Asian 5'5 145lbs 12 days post op bbl Dr Fisher

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Hey dolls! I'm currently 6 months pregnant with my...

Hey dolls! I'm currently 6 months pregnant with my 2nd child but I'm determined to get a bbl by the end of the year. So that would give my body atleast 6 of rest. I have 2 doctors in mind which are Dr Duran or Dr Fisher. I haven't got a hold of nether yet but I'm wondering if I can put a deposit down for a date so I'll have it locked and ready when it's time. Any women that are pregnant or have deposited before a consultation??

I'm 24 5'5" 130 pounds pre pregnancy weight. I have a little "bubble" butt but I'm looking for a fuller rounder & wider butt. I need hips!! I wanna be more curvier. Which in my opinion is a more "mature" looking body.

Pics of my body a couple months before the pregnancy & a few wish pics

Dr Fisher it is!!

I messaged vanity Miami the other day and she got back to me the next day. I was nervous to pick up but I said what the heck! I need to do this for myself! Mind you I'm very "natural" I'm not for medicine (Advil, Tylenol etc) I rather just tough it out. No epidural for my 1st pregnancy and not planning with this one.

So I'm pretty nervous about this whole experience but If I don't do it now??? When will I? I'm at my prime age, this is MY timmmeee!!! Since I've had my daughter (just turned 2) I've been a home body. I been a real mommy! Sometimes I forget I'm only 24!

Anywaaaayyys! Vanity quoted me for 5,200 that includes lipo (abs, flanks, triceps) full panel of lab work, all surgery costs. 500 to lock in on the price and 2,600 to save the date(dec. 8) *at least 6 months after baby* so maybe a total of 7,000 total with surgery, recovery house and flight. Plus the needed materials post surgery. Which is decent for me. I checked into dr saejal in Beverly Hills and he was 14,000. Alone. I could do a whole nother week vacation in Miami with that extra money!!! Shoooot!

So I'm gonna lock in on that price and get the other half in hopefully in April. I still have 9 months but I don't wanna put my wallet in shock, I'll just slowly pile up the cash! Lol


Just put 600 down for deposit. That's the first step to my journey! It's getting real! Although I'm still pregnant & I got until December, it's gonna fly by so fast! My coordinator Lia informed me on all the details. I should start taking iron pills? What works for you gals? I'm taking prenatals, should I take more vitamins???

No one knows about my journey, not even my babies dad. Lol except for my mom!! She's 48 and she's going to get this procedure done too! Nothing crazy just a little fluff so I recommend her to stick around to the local doctors since she doesn't want anything dramatic!!! It's kind of like get matching tattoos!! But it's matching asses! Lol I'm so excited!

More wish pics

Coordinater irking? Or is it just me??

So after she quoted me and sent me emails reviving what we spoke about over the phone, I sent her an email back saying "yes I would like to go ahead and make my deposit" ----didn't get anything back. & that she did say just call her to make a deposit but in the email she also said I can contact her through her personal email if I have any further questions. I went ahead and called her to make my deposit and that was simple and easy. Then she sent me another email confirming my deposit and giving me her personal CELL phone number. Which you have with you all the time in case a patient needed to contact you? Had questions? Cancellations? Or to get a hold of you right? I texted her 2 days ago about my vitamin intakes and if I should add iron because I'm already taking prenatals for the baby......still haven't gotten anything back. I mean it's a personal cell phone right? Or I could of just called into the main office and speak to her if it wasn't gonna be instant. I understand she may be busy but she's my coordinator, wouldn't her clients be a priority? Or maybe I'm just so used to getting things done right away with my clients.

I will keep you posted!

Oh! My mom has a consultation with dr mabourakh on Wednesday I'm gonna go sit in with her and see what he has to say! I'm considering her to book with Dr fisher but I don't think she wants aggressive shaping done. We'll see! :)

Update y'all later!

Wish pics!

Half down, date secured!

December 8th it is!!! It's gettin real now that I have a date I'm so excited! But in between time I'm thinking of gettin labiaplasty. I got a scar tissue from my first birth so I might as well go through a mommy make over!! Why not! I have to do it 6 weeks before the bbl which I don't mind I rather do it before then after. I've also started taking iron with my prenatals which give me a lot of time to get my levels up!


