112 pounds today ! 4'11 Petite Dolly! POST OP BBL 11/4 -Dr. HASAN Miami

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I'm about 2 weeks new to this site and love all of...

I'm about 2 weeks new to this site and love all of the reviews! I am looking for a Dr. In Northern California who is experienced in BBL... Can anyone make recommendations. I feel like all of the experienced, great Dr.s are in Florida. I would consider it, but not sure if I can stay on the plane for 5 plus hours and go through airport after Surgery? It may be worth it... Because as I've started my research I haven't seen anyone in love with a Dr. In CA. I have had breast implants and had a baby in my teens. I've never had a "great" body, but I am 4"11 108 pounds I'm now 37 and my husband is sold on me getting a BBL. I do work out and try to eat well, but I carry my fat evenly. I will want lipo on my inner, outer thighs, stomach, flanks and of course a booty like JLo!!! Please help! I need recommendations

Added a wish pic!

Just sent Dr. Beck a consultation request for BBL. We will see what they say!

A few current pics of me

Would love to look like this

Is it obsessed or is it determined!?

Ever since I found this site I am constantly looking, reading, reviewing. I must say, just 2 days after my first review, I feel the love of this community and this has made me feel confident in my choice to move forward with the BBL. One thing about determination is that once you put your request or idea to the universe, you tend to draw it towards you. So I know that making a decision to go forward will now start the wheels turning for who, (what doctor), what
(what lipo areas, cc's transferred) when (when is this most practical for my family and work) how, ( getting finances together) , why ... Why is most important to me... The answer is: I've always felt so self conscious, and never had the opportunity to enjoy a youthful body. As a teen mother I've had excess fat in places that no matter how much you work out it won't go away. As a teen I had a fluffy butt, but after years of sitting in an office 8-5, bad nutrition and plain ole genes I have no rear end!!! So with that said, I'm doing it! Getting the problem areas resolved with lipo and and a nice round fluffy rear end with a fat transfer! Hellooooo BBL and new body!!! If anyone reads this, thank you for the support

Anxious, Nervous and Super Excited! Looking at Options but seriously considering Dr. Fisher in Miami!

This has been a crazy ride so far. Just from last week, I have pretty much decided that I am 100% going to do the BBL. Funny how when you put it out there , it comes and I definitely have made up my mind . I made a consultation with my Dr. who did my Breast Aug here in Nor Cal for Sept 30, Dr. Beck. I have to be honest with looking at his website I was not impressed with his results at all for the BBL. Not to mention that he charges a whopping $12-15k... I'm going to keep my appointment, just so I can due my diligence in looking at options. I also talked to Dr. Hughes in Los Angeles office and sent him my pictures and he quoted me $11k. Now, I've watched his You Tubes, and he does great work, but I just can't see the 11k at this point. Anyhow, I requested a consultation on Sunday night through RS with Dr. Fisher and yesterday Stefany called called me back. She was nice and answered pretty much all of my questions. She quoted me $4500 for Fat transfer, flanks, stomach and Bra Line. I dont need the bra line, but I really need my thighs.. .they are so gross and flabby. Anyhow with the thighs she quoted me an additional $800. So in total, we are looking at $5300.00 still beats 11k-15k here in California. I have also considered how long I will stay and I want to stay 10-12 days. I also got a hold of Marion and talked to her about her place and Im thinking it will be no more them $1500 by looking at her website and rates. So Stefany told me that Dr. Fisher will look at my pictures and call me back and that was yesterday afternoon. I sent her an e-mail today stating that I really want to speak with Dr. Fisher and also pay my deposit if all goes well ... She never got back to me. So I was a little bummed. Anyhow , seeing all the great results makes me want to go ASAP, but I have to wait until Feb 2015 for my vacation to start again with work, which is cool. Gives me time to pay this off... BUT I am so excited and cant wait to get this show on the road. Last night I had anxiety and was awake from 2AM-5AM just stalking the pictures and thinking about stuff , looking up anesthesia ... just craziness! LOL I'll feel better once I get my down payment settled... BUT I am so excited and cant wait to get this show on the road.

