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Hello Ladies, I'm African American and new to RS...

Hello Ladies, I'm African American and new to RS and I'm sooooo happy you're here. I've made the decision yesterday while I was at work that I was going to enhance my assets. I mean after all you "you live everyday but die once," so I felt it was time for me to Step Up and Start Living to my full potential and beauty????. With all of that being said I really need the wisdom from you all for my desire is comin to fruition. I want to make sure I chose the best Surgeon for my surgery. I've ready about going to the DR, and TJ but I'm also from Northern California so if anyone has advice, and you would like to sprinkle me Mitch some G.A.M.E by all means please do

I Finally Decided to Take a Some Pictures of myself

Well I did it!!! And I am not happy with the shape that I see. Uploading these pictures are a hot mess to me, but I'm going to press on and do my research for the best fit of a PS for me. I've realised that with age the body does change and I'm so shocked at my Flat Ass... I just don't know when this happened....not to be hard on myself but I'm a little "boxy." I'm happy that I'm going to do something about thus shape of mines.

Secrets To A Beautiful You

Hey Dolls, I just purchased a wonderful book titled "Secrets To A Beautiful You." This journey is exciting yet scary because I soooo want to make the very best decision for myself especially when choosing a PS. So with much research I stumbled across the book and it was really nice to read the answers to my questions. This will be my first time and I want to make sure that choose best for myself. I'm so happy to have this forum on RS to share because without RS I wouldn even have known how to research. I really thought I was ready for my lipo and BBL but now I know that I need more time. If you ladies get the opportunity check out Also ladies if you have any recommendations for PS in the DR or the states I'm open so hit me back with you thoughts.

Pre Surgery Update

Hey Dolls, I have been out of the loop for a while but these pics are the ones that I sent to Dra. Cardenas to view. My surgery is on August 22nd....I'm excited! I've waited a long time for this. I lost my shape when I had to have a hysterectomy my uterus was riddled with fibroids. I went years like that and in 2913 I could no longer take it, and even though I had a lot of fibroids my stomach was never distended until I had my uterus removed. After the removal my abdomen seemed like it said "Blah" and everything just went south including my Ass. But I'm ready to be back. So in posting these pics as my past to make room for the New and improved pics for the present z

Dr. Carmina Cardenas

Can I just say "tha Bomb" I am soo happy that I came. Dra. Cardenas and her staff are very wonderful. I truly mad the the correct choice. Dra. Cardenas is very honest and upfront which is what I like and appreciate about her. Please do not let the old stereotype of Tijuana keep you from experiencing qualit care. Her Recovery house is provides the upmost care. The Registered Nurses are on point. I'm so glad I came here for my procedure I have a pic. It's not the best but hopefully it will provide you with an idea of how awesome she is is and this is just the day after my surgery. Any questions please ask me. Oh and one more thing she is truly an artist.


Can't really tell but this is day1 out of surgery vs years of walking around Sponge Bob (LOL), but I made it work.

Just an update

So it's been 9 days since my surgery, and I thought I would post some pics that I sent to my Dr. Cardenas (who did a phenomenal job). This has been a very emotional journey for me (in a good way). I was told by the author of "Secrets To A Beautiful You" that this surgery was going to have me tired, sluggish, moving slow, you name it she told me! All of was true however I didn't believe it because I had had previous surgeries i.e. Hysterectomy, hell I even had orthopedic surgery from a car accident. So I knew I had this on "Lock!" Wrong, negative, and foolish thinking. This surgery is a fool and I have asked myself several questions such as "why did I do this again?" and "what have you gotten yourself into!" I have no regrets I'm happy that I took care of myself and did this for myself! I'm just saying the process in of itself is a cold process, so be ready!

Forgot to post the pics

2 new pics

I'm just updating. Today makes day 14 for me since my surgery. I'm really feeling a lot better. I love what Dra. Cardenas has done for me, she really gave me a very authentic look which is what I truly wanted. I'm so happy that I have no more drains because it makes life so much easier. I'm so happy that I don't have to carry them around. I'm really healing up very nicely but I'm also still taking it slow. I'm so happy that I did this for myself.

For the back shot

These pica were taken on Sunday 9/11/2016

I'm just updating my progress. Today I am feeling really good. These pics that I share are the same one that I communicate with Dra. Carminative Cardenas. I send her pics every week so that she can see my progress and per her I'm doing very well. I hope these pics help someone.

6 weeks Post-Op

I'm so thankful that I made it. I'm not feeling any more pain, I still don't fully sit yet and per my Doctor she still recommends that I continue to use my "boppy" pillow. I still stay hydrated and I'm in communication with my doctor. I have not transitioned to my Stage 2 Faja as of yet. I only wear my epifoam and ab board at night but I do wear my Faja constant.

After and Before

I'm very grateful that I had my surgery and I'm submitting my photo because I Had The Nerve To Start picking myself apart (not cool)! So it was important for me to check myself because I was trippen...which is why I'm submitting a true "in your face" (well my face) before and after (same undergarments) I kept these on purpose because I knew that it would be a day that I would forget. I just want hope this helps someone because I really was thinking round 2 (SMH). I'm very grateful today, at this moment, and this minute.

Catch up

I have been in constant contact with Dra. Cardenas in which she constantly ask for update pictures to see how the process of my procedure is going. These are pictures from November 2016, I hope these help. I apologize for posting so late in the game but Life happens and my intentions are to continue to post my progress because I know how important it is for others who are planning or deciding to take this journey.

December 2016 catch up

These pictures are from December 2016. As I stated previous I still submit pictures to Dra. Cardenas so that she can monitor my progress. I'm still very happy with my decision to have my surgery and I'm still making it a point to eat healthy and feed my body with live foods because I don't want extra fat to move in places where I don't want it to go.

January 2017 catch-up

I really hope that this helps. I'm still a work in progress but I'm striving. Actually the request for these pictures came on January 17, 2017 but I was not able to take or send them until February 2, 2017 due to I have been working a lot and even though it doesn't take a lot of time to take a picture and post I was really exhausted. I hope this helps and I look forward to any all responses.
Dr. Cardenas

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