Before pics *7 months pregnant

Scuse me! You're coming with me! Recruiting!!!

Sooooooo... Guess whose coming along with me. Take a guess. Nope. Noo.....ok ok. My mom! Lord have mercy what have the world come to! Anyways we went to see dr mabourakh, girl his price *roll eyes. He was a nice doctor, no offense but for dr fishers results? And price??? You've got to be kidding me! 12 grand for a bbl + lipo from the arms. I told my mom "nu-uh, you flying out with me to miami" so I called Lia (coordinator) to inform her and to put down the half deposit but I felt bad, it was 15 minutes until close so I'll do it first thing tomorrow. It'll be a "momma & me" "vacation".

Any suggestions if we should stay in a recovery home? Or hotel and get a nurse???? Which will be cheaper? We'll be already flying across the states for this so I wanna make sure we're both taken care of but still be on a budget

Let me know! Thanks dolls!

Double bed recovery???

Anyone knows a recovery home that shares 2 twin size bed per room? Would that be cheaper too?

Dates changed +recovery house

Pushing back to jan 12th 2016. Both my mom & I are beauticians, the end of the year is always the busiest so after the new year work should slow down a bit and well have atleast until valentines to recover, which I'm down for since I sit a lot for work

I contacted Kayla for her recovery home I'm so glad I did, although she laughed about why I'm booking a year ahead lololol I told her I'm pregnant right now then she apologized and understood why lol. She sounds really nice. She sent me pictures of the house which looks really nice and clean.
It's 100/per person a night and 300 for 5 massages. Which I thought was a pretty good price. I was debating between Kayla or Moni, I decided I'm gonna save a couple hundred bucks with Kayla and I've heard so many good things.

I know I have basically a whole year but I can't wait for this transformation and get back. After a while when people get too comfortable you loose yourself. Just cause your a mom doesn't mean your less sexy or less fun. I'm ready to be myself again & turn it up to the max

Gosh, what a perv!

I've already booked out flights! (Mom+me) $350 a piece which I thought isn't bad at all considering we're flying across the states (California all day!) lol jk jk that's the "California" in me oolololol. But seriously what do I do now until January? Paid half of my cost, booked flights, next is recovery house then supplies which I'm slowly getting. I'm in no rush, I have a baby on the way and I think I wanna get labiaplasty done in between after birth and bbl. soooo.....we'll see how long id have to wait to get that done.
I'm starting to have an obsession. With realself & big booties omg I feel like a pervvvvvv! I'm like ohhh wow look at that round butt! Ohhh look at that waist! Look at those hips! All I can do is lay on my ass sit drool since I'm cooking this baby!

I've also calculated the BMI so I'm 5'5 usually at 134, that's only 23.3 body mass or what not. I gotta be atleast 160 to have a good/decent weight for bbl, one of the sisters said to be under 30% bmi to get the best result so that's what I'm shooting for, I won't be putting on weight until maybe a few months prior

RH or hotel??

Good news and bad news. My mom changed her mind and isn't getting surgery done anymore but she's gonna travel with me! Soooooo I'm thinkin to get a hotel and buy massages instead. It'll be way cheaper and I'll have my moms assistance she can cook or whatever too. The only thing is transportation???
Any one know where I can hire a driver?? Or should we just get a rental???
Oh! And my surgery is all paid for :) all I have to worry about is where to stay. I was originally gonna stay with Kayla but it still would be the same price for my mom if she was to stay with me without surgery.

Thank you bootylicious dolls!

Haven't updated in a while!

I almost forgot about real self! Lol I had to cut down since I was getting too excited and still having to wait 9-10 months so I laid low so it can come by faster! Lol

Anyways I'm almost due! Baby can come any day now! I also talked to the doctor about the labiaplasty he still it's green like a month ago baby so I'll get that done before the BBL. my surgery is already paid in full, January 12 2016. Mom is still going with me (she canceled her surgery) she'll be there for my support.

We have a market here that sells fajas but I'm not sure what kind to get? Butt padded or butt out? What are the numbers? I'm also gonna start waist training after baby and hopefully keep my baby weight!

