11 Weeks Post Op-Dr Campos

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I have waited for this day for so long, and now...

I have waited for this day for so long, and now that my Baby making days are over it's time for this Momma of 4 to get her Overhaul! I had my last baby 2 yrs ago and after getting over my fears of surgery I'm doing this for me. I never wanted to be selfish financially but I take care of my Husband and kids and now I feel that it's time for me to be a little selfish and take care of ME.

I am going to have an ETT with MR, Lipo to Lower back, waist and Flanks with Fat Grafting to my Pancake Butt and my Sponge Bob Square Hips! I am so excited to start this exciting journey of transforming this old baby making machine. It's weird how the second I decided to do this, It's all I think about day and night. I'm a little obsessive. I just can't imagine having a butt let alone a Fatty! I have no Butt what so ever so I'm going for as many CC's Campos can squeeze in there, especially since you have to expect a 20-40% loss once swelling goes down. I'm hoping to get alot of Volume and I have always liked the look of cleavage in the lower butt cheeks. Realistically i know I can't get the results I would like or that of my wish pic, however I'm hoping for a nice Bubble.

Dr said I am 25lbs. over weight so I must lose 10 lbs in order to achieve the best possible results. I am 5" 160 lbs. I need to drop down to 150 lbs.. I don't want to drop more than that becuz since im getting a TT he can't lipo the stomach area so I have to leave him enough Back Fatt to suck out .lol I dance Zumba 2 nights a week so I know I can work extra hard to lose the extra 10 lbs. I have already lost 20 in 8 months dancing.. I absolutely love Dr Campos work and I am excited to meet with him in June for my consultation. Feel free to ask me any questions and Thank you to all the beautiful women on here that have shared their journey and intimate moments/photos with all of us who are just starting our journeys! I hope I can be of help as well! I am excited to share my journey with all of you! God Bless you all!

Yayyyy. I paid my deposit today.... Campos here I...

Yayyyy. I paid my deposit today.... Campos here I come!!!!!! :o)

So I am focusing these days on my weight loss. My...

So I am focusing these days on my weight loss. My doctor needs me to lose 10 lbs. I have never been so happy and motivated to lose weight...ever... I'm so excited and determined to lose this weight. So tonight I'm going to be posting my photos of my current body size at 160lbs. Then I will update with more photos when I dropped to 150lbs. Then my post op pics.. I'm so excited to be free from the saggy belly that I Hate so much and getting my Bubble! 108 days left... Geez it feels like for ever till August!

Got my Passport today!! So excited. It's all...

Got my Passport today!! So excited. It's all starting to feel so real now....

Hi all my BBL friends!! Well I hit my 3 month mark...

Hi all my BBL friends!! Well I hit my 3 month mark today!! I'm so excited, 90 more days until I am Campo-fied... I'm starting to feel more prepared for this sx, both mentally and physically... I am very motivated to lose the pounds that Campos asked me to lose, it's not easy especially being Latina..Mexican food is gooood, but very fattening so It's been really hard at dinner time when I'm making my family traditional mexican dinners... I usually just eat Veggies instead of the usual rice, guacamole and of course tortillas..lol One thing that has helped me out alot on my weight loss journey is drinking a shake or smoothie instead of dinner. By skipping a meal for a shake, really cuts your calories down. Im actually really proud of my self on how hard I have been working out and trying to eat healthy.. I'm a food lover and boy how I miss my Chinese food and my tres leches cakes. But I really want to go into this sx as healthy as possible with the best possible results. I think that your pre surgery care is just as important as your post surgery care.....So I have bought most of my stuff except for my MMH pre and post op vitamins, arnica pills, tt scar cream and epifoam. I already purchased my female urinal online from amazon and it should arrive Friday. Oh and I need to buy the shower hooks for my drains. I have been taking Vitamin C 1000 mg a day, this helps to prevent infections by boosting your immune system, Vitamin B12 for energy, I have been feeling so burned out and tired from all the running and working out. I will start on my MMH pre sx vitamins as well as Arnica Montan 2 weeks before surgery and continue even after surgery.
I keep looking in the mirror at my pancake butt and saggy belly and say "I just have to deal with you through Summer and that's it!! Oh I can't wait till August.

