29 Years Old, Petite, 4'11, 90 Pounds, 2 Breastfed Kids - California, CA

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Before kids I was a nice and perky 32B. When I...

Before kids I was a nice and perky 32B. When I started nursing my first born I became a 32C. Then, after nursing, my size dropped to a wrinkly, deflated size 32A. My son nursed more on one side than the other so on top of that, one boob was larger than the other and my areolas remained large from being a 32C even tho I shrunk in size. After seeing the drastic change, I became self conscious and never, I mean never showed my boobs. I've been with my bf for 5 years and I still have never took my bra off during intimate times. I wanted a boob job then but was never the right moment. Then, I got pregnant (5 years later) and again nursed. This time I nursed for almost 2 years vs 9 months with my first. At largest, my boobs were a Small B. They did not get as large as my first pregnancy/child. After I weaned, recently, my boobs are not even a 32aa. Literally, I wear a 32aa bra and it rides up bc I've lost so much volume and have nothing to hold it down. I'm the epitome of "flat chested". Only now, I decided it's time to fix and restore the fullness so I finally pulled the trigger and put a deposit down and schedule my surgery! I'm sooo excited and terrified (but more excited) that I live and breathe breasts. Literally all day and night I think about boobs and having the perfect boobs and I talk about it. I'm pretty sure everyone is over the conversation but I'm not. So, here I am writing my review and sharing my story. I know many women have shared their stories and I've read the good, the bad, and the ugly. But what's most comforting is the amount of support everyone has and that is why I decided to turn here. I hope to share my support and receive feedback. I'm excited to share my journey. Can't wait for MAY!!

Sad post weaned boobs after 2 kids

Less than 2 months left!!

Time couldn't go by any slower when you're waiting for your BA! Lol! Here's a few photos I took the other day and will take and after my BA.

Last time I have GNO pre-BA

Trying on things for a Bach this weekend and everything I try on is so sad. But, I bought 2 padded sticky bras and a padded push up to try and create miracle boobs/cleavage! Here's some items i may wear and will be sure to try them again after my surgery!

3 more weeks!

I'm so excited and it's finally the month I get my ba done! I had a few weeks where I'd be up all day and night staring at wish boobs and forums and now that it's finally closer, I feel another wave coming on. I have my pre op this weekend and so far it hasn't hit me but maybe it will at the pre op! Nonetheless I'm excited and already want to buy new clothes but I gotta wait!

8 days left!!!!

...and time couldn't go by any closer! I've waited 6 years for a BA and now that it's basically week away, it still hasn't hit me that this is happening. However I find that I'm up late looking at boobs and what I should do to prepare. So far all I've done is get new sports bras. Any advice or tips? How much were you in bed bc I'm thinking of getting those portable bed trays for food and magazines. I tore apart my place trying to clean up and throw out stuff that I've been putting off. Anyone else do this? I work in an office and curious if anyone's had a lift/ba and how soon they returned to work. My procedure is next Thursday and I'm returning to work the following Tuesday. I'm rambling and asking so many questions but hurrryyyy time!

2 more days! Experiencing heavy nesting...

I'm only 2 days away and all of a sudden this week I've started nesting, similar to when I was pregnant. I hired housekeepers, got our carpets cleaned, moved around the entire place and re organized, cleaned my closets..has anyone experienced this? Also, I'm having a case of paranoia. I keep saying I hope I'm not pregnant. I don't think I am but the fact that they say don't get pregnant before your BA, I'm scared it could happen and I'd be so sad I wouldn't be able to get my ba. I'm scared I might catch a cold, I'm scared or anything that could cause me to NOT get my ba that I've waited 6 or so years for and I'm getting nausea thinking about it. Ahhhh!!!

Had my surgery today!!!

I did it! I told my dr I Santa small c and I ended up with 275. Minimal pain and he whole staff was amazing! I can't wait to see my results. I'm currently in bed half asleep and still wearing off the drugs but I haven't had any pain meds yet. I'm only gonna take it whe necessary. I'll take pics as soon as I can!!!

Post op day 1

Got my bandages removed today and I'm happy with the results. Dr says I can start massaging in 2 days. I can't wait to see how they dropped. Here's my stats: 4'11 94 pounds 29 275 right and left Mentor round silicone mod +

Post op day 3

Today is 3 days post op and I feel amazing! I must say that I'm in zero pain and have been off pain killers since day 2. My Drs skills were amazing! However, I never understood until now...booby greed. This is in no way my Drs fault, he did exactly as I asked for initially "full B/small C" and then the day of surgery I switched and said "small to mid C" When I came out I felt like I was still the same size and a B at most. I know I have to give it time but I'm being impatient and kinda wishing I went larger (which I hear is typical). So, we will see as the days go on what size I'll end up (fingers crossed). I think I wanted to be conservative but deep deep deep down, maybe I really wanted to be a D (ahhh).


I decided to carefully try on an old top I wore recently after I massaged them and it gave me hope bc they actually looked nice in the photo. I know they're swollen and need to d&f so I'll try it on again in another few months! Take a peak!

One week post op!

Can't believe it!

Healing has been a breeze so far. Still haven't used any pain meds although yesterday I experienced some slight nerve pain around my incision area. I attribute this to the healing process, dealt with it and it disappeared. Here's a progress pic!

10 days post op

Have my 10 day follow up tomorrow and I'm feeling great. I realized that the surgery threw off my menstrual cycle because im usually spot on but I'm a few days late. Has anyone experienced this?

2 weeks and 3 days post op!

My left pocket doesn't as tight as the right. If you take a look, the crease isn't as defined. However it appears my right breast hasn't dropped as much as my left. I know I'm still healing and overall, time will tell. As far as my incisions, they seem to be healing just fine and I'm looking forward to applying creams soon for the scarring!

5 weeks and 4 days!

They're so much softer and getting softer everyday. They do seem smaller and I still wish they were bigger but I can see they're dropping and changing shape.

I'm able to lift my arms and lift now and exercise lightly.

As for my incisions, I don't put anything on them and they've healed great so far and my scars aren't raised, they are blending in. Once my last few stitches completely heal I'll put aquaphor or coconut oil but definitely minimal products.

Sports bras

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