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I am 8 days pre-op. I'm a nurse, been wanting this...

I am 8 days pre-op. I'm a nurse, been wanting this since 15. I never filled out tops, cups were always baggy, bathing suits even have to be padded. I'm a 32 aa and I just never got comfortabl with it. Currently 5ft5, 125 pounds. Want a perky B, small C, Going with HP silicone 335 cc's under. Crease incision. Lots of nerves, but also excited for bikini season. Right now I call them mosquito bites because my nipples are perky and big, with no breast tissue! oh yeah i'm 26 with no kids.

More angles for pre-op

Here are some more angles. I want to be able to look down the road and see breasts I love!

2 days post-op

The pain is minimal, lt just feels really tight. 3/10. Able to do all things myself, except drive. Dr. Bennett was really sweet and comforting. Everyone at the surgery center was very polite and comforting.

Aiming to be a c-cup! I hope once the drop and fluff happens they will look fuller. I've been doing down and inward massages as instructed since I got home after surgery.

Day 5 post op

Pain is not nearly as bad as I envisioned. 4/10 at worst. Tapering off oxycodone and living off of Ibuprofen. Still taking the muscle relaxer once in the morning. The most uncomfortable thing is that my back feels like it's being pulled forward, so I have to force myself to maintain a good posture. Pressure on chest is about the same. Constipation not so bad, I can go once every other day since my procedure on Thursday. My advice is to stay hydrated, stay prayed up, and just relax. I find myself worrying about all these things, like how big they will be and how fast they will drop, and at the end of the day what's done is done and I just have to hope fot the best. So far I'm pleased with my choice of surgeon. She makes sure you are comfortable with the prescriptions too, which is key to feeling great during recovery. I'll update in a couple more days at the one week mark.

1 month Post-op

No complaints, just waiting for them to drop and soften. No pain anymore, no tightness. Been able to wear a sports bra for about 2 weeks now. Loving the result so far.

1 month picture

Rancho Cucamonga Plastic Surgeon

So far she is so sweet, very informative, and professional ! Goes for conservative/natural look which is what I want. I had a friend get hers done with her too and she LOVED her. A couple hundred cheaper than other places.

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