Vanity/Dr. Fisher

I forgot to ask.. for you ladies who have already gone through this with Dr. Fisher.. DO you EVER talk with him before the procedure or is it all the Patient Coordinators? Also, has anyone booked with Stefany? I see a lot of different names, but havent seen anyone talk about Stephany. She was nice and informative, but not responsive today ... so that's a little disappointing. Thanks for your help!! any info is really appreciated

I can't sleep!

All I'm thinking about is my new body and A$$!!! I'm going to be paying my down payment tomorrow with Dr. Fisher I did talk to a PC Selena.. And also called Marion and spoke to her assistant today, Barbie (cute name) to get a quote for her RH for 10 days.. I'll post the details tomorrow.

It's official! Going with Dr. Fisher!!!

In about 3 1/2 weeks I have done so much research ... And believe I did my due diligence in looking into Dr.s, credentials , certifications, experience. Weighed the pros and cons of getting my BBL done in CA or Miami. Dr. Hughes looks like he does great work, but he wants to charge me 11k because I'm small and he said it's more difficult to do on a smaller female. When I calculate Dr. fishers quote of $4500 plus inner thighs $800. It's $5300, plus my flight to Miami, plus Marion of $1400 for 10 days ... It's still less!!!

Happy Friday Ladies!

Soooo I'm finally posting some before pics. You can see why I need lipo and a new booty. So like I said I'm 4"11 108 right now. Dr. Hughes told me ( before I decided to go Fisher) that he can get 1000cc in each cheek. Lol ... Fishers office told me to gain 5-10 pounds... :( I don't want to!! Lol ok here goes


It's been a while since I've updated but, I've been keeping up with my BBL sisters.. My surgery isn't until the spring time with Dr. Fisher. Has anyone else heard that Stefany the patient coordinator no longer works there?? I read it on someone else's blog and also had some different girl named Daylene (I think) ... Anyhow I know their reputation is terrible, but Stefany was great so far. That's too bad if she's gone.

Dr. Fisher a few years back - before Vanity

Hey Ladies...I found this while looking up BBL videos on You Tube! It's our Dr. Fisher a few years back! He seems really knowledgable and very charismatic. I think I will. E in good hands when my time comes!


Need to copy the Link

To see the You Tube.


Weight gain & being psychologically prepared!

It's been so hard waiting, I can't wait anymore! I originally wanted to get my surgery in Feb. but can't due to work. I will have to call and get a new date I'm hoping for last week of May now. It's been really hard because I've gained 5 pounds. Yes, you may think 5 pounds but I'm only 4"11 so that's like 10 pounds!! It's a little depressing because I like to be thin and I'm really feeling it. I plan on getting up to 115. Florida only allows 4 Liters of fat to removed which is equivalent to 10 pounds.... Currently I'm 110. This agony better be worth it!, lol I can't wait for my new body. I'm sick of this flapjack bootie ughhh

Wish pic! Compliments of "BootyIsEverythingg"

Ladies I'm only 4"11 and I honestly want to have a well proportioned body. I carry a lot of fat only hips and inner thighs... This is my current wish pic. She had her surgery 5 months ago and looks natural. This is about 1000-1100cc in each side. Check out her profile for before and afters ... This is the look I'm going for! I hope Dr. Fisher can achieve!

I need to quit playing!

I'm so excited for all of the dolls getting their BBLs. I paid my deposit in October and have been lagging so bad on setting a date. I have a very demanding job every time it want to set a date something comes up! Here we are in May darn near and I still don't have an exact date on the books! This time I'm thinking October so that I can be done before the holidays. I posted some updated pics from this weekend and I get so discouraged because I have no waist line! I hate it. And don't mention my pancakes from behind. ... Talk about flap jacks lol .. Anyhow! Prayers to you all and thank you for updating your reviews and pictures. You are all truly a motivation to me and gives me hope for a brighter booty day! Tootles for now! Xoxo

Date Finally scheduled for Nov 3rd! Who's going to be for Dr. Fisher!?

