Gaining Weight is Hard and Gaining Weight for BBL ... Even Harder for Me! - California

Hi, I would like to get a BBL done, I'm a bit on...

I would like to get a BBL done, I'm a bit on the petite size though which makes me very sad, I'm not the type that gains weight easily, lately, I've struggled with weight issues. I can't gain weight no matter how much I try. People always look at overweight people like they're the only ones who struggle with this issue. Well, WRONG!! Slim people struggle just as much or even more because it's much easier to lose weight than to gain it, and that is a fact! I eat unhealthy food purposely and doesn't seem to help although I prefer to eat healthy, but I just want to gain weight so I don't mind eating greasy, breads or lots of sweet foods.

I have to say this because I think it's unfair. I don't like songs that use the word 'skinny girls or stick figures' (meaning slim) it's just as bad and disrespectful as calling an overweight person fat! I hate Niki Minaj and Megan Trainors wording description towards leaner people because their songs always put down slim women.

When someone calls me skinny it hurts my feelings so I can understand why overweight people get their feelings hurt when called fat. I hate looking the way I do, can't stand it and I really want a BBL so I'm here on this journey that I know will be extremely hard but hopefully not impossible.

Current Status:

-Height 5'3.5
-Weight 113lbs
-Frame Small

picture of me

At 113lbs... starting my journey


Think pics make people look heavier than real life , bcus I do look really thin in person!

Dr. Hughes (LA), Dass (LA), Hazani (LA), William Seare (San Diego)

Dr. Hughes (LA), Dass (LA), Hazani (LA), William Seare (San Diego).

I'm torn between all these doctors. I haven't seen any yet but heard bad and good about each. I would like to get some feedback from girls who have or will get a bbl from any of the doctors mentioned above. Was it a good or bad experience do you love it or hate it? What can I expect? Did your butt stay big or shrunk? As of now, I'm in the process of trying to gain weight for bbl. I'm 5'3 and 113 pounds :( Any feedback would be greatly appreciated girls :)

I knew it

So I knew it! I knew i wasnt gonna be able to gain a pound its been about two weeks since i started my journey and I am still at the same weight 113 pounds :( and I been eating a lot so I will just keep on trying however though feel super disappointed :(

My Daily snacks ...

This is the stuff I eat on a daily basis along with hot dogs hamburgers cheese sticks (I am lactose intolerant but I can still have cheese so that's good) I eat pizza pasta potato chips, bread.... you name it all kinds of fatty things! I also eat veggies and fruits Chicken and steak.

I have also tried to ensure and boost but those things just get me sooooo nauseous and they kind of give me this ache crampy pain in my stomach that I cannot tolerate (painful) so I don't drink those are used to but when I did I would feel like A rock had landed inside my stomach so I threw those out.

Everyone says that I'm lucky that I don't gain weight that I should be happy with the way I am but I am not and they don't understand I am absolutely unhappy with myself -I know on these pictures I look better than I look in real life- trust me I'm too skinny in real life. I hate it! I hate myself for being a flat girl!

I have been eating and eating and eating

I have been eating and eating and eating. I threw away my scale I don't want to weigh myself anymore :(

I just want to gain weight so I will weight myself every month instead of every week and see where I get. I get depressed when I weighed myself and I see that I haven't gained an ounce so I'm going to stop doing that , for the most part I've been stuffing myself eating and eating and eating everyday. I'm sick of being a stupid thin ugly girl!

That's all!

I erased my pictures

I'm not ready for this mentally yes but physically no. I'm too thin and it won't work out for me. I will come back as update pics once I'm able to gain some weight. In the meantime I'll still be on this site and commenting but not updating my reviews. Seriously nothing to update still WAY too thin and unable to gain a gram WHILE EATING POUNDS OF FOOD !!!!!!! :(( Arrgh!!
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