I Need Some Opinions my BBLians! Fast (NEW PICs) - California

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Ok so I've been scoping this site for a while now...

Ok so I've been scoping this site for a while now and I'm not having second thoughts but I'm starting to worry.. I'm starting to think that the results I want aren't reasonable. But before I start I'm going to apologize ahead of time for any errors cause I'm on my iphone and just like my bf, it loves to assume what I'm thinking lol

Anyways, I'm 23 I have 2 kids I do want more but not for another few years. Before and after my first pregnancy it was very easy for my to gain weight and I mean everywhere so I didn't mind if I had a guy because my butt would be plump too. But after my second I don't know what happen no matter how much I eat none of it goes to my butt just my belly. I feel like its because ur stomach has expanded so much that its a lot easier to fill it back up.. I do have stretch marks but I don't care for them since my bf doesn't mind. I just want to look good in clothe.

I originally wanted to get implants but I feel the skin on my butt is thin and I'm afraid you'll see the edges. My weight fluctuates 4-7lbs every 3 weeks to a month. I didn't like the complications that come with the implants and had only wanted them because I don't beleive I have enough fat for the result that I want. But if I were to get the implants I'd also have to get lipo cause of my belly n love handles. Why do a half ass job n not get it all done so I look decent right? What better way to kill two birds with one stone then to get the bbl.

My goal is to get a nice round bum. I want hips but refuse to waste my fat there I rather have it in my booty lol I want more arch in my back, my butt to start higher, my crease to be longer, def a lot more volume.

Big big big thanks to everyone who've written and posted pictures of their journey. It has helped so much because I know how to prepare for it and I know what to expect after wards. Yes, I know everyone's experience is going to be different. My mom will be staying with me a month after I have it done like she did after I gave birth all she did was cook n clean n catered to me(I'm the baby of the family) I just love her. I may sound like a spoiled brat but I'm very thankful and I appreciate everything ppl do and try to do for me. Anyways I'm glad she offered to stay n help since my bf(and a majority if men) is useless lol but just as much as I can't live with him, I can't live without him.

Now I'm just taking too much I hope some of you have a few minutes to give me some feedback, give me two two cents lol I added 'goal' pictures I guess ill call it because its closest to my body that I found, if I were to put up 'wish' pics y'all will just laugh at me lol please let me know if u think its possible. Thanks ladies! Cheers to big booty! Xox

Ok so I've gained about 15 lbs sinc I've last...

Ok so I've gained about 15 lbs sinc I've last posted. I'm hoping its enough because I will never be ale to get rid of it now... What do u girls think?
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