Omgoodness I am so freaking excited!! I can't believe that I finally have confirmation of my date with Dr. Fisher! I called this morning and spoke to Natalie.. Who I love by the way. When I paid my deposit back in sept. 2014 i had Stefany who was sweet, but not so thorough. She explained everything to me and told me that dr. Fisher has 3 appointments already for Nov. 3rd. But like we know he doesn't work Wednesday's. I'm flying in from CA so it works the best. I'll fly in Sunday do a pre op Monday and have surgery Tuesday. My hubby can only stay till Friday because he runs our business but I will stay until Wednesday 11/10... I need to see who can help me those days. Anyhow! Thank you ladies for the support. I'm so exited!,, whoooo finally!!

Booty Greed!!!!!

Haven't even had my surgery and I already have booty greed lol! I started out back in August wanting a more conservative look just some lumps in the back ... Now I'm I thinking I want to be like Dayyyyummm lol my husband says go all out. Of course he would ... But I work in a very professional somewhat conservative environment and a Nikki Minaj A$$ probably wouldn't fly... Not to mention the unwanted attention from the old preverts lol Anyhow I am posting some wish pics compliments of "endless beauty" here on RS a Fisherdoll..can you say wow!!!! She's about 3 inches taller and had about 10-15 pounds more. But Got dayumm she's clownin... Geeze :)

Nurses & Hotels - Advice Needed

Ok ladies need some solid recommendations:

1. I'm thinking about hiring a nurse for a few days. My hubby is coming with me to Miami.. he is 6'3, 285 ... but he's no nurse lol and he's super sensitive when I'm in pain so I'm a little worried about "his help". Now he can pick my little butt up and spin me with one arm, but can he handle me looking and feeling like I got run over by a Mac truck ... Not so sure.
**Does anyone have recommendations for a nurse I can hire to come check on me the first 1-3 days at the hotel???

2. Hotels- so my plan is arriving in Miami 11/1 staying until 11/9 or 10. My husband can only stay till 11/7, so my BFF will come to Miami on 11/7 and ride with me back home to Cali.

** I'm thinking of staying as close as possible to Vanity 11/1-11/7 and then moving closer to the beach 11/7-11/10. I'd like to walk close to the beach in my last few days in Miami and at least have a nice view.

*** does anyone have recommendations for a hotel close and then a decent hotel that is close to the beach. Not looking for 5 star, but somewhere I can enjoy the view and not a brick wall? Lol

Thank you dollies so much for reading and making suggestions !!!! Xoxo

After Surgery Flights- Miami to Nor CAL- Advice Needed

I'm looking to book my flights today and need some advice from the Vets who have either flown after surgery to CA or been on a 4-5 flight.

Do you recommend a direct flight or Connecting flight with layover? Is it better to tough it out for the 4-5 hour flight or stop for a layover and get some walking and standing in before getting on a connector flight?

Thanks again for any suggestions!

Hooked and Booked!!! Flights! It's real!

Can't believe how time has flown by. I'm almost 3 months out! I've been watching flights and getting some advice from the lovely RS sisters... In the last 2 weeks flights have gone up and I can't chance flights being sold out or unreasonable. I'm flying out from San Jose with a connector in Los Angeles on 11/1 landing in Miami at about 5pm Sunday ...SX is on Tuesday. My husband will stay with me until Sat 11/7 and fly back .. Same day one of my BFF will fly in 11/7 and stay with me until 11/11 Wednesday...and we will fly out together direct to SAn Francisco. It's a 5 1/2 hour flight. I'm not looking forward to it AT ALL ... It cost me $1200 for all 3 tix. I paid for her since she's leaving her husband and kids and taking work off. That's a sacrifice! I'm nervous.. I have never been away from my home and doggie that long! 11 days is a long time !!! Anyhoooo yayyyy one more thing checked off my list! Thanks again for the flight suggestions ladies

Another Wish Pic. This is a Fisher Doll!

