350cc - Started with Nothing - 5'0, ~100 Lbs - Breastfed 2 Babies - California

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I did it!!!! I'm on the other side and can't...

I did it!!!! I'm on the other side and can't believe it!

I had poured over his site since August when I realized I need to have this surgery because I lost all breast tissue. I've wanted the surgery my whole adult life, since the biggest size I ever filled out was an A, barely. But then I breastfed 2 kids (13 months with my first and 20 months with my second. I just stopped in April 2016.) Then I lost a lot of weight this summer, and it dawned on me one day that I couldn't even partly fill out my padded bras because of the gap and the caving in... other flat chest-ers know what I mean!!!! I think it was a combination of the breastfeeding being over and the working out/weight loss that made them disappear (which were never big to begin with).

So I got my hubby on board (who doesn't like "big" boobs or "fake" boobs, he's not even a boob man in general). I love that he loves me for me, but I didn't even feel like a woman. I literally had to send him a side profile pic of my chest and say "LOOK AT THIS." Not that he doesn't see how small they are in person, but I think seeing how saggy they were (and literally flat) even he realized something needed to be done.

So here I am, 2 days post-op and so far, so glad I did this. I still can't believe it!

Here's my stats:

-5'0 tall, around 103-105 lbs?
(The surgery center weighed me in at 99 lbs? Not complaining but I don't know my actual weight. LOL)
-started not even an A, now maybe a C?
-350cc Mentor Silicone Round Unders
-High Profile
-crease incision

Day 3 post op and feeling good!

I was told by my PS to wear an underwire bra now (and a compression band). I just tried on a 34C and it seems to fit good. I'm so happy, I only wanted to be a C cup. I hope they don't get bigger? I know they have to drop, they are SO square and up high- so hopefully the bottom will fill out more but the swelling will go down too.

For those with experience, does your cup size get bigger, smaller or stay the same size after all swelling AND dropping and fluffing is done???

8 days post-op

Feeling great!!! I've actually been mobile and feeling good since day 3, I feel very fortunate. The only this is I tire easily (and obviously every day gets better.) I had my stitches removed today. I am to keep wearing my underwire bra and the compression band. I only saw the nurse (I have to go back on Monday to see the PS) and she said they are dropping nicely thanks to me wearing that band 24/7. I really hate this band though!!! You make it as tight or loose as you want, but it cuts under my armpit a bit. It's just annoying. Patience!!!!!
The incisions are kind of hard to the touch and raised up, I can feel it under the tape.
One of my boobs (it's my right one) is a little more squareish and almost indented but it actually is gradually looking better.
As you can see my nipples are still too low-the hope is after they drop, it will lift the whole areola up from the weight of the implant filling in the lower area... for now I'll just keep wearing my band.
Other than that, I haven't felt pain for days, which is great. The last day I took Tylenol was Sunday, which was 5 days post op! And I only took it once that day.
So for anyone wondering, for me (everyone is different) I was WAY too worried about the pain than I needed to be! Yes, it HURT as in super sore day 1 & 2 post op, but every day really does get better. Getting up in the morning (morning boob) is real, it's just tight and sore feeling. It fades away as you walk around for a minute. Anyway that was just my experience!

4 Weeks!

I can't believe it's been a month. They feel so much like a part of me, they are soft (although have a bit more softening to do I imagine), and I LOVE them. My right one is still higher, and I didn't notice how much bigger the other looks, including my nipples which are different sizes right now?? So I still don't love them naked (as far as asymmetry goes) but I don't really notice with a bra on, which is all the time. Truthfully that's what I care about the most-how I feel in clothing and the confidence I have now. I've had to contain myself from buying too many new tops!
I feel bad about not updating until now, but I truly had no problems, nothing to report. No pain, just waiting for the right one to drop and hopefully nipples will match? They are still a bit pointing down too... but has gotten noticeably better since the beginning.. thanks to my compression band I'm assuming.
I go next week for my next follow up with the Dr.
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