Feels good to be back!

Gettin my body ready

So...I had my baby 3 weeks ago! I'm officially weigh in at 150 I'm trying to maintain 160. My original weight before baby was 135. My hips are a bit wider, that's what I want with the bbl. wider hips and just a fuller bum nothin drastic. 7 more months to go! I can't wait!

Anyone have Mariam's info?? In need of someone who does massages!

Sooooo I had my son. He's already 4 months! My sx is on January 12th I'm staying in a airbnb apartment with my mom. She'll be taking care of me. I just need someone to massage, anyone know any good deals for the massages??

Lab work?

I forgot to mention how much is it to get blood work done?? I'm from California I'd like to get all the lab/blood work done before I fly out to Miami someone help please!!

Nurses?? 54 more days until fisheried!

So my mom is back with the sx! Her and I will both have bbls done the same day! So that means who will take care of us?? I've seen someone had nurses take care of them but I forget whom. Does anyone know of any in home care nurses??
Thank you!

Private duty nurses

If any of you dolls have any info on 24 hour nurses please inbox me!! Thank tou

Before pics

This is me now. 5 months after my son. Currently 140, I will gain 10 more pounds before sx

Wish pics

Juicy, not huge


What I hope for

Room booked!

I booked a little apartment through vrbo for 7 nights it cost $550. Which still isn't bad and it's right between Mia airport and vanity. I'm so excited. It's getting real. I still need to book Amy and our flights.

In how many days are you girls up and ready to function alone?


Which garment is stage 1? I just bought a garment with the butt out?? And I got it in a XL. I'm currently 150 pounds...

Bootyland is soo near!

Ready set go!

I've finally got the last of the big things off the list! I booked our flights! Already got a place (vrbo) already reserved our nurse (Amy&stella) my mom got her Faja today in a XL I need to order mine online, I'm thinking of getting a 2X. I tried on the XL and it was perfectly snugged so maybe a size up since I'll be swollen. I've been taking iron, complex b folic acid vitamin c daily. I'm excited. When I was pregnant with my son my hemo was 13/14. Hopefully it'll be the same. I've got my pain meds. I need to order lipo foam and an board, compression socks and arms. I'm also getting arm lipo.


33 days left!


Labs are cleared!! 13 days left


Showing this to dr fisher

A head start before sx

So I seen wantthosecurves wrote about taking her arnica & bromelian pills 2 weeks before surgery and stopped a few days before surgery and continue right after surgery. What a great idea! It make sense to start taking them so your body is warming up to the vitamins and help kick in and boost everything before the bruisings come to place. Rather then have bruisings(lipo) then take pills it'll probably take a couple days for it to start reacting! I'm glad I came across her post. She also said its ok to take vitamins before sx as long as they're not blood thinners which vitamin E is a thinner. Not sure which else but arnica and bromelian are not

This will definitely help with a speedy recovery! Thanks guys I will keep you updated!

10 day count down

Happy New Years everyone!! So the count down begins..I've been putting on so much weight since the holidays. Today I had so much I think that's all I'm gaining before all that weight catches up to me lol I've been hiding inside the house waiting anxiously to fly out to Miami! I feel like Humpty Dumpty! I've packed most of my stuff, mainly maxi dresses over sized clothes. I've been taking the arnica and bromelian tablets they're actually really tasty! Lol just 2 tablets a day each. Arnica your suppose to take 4 daily but I'll do that after surgery so excited to do this to start off the new year!

This is me currently.


Something I can compare to after sx

Packed & ready!

5 more days! Mom and I are cleared! She just needs her medical clearance which she's gonna get done there at pre op. It's 100 dollars. Her pcp messed up and didn't give her one and it'll be too late to have another appointment so Ana said the last option is to do it there! I'm trying not to think about this until I go under lol so I don't have time to get nervous. Any one from Miami?? How's the weather like? I get in on Monday I wanna sight see a little before the surgery. Any good seafood spots???

Ohh one more thing...has anyone been on there period during surgery?? I usually start on the 15th and surgery is on the 12th I'm crossing my fingers it'll come after. Would that be a problem??

I'll keep you ladies updated! :)

3 days!!!!!! Omg!