I absolutely love her thin sexy shape. I would love to have these results. I will be asking Dr. Fisher for something very similar to this. I cannot remember her name.. I have had her in my pictures since Sept 2014. I've been looking at realistic results based on my weight, available fat , shape, height. I see some posting pictures of females with SX done in the DR or out of country and that's not realistic since Dr. fisher can only suck out 4000cc. I'm at about 115 gained almost 10 in the last year for this... I may gain a few more but I have enough and don't want to worry about losing after SX and my butt going done. I'm getting my thighs and arms and think I am going to add upper back. Trust me .. He will find 8 pounds of extra fat on me!

Vitamin Regimen

I will be staring my consistent vitamin regimen in the next 2 weeks. In June I went and had a My blood work done just to see where my starting point was. I had a full CBC and PMP. My iron and hemo was ok. iron was 12.6 I'd love to be over 14. I generally eat pretty well .. Red meat, chicken, fish and I love raw oysters. Lots of Spinach...
In two weeks I will start:

PureAbsorb for iron with vitamin C ($30)
Vitamin B-12 ($7.00)
Megared Super Heart -omega 3 Krill oil CoQ10
Vitamin D ($35.99)
I refuse to over due taking too many vitamins.. I get an upset stomache from them. Also, your body can only absorb a certain amount. You get headaches and upset stomache from left over vitamins when your body cannot absorb anymore. I am generally healthy and eat well... Feel free to make any recommendations for what worked for you! Thanks!

Juvederm Treatment!

Hey ladies.. I know this isn't bbl related but I just wanted to share that I got my first lip filler injection today. Juvederm Ultra... I love it and definitely recommend it. Along with my flat booty I have no lips ... :( This is a great enhancement in my opinion. I got have a syringe and this should last 6 months. I can already see I need him to touch this up for me and he said to call him next week.

I never thought this would happen!!!

After over a year of reading, stalking and reviewing results... I am beginning to feel like I want to switch to Dr. Hasan :(. That's right I said it... Switch from Fisher to Hasan.... I am just so impressed with his heart shaped work... Don't get me wrong I love dr. fishers work, but I do not see a lot of heart shapes. He loves bubble bubble butts!! Lol again, don't get me wrong... I need and want projection but I also want a heart shape with projection. So anyhow... Just a thought. Who know if he even can see me that week, just I just wanted to put it out there. Please all fisher and hasan dolls weigh in! Thanks for your input!

59 days and counting Dolls to my Date with Fisher!

Hey dolls!!! It is less than 60 days and surgery time! I have to be honest with you I'm feeling a little nervous. I've done my research into risks doing my best to stay healthy I can't wait to get my new body. All I want for Christmas is an hour shaped glass body and a nice plump booty is that too much to ask for? I'm uploading some recent pictures of me with weight gain this is with about 5 pounds. I am not going to gain much more I have lots of fat pockets as I've said before I'm adding inner thighs which have a lot of fat arms and also considering upper back I don't want to regret it later if I have back fat . Dear Lord I am tired of SpongeBob body November 3 cannot come fast enough! Thanks again ladies

Lipo Foams- how many do you Reaaallly need?

Dolls.. I'm ordering all of my supplies today, well most of them. I'll be buying chux and those types of things when I get into Miami.... But I am notorious for over packing whenever I go anywhere. Lol I'm doing my best not to do it this time around. I see so many reviews of females saying they used about 5 things out of the 100 they packed. Lol that sounds like me. Anyhow - how many lipo foams do I really need? I'm ordering my stomach board and triangle from 'In the pink room', foams off amazon, but they sell them in packs of 1 or 3 .. Can someone weigh in???? Also please feel free to make any suggestions on what you needed and could not do without for supplies? Yes, I got the pee ez!!! pee ezzyyy breeziess lolll Ciao for now!