So i will update again next month when I go to TJ to meet the handsome Dr. Jaime Campos. I will share my consultation with all. Good night and God Bless!!

So today was my consultation with Dr. Campos but...

So today was my consultation with Dr. Campos but unfortunately I had to reschedule because with it being Fathers day weekend my family made plans which didn't work out me going to TJ after all So my new consultation date is July 21st. So that's ok cause when I go to TJ for my consult I will only have 30 more days till surgery!! Ok so I also wanted to update some really exciting news for me. I LOST THE 10 POUNDS THAT CAMPOS ASKED ME TO LOSE!! Yayyyyyy ME!!!!! I'm very proud of myself. I wnt this surgery so bad and. Since I was over weight I had to lose 10 pounds in order to be a candidate for my TT and BBL. I worked so hard and it paid off. I am going to continue to try and lose 10 more pounds so I can try and be at my ideal weight for surgery. I am so excited I only have 63 days left!! Good luck to all my BBL sisters on your journeys! God Bless!

Hi my BBL sisters!! I just wanted to share that...

Hi my BBL sisters!! I just wanted to share that tomorrow I'm heading South of the border to meet Dr. Campos for my consultation. I am also going to have my labs done tomorrow while I'm in TJ. It's only gonna be $60 for the labs except for the ekg. I havn't booked my stay yet so I will be stopping by ClubMed as well to see there home and decide if I want to stay there. I'm so excited for my road trip tomorrow cuz I'm anxious to hear what Dr. Campos can do for me and also if he recommends for me to lose more weight. I will update when I get back! TTYS! Toodles!

Hi BBL sisters! I just wanted to share my opinion...

Hi BBL sisters! I just wanted to share my opinion and experience meeting Dr.Campos yesterday and also visiting ClubMed Recovery house. :D

**CAMPOS- I went to Campos's office yesterday afternoon and the building his office is located in was very nice, clean and modern. :lol: He's located on the 5th floor. I met his receptionist and Angie who has always been very nice and helpful. I was the only patient at his office so I didn't get to meet any other ladies. They called me back right away to meet him in his office to discuss what surgery I was interested in. When I saw Dr. Campos I was like OMG, :lol: :lol: He is sooooo Good looking!! He is very Handsome. :D We talked about what I wanted and then we went into the examination room to examine my flabby body.. #-o #-o I was so nervous of course and a little intimidated but I quickly felt so comfortable discussing my options because he came off so calm and professional. His bedside manner was GREAT and I just knew while talking with him that I did make the best decision by choosing Campos. He was so honest and straight out about my expectations which I totally appreciated. He speaks perfect english and he took his time in my consultation. My husband and family traveled with me and they waited in the lobby. They said I was in his office for like an hour. I know alot of woman dont get the opportunity to meet Campos for a face to face consultation because so many of his patients live all over the states and even other countries so meeting him the day of surgery he obviously is in another mind set becuz hes mentally preparing for sx. People have said he doesnt have the greatest bedside manner but I personally feel HE gave me the BEST consultation and I left so happy that I got plenty of time and his full attention. All I can say is I Loved Campos the Cutey and I cant wait to have my sx next month. I am excited to get curves!! =D> =D>