3 days left, it can't come any faster. Lol just gotta get this weekend over with! So here's my necessary supplies

- Our fajas
(we bought it from 2 different places to see the difference in the qualities, my moms was 120, mine was 65 from eBay. Moms quality is definetly better and sturdier, mine is more satin like * you get what you pay for)
-arm compression sleeves
(We're gettin arms lipo'd $30/pair @ a sport store)
-5 lipo foams ($40 Amazon)
-ab board ($17 Amazon)
-fiber tablets, b complex vitamins, pain meds from my pregnancy, iron, stool softners,
- pineapple bromelian, arnica 30X (Amazon)
-arnica gel ($10 Amazon)
-ginger tea ($4)

Pretty much set just need pee funnel, foam roller to sit but we're gonna try to stay off our butts for as long as possible
I packed mostly maxi dressed, loose clothes, big undies

I know they said no nail polish but my toes are painted someone said your gonna be wearing compression socks and the booties into surgery anyway and someone's nurse said it was not a big deal. But Definetly took off my acrylics *sad face* they needed a breather anyways lol

-Be back soon!

Here at vanity

Landed this morning at 6, mom and I went to eat and came straight to vanity at 830. Cute place, nice and clean. I'm getting nervous not gonna lie


Big day tomorrow, we'll in 5 hours..its 12 here in Miami, it's only 9 in Cali time! I should be asleep but I'm not tired and I'm way too anxious. So mom and I went first thing yesterday to sign all the papers and go over any questions. I think Alessandra helped us. She was really nice and had a good energy. Maaaan does vanity get packed. In and out like a burger joint! No lie all I seen was big boooooties everywhere lawddd. Anyways we got to our Airbnb it's really nice! Very much like the pictures so cute and perfect for me and my mom. Amy called me to make sure about surgery tomorrow. We went grocery shopping, bought 10 bottles of Gatorade, 5 gallons of water, 2 liters of pineapple juice, watermelon and food for Amy to cook use while recovering. So far so goooood!
Surgery is at 6am, mom is right after me. I'm so excited! Not nervous anymore just excited to be on the other side. After how today went I have lots of confidence with vanity, the girls I've seen today, the people in Miami I love it.

Pray for me girls

I will be back soon!

Going in..

Shitting bricks. Dr Fisher is really handsome & the anesthesiologist is really kind, I'm going in guys.....see you on the other side. Thanks for all the kind wishes and kind words. I'll update as soon as I can

Love love love dr fisher

So here it is! I love it so much my mom loves hers too!


Went into surgery Tuesday morning (Jan 12) today is Jan 15. It's been 4 days and let me tell you. Recovery is nooooooo joke. I have 2 kids natural and I rather do that all over again!

Out of surgery- I was freeeeeezing they give you a blanket but I think your body is just coming out of shock so your shaking recklessly. Came home took meds and slept. Pain wasn't too bad, make sure you drink lots and lots of fluid and make sure your on your pills

Day 2- swollen and nauseas. Had a follow up fainted to the doctors and fainted on the way back. It feels better to lay down. Had our first massage with Elsie is her name and when I say I rather give birth then this is mainly because of massages. Those are noo damn joke! 1-10 it was a 15. Giving birth naturally and being induced was a 13 from 1-10. Once you give birth you don't feel no pain this your still in pain
Day 3 I tried poop and fainted in the bathroom massage still hurts but it felt better to have all the fluids out, I felt loosened up. I had arm lipo too and my arms are still so sore
Day 4 I laid up against the bed for an hour while my mom had her massage done, I did pretty good until Elsie was almost done with my massage she started to do the first I felt fainty I went in and out of it. Felt better to take a nap I can kneel up on my bed and move my legs and Rock my butt back and forth. I've been in the same position since I came home from surgery. Haven't pooped yet just been really gassy kind of hard to open up butt cheeks when they're stiff. But isn't as hard as people say it is. It's not hard as a cement lol. Butt isn't the pain that bothers me it's the lipo. Stomach and arms. So uncomfortable will update later into details if needed

Day 3 pics

Day 5

Before my massage

Day 5

I feel so much better. Body not as sore it feels pretty good like I had a nice work out, somethin I haven't done in a while lol. Massage felt good today still hurt but it feels much better. I kneeled against the bed to eat tacos our nurse went to get for us (yummmm real food). The trick is to be active! It feels good to lay down but it weakens your body. At first I was getting light headed from gettin up too fast so my nurse would put me down but it's normal to get a little light headed just gotta gather up your thoughts. So I was brave today and got up against my bed for about 40 minutes. I feel energized now. 2 more days of massages then drains are out! Mom is doing good, I told her the trick, she just wants to shower lol ttyl
Be back soon!