Heart Shape Booty Compilation - Wish Pics!!

Ok ladies... Here is my heart shape booty compilation of flat tummies, shapely bodies and asses I'd love to have. I'd be happy with any one of these ... I do have to say the American Flag picture and Red Bikini pic are my all time favs

AB Board Recommendations please!!

I received my Lipo foam today in the mail ordered on Amazon. Now I'm getting ready to order my ab board. Can you ladies please make a recommendation on which one to get? I'm going to be ordering off of the website in the pink room and they happen to have both the hexagonal and the round looking ab boards.... not sure which one to get. Feel free to let me know about your experiences with either of these. Thanks again!

Dr. Fisher's Credentials and some Observations

Hey ladies quick update on Dr. Fisher's credentials obviously it's up to us to do our due diligence and the research of the doctor that were selecting. Dr. Fisher is legitimate- he is double board-certified and no disciplinary action against him. He also appears to be liscensed in the state of California. Just some random thoughts- I've been reading a lot of different reviews were females are freaking out and we have to remember and keep in mind that your state of mind is going to affect your end result. if you're a person that is constantly on an emotional roller coaster or flip out or are controlling , arrogant and critical you will be that way on RS. Your state of mind will affect you . I'm kind of trying to stay away from the drama queen's that tend to make a big deal out of anything and be really negative about the surgery. this is an emotional decision for all of us but I choose to keep a positive attitude and keep an open mind. That's just me. Be realistic.

30 day count down! I am SOO Ready!

Yes.. 30 days and It's my turn! So excited! Good Lord I am so ready to get this over with. Since I'm staying a full 10 days I booked 2 hotels. One close to vanity for 5 days and the remainder in south beach with an ocean view. I figure since I'll be bored out of my mind might as well have a view and a nice place to go for walks. Lol.

I have most of my supplies, but will buy my Faja in Miami and ab board from vanity. Anything else I'll make a trip to Walmart since I'll have a day and a half before surgery. I bought a cheapie heated massager from Wahl for when I get home so I can do it myself. The only thing I haven't booked yet is my massages and I will be doing that within the next week or so.

Weight- so.. I'm hovering around 114 and some days 111-112 .. I havent really been trying. I have an event this week for work and traveling for 4 days and do not want to feel bloated and gross. Once I return I will be in full swing of booty boot camp for the final 3 weeks. I'll try to gain a few more pounds, but not very much because I know I can't Maintain it after surgery. I am still working out to keep healthy but not too hard just keeping my heart rate up. Here are my stats and I will measure again before surgery , my waist is up to 27.5 !!! I'm normally 25.5-26 and my legs are so thick for my body. Not in a good way either! Anyhow! I'm super excited and after the last year and a half of this journey, I'm ready to get IT DONE!!

My current stats:

27.5 waist
36.5 hips
22 thighs

Here we go ....

So I called Vanity in June to schedule my appointment with Dr. Fisher and asked how many girls he had scheduled, at the time it was 3, I called 2 weeks ago to make sure I had the right bank info for payment and asked again, it was 5 - I called yesterday and it was 10!! Yes- Keila told me 10 girls scheduled for 11/3. Lol.. What the heck!? Anyhow this definitely did not sit well with me being that I do not have a lot of fat to work with first off and 2ndly.. I do not want to be his last patient at 9PM getting out at 1am! I heard he takes his patients in order of BMI or something of that sort and I'm positive I'd be one of the last. I cannot afford to be have a rush job. I know he's a great Dr. And miracle worker ....but he's still a human. I'm definitely considering my options at this point.. I always knew he took a lot of patients and I was ok with 5,6 but 10 ... I'm calling back today and will update then.

