21yrs Old, 5'5", 120lbs, No Kids. California, CA

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So I finally decided to create my review on here,...

So I finally decided to create my review on here, although I haven't had my surgery, I have decided on my surgeon and my date, and basically everything else in between. I am currently a 34A, but I don't completely fill out my bra anyway. Will post in more detail once I get the hang of posting on here.

400cc it is

So we're thinking about going on vacation the first week out August. My BA was originally scheduled for the 11th of July but has now been moved up to the 7th and my pre-op is next week on the 22nd.

To recap, I am 5'5" and my weight is currently at 120lbs. I wear a 34A and the implants I will be getting are going to be 400cc. I tried on the 300cc and the 350cc at my consultation as well as the 400cc (which I LOVED) and the 500cc (gave me what I personally believe is too much of a "porn star" look as I don't have a wide chest or back and am in pretty good shape so).

I'm super excited but I'm kinda experiencing a mind fart or something when it comes to details concerning my BA so if anybody could give me some recommendations on what to pack for the surgery, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also any tips you ladies feel really went the extra mile in terms of recovery, etc.

Will post some pre-BA pics so you all get an idea of what I'm working with.
Most of my wish pics I found on this site through my reading of other reviews,etc.


This is just a picture of the quote paper I received which basically breaks down exactly where my money will be going. In case anyone is curious ^^

2 weeks away!!

I'm officially two weeks away, exactly, from my BA. Today I had my pre-op appointment where I basically went over all the final details and paid my balance. I'm set on the 400cc; they are Mentor HP. We addressed final details on the tubular nature of my breasts, etc. I am sooooo excited!!! It finally hit me that his is finally going to happen :D ( . )( . ) I'm trying not to scare myself too much by refraining from reading some more stuff on encapsulation and boob jobs gone wrong... Anyway, all I need left to do is get my med prescription filled and buy some Vitamin C pills, which my PS asked me to do ^^ Here we gooooo!

The grass is greener

So I'm finally on the other side as of yesterday, and I couldn't be happier :D

I had my surgery at 8:30am and was home by around 11am. I only had a little difficulty shaking off that groggy, post-anesthesia feeling and I was feeling super confident as I felt fine!! I had minimal discomfort and pain and really was only dealing with the limited movement.

However, that only lasted so long. Around midnight the discomfort and tightness increased and by 3am, the pain started to really kick in.

Needless to say, I didn't really sleep all too well and I woke up in a lot more pain, which I guess was expected (no way I'd be so lucky).

Today is the second day and the pain was pretty up there. I had my post-op appointment this morning and Dr.Lombardo told me that today and tomorrow will basically be my worst days but that everything is looking great!

I have my 5 day post-op on Tuesday where we will go over massaging and further details :)))

I'm sooooo happy!! And I have a high pain tolerance so this healing thing isn't bumming me out too much.

I haven't really taken pictures as I've been resting a lot but I'll get on that soon enough ^.^

Recap: 5'5", 120lbs, 400cc Mentors
Slight Tuberous issue addressed

Where to begin...

Okay, so I meant to update a lot sooner but I've been busy recovering and then dealing with regular life stuff so let's seeeee...

It's almost midnight right now so tomorrow would be 12 days after surgery. Recovery has been amazing (as far as recovering from surgery goes).

Immediately coming out of surgery, I was just groggy and tired but feeling pretty darn good (anesthesia was still in effect). Pain didn't really hit me until the second day, and that sucked. Definitely the second and third day were the worst for me, and I had a lot of help from my mom those two days. I took my pain medication for about 6 days and then switched to extra strength Tylenol if I felt I needed it, which I really didn't except for maybe in the morning a couple days.

I also started taking Arnica immediately after surgery along with my antibiotics and whatnot and I feel that really did help with the swelling and some bruising I had (particularly on my right breast).

Hmm, what else. Any questions, feel free to ask. I honestly feel great now, I'll occasionally get a zing on either breast but it's not bad.

Today I got my stitches removed and my PS says everything is looking great and as it should and reminded me to keep doing my massages, which I started 4 or 5 days ago. She told me to now apply neosporin ointment on the incision site and kinda massage it in there as that'll help even further with the scarring.

I'll include some pics, there's still some crusties around the nipple but those will fall off in the shower and on their own.

Some of the angles might be weird but in person they're looking pretty even (maybe the left it dropping a teeennnyyyy bit faster) and I'm extremely happy with the size and progress of everything so far.

Again, I got 400cc Mentors through the areola.

Not all pics posted

Excuse weird angles and lighting.
Dr. Maria Lombardo

She's a very direct and clear lady. I felt confident with her as my choice and she is reassuring and just automatically gave me that feeling of 'this lady knows what she's doing'. Did a great job at explaining my different options and the why's behind them.

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