Alright alright alright so it's day 6. I started feeling better day 4/5 started walking on my own. I had my arms lipod that's why it was a bit harder to recover for me because my arms were weak and I couldn't lift myself up. I've talked to a lot of girls at vanity and they're up and going 2nd 3rd day! Make sure to stay active! Yesterday my nurse took us to the beach to exercise and walk, mind you that was the first day I felt actually good to walk around and we went to the beach!! That kicked my ass but it was so good for my body. Told it to wake it's punk ass up lol so since then I been up like no other. Also pooped yesterday, naturally no stool softener no fibers. It wasn't bad at all. Today I got my drain taken out and that hurt but it feels so much better without it. So I'm from California were really open about things. It was so quiet in the waiting room like we're not all here to get some shit done. This is a cosmetic clinic not an urgent care. Everybody was just sending blank stares everywhere so I started asking the obvious patients how many days and all that. And they all loosen up! Lol jeez people relax were all here to look good no need to be on hush mode! We went to get some Thai food brought it home and ate on the porch! Such a nice evening. I sat on the chair flipped around so straddling the chair. That's the most comfortable position yet. So we're leaving out Airbnb tomorrow and we're getting a place on the beach!!! So excited!! We don't have to uber everywhere just walk and exercise everywhere I'll post pics soon!
We extended our stay another week to sight see! So sorry if I'm slow on the updates!
I'll be back with more updates!


Moms before & after

Week 1

Today showered, cooked on our own. Washed my hair. mom and I went walking to the grocery store and back took us 2 hours. It was really good for us. Really nice to be out and enjoy nature, we took our meds before we left the house so we were good, came home and took a nap. But it still a little stiff but it's gettin better everyday. We're about 75% back to normal

South beach Miami!!!

Hey guys I'm still here in Miami! We got a spot across the street from the beach so you already know I had to show some skin and take some bathing suit photos! Lol mom and I took and uber, we used our pillows (small cylinder) to sit. Like we would use a bbl pillow, it wasn't too bad. The ride was about 20 minutes you just gotta get used to the pillow and find a comfortable position. But I do think it's better then a bbl pillow, it's more like a buddy pillow it's thicker so when you put weight on it, it's doesn't go flat. We're probably 80% recovered now. Packed the old place did everything on our own. So we decided to go to the beach so we garment less. Butt was still stiff!! Omg lol I felt like I had a diaper booty! Lol we took our meds, were out for an hour before I wanted/ needed my garment back on, my lower back started to ache, I needed compression. We were turning heads and we had maxi dresses on!! Some man were taking pics of us omg! And we got honked at crossing the street! I'm like omg please no my booty still stiff! Lol I can't wait still it softens! And dr fisher soo good with my hips it's unbelievable, I'm not used to these hips! I love them!

Firming lotion

Any suggestions for firming lotion??

Last night in Miami

Too big?

Any body have a problem with it too big? Also one side is a bit smaller because I sat on it on my flight back home. It wasn't too notice but now that everything is fluffing it's noticeable..any tips and tricks to even them out? I'm sitting on it now doing everything pretty normal now just frustrated about the one cheek that is bigger

Sorry I've been away! 5 weeks post!

5 weeks

I feel 90% back to normal. My butt fluffed at about 4 weeks! It's super soft and jiggly now. Everything is perfect, it was looking a little big more everything softened up, just waiting for my little shelf to slope down some but other then that it's perfect! My stomach is still a little numb and lower back can get achy sometimes but I suggest lots and lots of lower back stretching! I'm at a 26 waist and butt is 40. I'm down to 140 pounds hopefully no more then that!

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