3 Week Pre -sx update

Currently, I am eating Cheezits as I type lol .. I cannot believe how much I have been eating. For breakfast I'm having a Glucerne shake for the vitamins, 2eggs and some kind of fruit. I'm snacking on tons of carbs something I'm not used to, crackers, cookies, biscotti, cheese, breads. ...dinner is chicken, turkey or steak veggies and some starch , potatoes or rice. I have been eating spinach with dinner every night in addition to taking my ferrious sulfate and other foods with iron. Oh, and I've also stopped drinking wine, which I usually a glass with dinner every night. ... Boo. I've actually gained almost two pounds in the last week with all this eating. I KNOW that the fat cells will shrink one I lose weight after surgery, but I can afford to gain it at this point.

I also booked my 6 massages with Marian, I will have one lymphatic massage before surgery. Massage is very beneficial overall and I figure why not see what I'll be dealing after surgery to prepare myself I think I am paying $315 total.

Friday I'll be doing my labs so God willing I will be cleared next week. By the way I already did a test run in June and my PCP told me everything was in normal rage. Hemo was 12.6 and I was not taking any iron supplements ... I been taking iron since August so I'm interested to see if it's gone up. That's it for now ... I'll update next week one I hear back from vanity regarding my labs! Nite ladies! Time flies!! I can't wait ??
All I can think about is 3 weeks from today!

LABS are CLEARED!!!!!!!!

This week has been nuts!!! lol I feel like I'm going 1000 miles an hour. I went last Friday to get my lab work completed and apparently they didn't do my CMP ... I had to go back and get that done AGAIN and then physically pick up my HIV. Finally I heard back from Vanity that my labs were cleared and ready to go!! It's so surreal ... I can't believe that in 11 days I'll be going in for surgery. I'm trying to get my household together since I will be away in Miami for 11 days. I run the household pretty much, not to mention I work up to 12 hours a day.
Lol so I need to make sure everything is in order before I go. Also I need to get my lawn chair and pregnancy pillow for when come home. Feels so overwhelming....BUT I'm so relieved I am past everything and ready to go.

I showed my husband what he needs to do to cut it and he was looking at me crazy lolll .. I'm so thankful he's been supportive. (Of course he is lol he's benefitting.) Anyhow these pics are yesterday with 10 pounds. Plus my back fat! Lol

Made it to Miami!!!

Hey ladies sorry it's been a minute since I've posted. I've been getting ready for Miami and my OCD kicked with cleaning and actually re-doing my kitchen before I left. My husband has been so supportive lol poor guy has been working on all my BBL projects lol I mean who wants to come back from a major surgery to a unorganized house? Leaving work for two weeks is like an act of God so that was stressful. lol I arrived last night about 8:00pm to MIA and that airport is a cluster of hell! Checked in to the hotel at 11:30. By the way I booked my rental on line for $180 and got here to Miami and it was $401 after all the fees. What the hell!? On another note I'm still pigging out and had some Cuban food last night. I have some more info about my surgery and I'll be posting about that later I'm heading out to sight see!


Here are just some of my supplies and vitamins. I think it's imperative that we take care of our overall health inside and out. I've been taking these vitamins and plan to take them after my surgery. Dr. Fisher and other dr.s have recommended Floradix. It's European so I wasn't able to buy it locally I had to order it. I can't wait to get back to my normal eating. I'm not used to all this food. I eat a lot of fresh seafood and chicken turkey, veggie and fruits. I rarely eat the junk I've been eating. It's taken a toll on me and I'm so over it! Haha I'm up to 116 as of yesterday.

Vitamin B6- 250mg 2x. Per day for Post surgical swelling
Vitamin B12-for energy
Bromelian - a must - helps with liver and digestive enzymes , inflammation and removing proteins from the surgical sites.
Vitamin C- good for collagen and connective tissue after surgery, especially for lipo
Arnica-pain and bruising

And of course the post op usuals:

Pee ez, foams , tube for the toilet , throat lozenges since the tube in your throat will make it dry and scratchy. I bought the booty buddy and also a pregnancy pillow for sleeping as well as a lawn chair that my husband will cut out my butt. Let me know if you have questions about the other stuff.


