, but once they are in, they seem really tiny! Even my friends said they couldn't tell until I told them. (unless i wore a bikini i'm sure)
Our doctor was great, we both have a little bit of hips so he made sure to give us a little "side-boob" so that our profiles would be proportionate.
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