So we left Campos' office and headed to ClubMed!! So ClubMed is located in the Playas of Tijuana which means (The beaches of Tijuana) in a gated community just 20 minutes from Campos office. It's a small beach community of of beach houses that sit right in front of the ocean. We found the house and were greeted by Susanna the owner. I told her I was just stopping by to see her house bcuz I was hvng sx with Campos next month and I had not yet decided on which Recovery House I was going to stay. She was very nice and inviting. She invited me and my family into her home and showed me around. The beds are hospital beds with out the side rails so they are easy to get in and out of without dealing with the rails. The house was very nice open and clean. =D> I met one of her nurses who was very nice who shared with me that she was going to have her breasts done with Campos next month and of course she will be recovering at ClubMed. I got the pleasure to meet Marvin (Susannas husband). He is the nicest man. Just as nice and inviting as his wife. He is american and his wife is mexican. I will say they are the nicest people ever and really seem to care about your recovery and they love what they do. My husband said he really liked the vibe that he got with the house, location, and of course the hospitality of both Marvin and Susanna. I was so excited bcuz there was one patient recovering and she was a CAMPOS chick and she had a BBL, lipo and breast aug and i got to go in her room and talk with her for a minute. She was enjoying the ocean breeze just resting. She said she was doing good with recovery and no pain just soreness. Her curves looked killer from what I can see and she was laying down..lol :shock: She told me she loved it there and they treat her soo good and do everything for her. After meeting them I believed it. My overall trip to Tijuana was great, I feel safe and 100% sure about my decision to have surgery in Mexico! After leaving ClubMed my family and I were so pleased with our visit to ClubMed that we decided not to go see the other recovery house since hands down Campos was right in recommending me to stay at ClubMed. So ClubMed it will be for me! Sorry for the long review but I think its important to be honest and detailed especially for anyone considering sx in Mexico!!
I live in CA so I am fortunate to have been able to travel to TJ prior to my sx to meet Campos and also see and get a feel for were I will be staying. Good luck to all my bbl sisters with your surgery and recovery. God Bless

P.S. Did I mention that I Loved Dr.Campos!! lol :D :D

OMG, I can't sleep, I can't eat cuz I have no...

OMG, I can't sleep, I can't eat cuz I have no appetite all becuz I'm so siked over my surgery!! I only have 18 more days to go! Ahhh I'm sooooooooo excited and 8 can't wait! God is Soooo Goood and he deserves all Glory, praise and Honor! ! Evrythings turning out perfect so far. I'm gonna start my pre-op vitamins next week. Eating healthy and still running evryday to lose as much weight up until my sx date. My familys got my back 100% and for that I'm so blessed and graateful! My husbands the Best! Supported me since day one, although I'm sure my Booty obsession got on his last nerve but he nevr said anything. Lol. Club Med is paid and my bed and nurses await me and all my Pain. I can't believe my time has FINALLY come. I just can't imagine having a Butt! Team Campos let's get it!!

Hi Ladies, I am now 11 weeks post op with Dr...

Hi Ladies,
I am now 11 weeks post op with Dr Campos.. I had an ETT, lipo to bra strap rolls, lower back and waist, and fat grafting to hips and butt. I got 1200cc's in each cheek. The recovery was brutal in my opinion, but sooooo worth the pain. I had a Wonderful experience from start to beginning with Dr. Campos. His entire staff, nurses and anesthesiologist were great!! I always felt safe and never had any issues during surgery or after. Had no complications, no infections. Thanks to my Jesus, I had a perfect surgery and so far no problems. I still have some swelling in my lower tummy and a little in my back. I absolutely love my new body especially the way Campos shaped my body. Its amazing to think how in the heck he completely changes your body. I am no longer square!! I gotme the Campos Hourglass body. This surgery was the best thing i could have done for me!! I just wish i would have done it alot sooner.. I can buy anything and wear any clothes i want. that is an Amazing feeling!
I have lost some booty which we all hate, but our bodies all react different and unfortunately mine absorbed alot of fat. I still love my butt, however i loved it better last month...lol I started sitting at 7 weeks and it does get sore sometimes when i sit for long periods of time. Campos is very professional, kind and honest. I love that man.. I am so grateful i found him and that i chose to have my surgery with him. I am going back next year for a breast lift....

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