Yes... I'm sold on arnica. I've been taking the pellets and using the gel -they work! I use it for anything from headaches and even when I did my lab work last week the dumb lab tech guy poked my arm so bad it felt numb my hand was throbbing. As soon also got home I took 4 pellets and boom! Pain gone and no bruise from the needle. I also have been giving it to my husband for muscle aches after gym. I rubbed the gel on his shoulders and used the heated massage and he had no pain. It works ladies so stock up!

I made it!

I just wanted to let you know I made it and have actually been feeling pretty good with the exception of feeling like I got hit by a bus!! Lol I have been eating and walking and keeping my energy up. I'm super achy and swollen and I will update you with more info soon. Xoxo

POST OP with PICTURES ! Yes... I changed Dr.'s.

Ok ladies! It's been 5 days post op as of today .... SOO funny how getting to the date of surgery flies by, but recovery goes by at a snail's pace! Each minute ticks by soooo slowly! I don't want to overwhelm you with writing and info, but I will try to get to as much as possible. First of all :

Yes, you read that correct ... I did NOT have surgery with Dr. Fisher. I ended up having my surgery with Dr. Hasan. I do want to say that I think both Dr.s have amazing work, but decided to change to Hasan based on one of my previous posts and a few other personal reasons and so far I am very happy with my results. I've had ZERO complications and have been hovering at a 4-5 pain level. Each day's gets better little by little. I will write another updated on my review of Hasan.

The pictures are 2 days post op. I'm now 5 days post op and I am still sore , stiff , black and blue and swollen. My stomach at 5 days post op is Flat! Yes I have stretch marks and will be looking into a TT next year but it is 100% better then I was before surgery. Dr. Hasan doesn't use drains and so I used almost 75 chux. Take a look at my picture of my set up that I made before I left for surgery. It was a cheap shower curtain and chux.

My energy level is pretty high when I am up and about, but I am forcing myself to rest. I have a routine that I follow and I believe this has helped me recover pretty well.

1. Sleep - I sleep almost around the clock I set my alarm hourly and walk 10-15 minutes in my hotel room. In the afternoons I have the most energy and usually stay up a few hours after my naps. Sleep is so important for our bodies healing process and so I am making myself rest.

2. Food/hydration- prior to going into surgery I had my husband buy me food to have for me as soon as I got out of surgery which was perfect. I had chicken soup and also chicken and rice with plantains and potatoes. I've been eating a lot of hearty Cuban food. The issue is they use a lot of salt which you need to keep in check to avoid more swelling. Yes I threw up but eating is soooooo necessary as soon as you can. You need to replenish your nutrients from after surgery. I eat for breakfast - eggs , toast , potatoes and or oatmeal - throughout the day , dried cereal, crackers , tons and tons of fruit. Pineapple, papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes. Soup. Dinner is something heavy. Remember you need to eat heavy if you are taking vitamins and medication to help avoid nausea. I am drinking Gatorade, green tea or pineapple water hourly at least 8-12 ounces.

3. Massages- I purchased massages from Marian at Medical Massage professionals package was $360 for 6 massages and because of the Hot Lava fluids ( lymphatic fluids) your body builds up massages are a MUST. The fluids make you soooo stiff and need to be drained, it also helps accelerate your healing.

She has an Instagram page @medicalmassageprofessionals. She has me on there draining some fluid. Take a look it's crazy!! I would recommend Marian over anyone else , she's been doing this for 21 years and is amazing. I feel 1000% better when I leave her office.

4. Vitamins- you must continue your vitamin regime after surgery. Obviously this will help you get back on track faster.

5. Detoxing- today is the first day that I feel better, I am a coffee drinker and have been suffering headaches from caffeine detoxing and also it takes a few days for the anesthesia to get out of your system. I had headaches, shaky and of course tired with nausea today I do feel much better.

