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Hi everyone!! So I've loved reading everyone's...

Hi everyone!! So I've loved reading everyone's reviews and experiences... I wasn't planning on doing my own but I decided I might give it a try! I'm having my surgery on sept 12th for an implant and lift (suggested by my dr) I honestly have NO clue how big to go! I'm starting to have second thoughts all together because when I look at pictures my boobs don't look all that horrible but they are so deflated! I could use a little encouragement and advice... I'm 5'5" around 115 so I'm pretty petit-ish. I'm not sure what size bra I'm in currently but I know that my 34 C bra is too big and I'm having that weird no cleavage having bra situation... Not to mention the hanging, the stretch marks- which I'm hoping implants will fill out), and just the complete loss of volume.. They're so squishy and floppy! I'm going to attach some pictures... All comments are welcome! What do you think?

Surgery tomorrow morning!

I'm getting really anxious I just want to get it over with... For some reason what I'm most nervous about is the IV and anesthesia!! Not to mention I'm coming down with something and my whole body's aches... Please give me your positive vibes!


Surgery went well! Those meds they give you through the IV sure are effective.... I got my IV... Then had to wait around for what seemed like 45 minutes. Then the anesthesiologist gave me something in my IV to calm me down... It instantly made me feel like I had taken a few shots of tequila! Then I was wheeled into the OR and everyone was scuffling around me and I wa moves to another bed... I remember laying there looking up at the lights above me (they weren't on but they had a cool pattern) at this point I wasn't nervous anymore and then that's it.. I woke up in recovery 2 seconds later! I didn't even get the classic countdown from 10... Or if I did I can't remember it! So I felt really good when I woke up... No pain and then mine came to pick me up. There was a miscommunication with my pain meds so I didn't have them right away so when I got home I was in EXCRUSIATING PAIN.... Mind you this was my own fault for not picking up my pain meds at the pharmacy. All I had was a muscle relaxer which seemed to do nothing for my pain. I could barely talk or breath the pain and pressure was so bad. What seems like FOREVER later, my husband walks in with the pain meds and almost as soon as I took them my pain vanished and I fell asleep.... And that's how I've been all day! It's around 6 now and I got home from surgery at around 11 and I've been on and off napping with no pain! Just some pressure... Oh also, I'm not 100% sure with the cc's I got. I will find out tomorrow at my post op appointment but I believe it was around 400-425... It was honestly more about the look than the actual cc's to me so I trusted my doctor to decide! I'll update tomorrow when I get home from my post op!

1 day post of

They really don't look as scary as I expected! I was right, I have 425 cc's in my left and 400 in my right! I think they're going to look great when they heal... Still no pain or bruising... Just A LOT of napping! Post op appointment 1 went well and the dr said they look great!

Hoping I didn't go too small

Now that I've been looking at my boobs without the bra, they seem so tight and almost flat... It's starting to really worry me and I hope I didn't go to small with 400 and 425 cc's... They honestly look smaller now than they did when I was engorged from beast feeding! Did anyone else feel that same way about their boobs 3 days post op? Did the dropping and fluffing process make them appear squishier and more full?? I'm trying really hard to be patient but after trying on a few swimsuit tops quickly, they seem to look even less full than they did before :(


It's probably the meds making me feel this way but I'm getting really discouraged and upset about my boob shape! I'm only 3 days out so I know it's stil so early but they are so ROUND. They don't even seem big to me... I put on one of my old bras today for fun and it actually fit!! :(... Any advice is welcome. Did you feel like yours were tight round and not femenin looking this early on? I see some girls results and their breasts look gorgeous just a few days post op! Maybe mine are just taking longer to drop? I think the meds and exhaustion are getting to me. I honestly can't stand Debbie downers so I'm driving myself crazy with my bad attitude but I think I just need some encouragement!

5 days post op

I've been getting a little more tenderness on my left breast lately but nothing too terrible... I'm getting some really unattractive yellow bruising on the underside of my boobs... I'm trying my best to be patient but it's so hard when I see how great everyone's boobs look when they have the under incision only and my nipples look so tore up!! It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but I'm just hoping they end up looking good!! Also still thinking I might have gone too small but again, I think it's my mind playing tricks on me. Once I start spray tanning again, doing my hair and makeup and see the whole picture, I think I'll be more satisfied... Ladies with 400cc do you relate??


Update... so it's been around 7 months I think and my implAnts took a turn for the worst. They became extremely hard and uneven and I had a lot of upper pile fullness abs no lower ole fullness at all. So I decided to go in for a revision and they are soooo much softer and squishier but they almost look smaller? The same implant was used so I know that can't be possible. But I don't seem to have much cleavage. I'm still going to just let them heal but what do you all think!?
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