6. Pain meds- Hasan prescribes Tylenol with codeine. I only used it on day 1. I am just taking extra strength Tylenol now and although it doesn't take the pain away 100% it helps. I am also using arnica pellets which has helped as well.

Everyone asks if 116 pounds is enough for good results for petite females. Take a look at the pictures. In fact they don't do justice... my butt is humongous. I'm hoping it goes down some. I honestly haven't looked at it much because I want to give some time for everything to settle.. So far I am happy with my decision!

HASAN quick update

So I made a descision about a month ago after a lot of thought and consideration and discussion with my husband. It was not a decision I made on the fly.. But yes after over 1 year of thinking I was going to go to dr. Fisher I decided to change over to Dr. Hasan. When I called Vanity they told me dr. Hasan had an opening 11/4 which was one day after my appt with fisher. So I took the opening. I didn't have to change my flights or hotel /condo rental so it worked out perfect.

Vanity: everyone at Vanity is very cordial. It is not a luxury Dr. Clinic .. So you are not paying for the location or service, we are paying for the Dr and his results. So far I've recieved 5 calls from vanity to check on me post op which I appreciate. I went to a post op appt the next day and will go to another post op tomorrow before I leave home Wednesday.

Hasan: Hasan was very straight to business. He came in and asked me health questions. There was very little small talk and he was very real about my body. He wanted me to have realistic expectations. He told me that I had a guitar shaped body and a longer butt and for a petite girl I needed a nice cute butt and he would fix it. He also told me that I had very bad skin with stretchmarks and it may not ever retract (which I knew) and I will live with until I have a tummy tuck hopefully next year... He also told me that I needed lipo on my bra line and upper back. I paid for inner thighs and arms and Hasan basically refused to do it. He told me that I can do it in California and do not need traditional lipo. At this point he was 100% correct. There's no way I could be doing this recovery without my arms and thighs. It would be a very very difficult recovery...

This picture was from today 5 days post op. I have my triangle above my butt and 3 lipo foams and stuffing which is why I look so puffy. I like my new shape AND Hasan gave me hips! Completely rounded me out and no more guitar shape. :)

Pictures from this morning! 6 days post op

Tons of bruising still. My ass is heavy like bricks and I hope and pray it goes down. When I say these pictures do no justice. It is still really lumpy too. Thanks again !

Flight home today and 1 Week post op pics

I made it home to CA.... It was an extremely rough ride. It actually was a 6 hour direct flight. Going through security, people staring, bags under my eyes, limping along, kneeling on the floor, feeling like hell... I actually went into the bathroom and pulled myself together. I just wanted to get home to see my husband and house! It was all sooo stressful! anyhow these pictures are 1 week post op both left and right side. I'm happy with the projection and shape so far!

Last massage 11/10

Here's a front pic of my last massage. I have tons of stretchmarks and loose skin, but still love my flat tummy. I'll deal with it until I get my TT next year.

9 Days PO - playing around !

bored out of my mind tired of this stupid faja and baggy clothes, I needed a reminder this is all worth it. I have nothing underneath at all. Still swollen everywhere but it's going down... Pleased with what I see so far.

Hey Dolls! Quick update!

I'm having a hard time keeping up with both my Instagram surgery account and Real Self. I update almost daily on IG with pictures and tips. If you have an account you can add me @Filipina_dolly. I prefer IG so I can monitor who I connect with and block trolls when needed. Lol ... So far things are going well. Just tired and still in recovery mode. Tomorrow is 3 weeks post op. I may post an update here but will on Instagram for sure. Hope you're all doing great xoxo

Deleting my pictures ....

If you want to follow on IG I am screening very closely and only adding either surgery accounts or personal
Accounts on a case by case basis. I unfortunately do not feel comfortable on RS as this Is a public forum and anyone can have access without being able to screen. IG account is @filipina_dolly please send me a private message if you only have a personal account. I'm happy to share my journey and suggestions and also have update pictures there.

1 month post OP- booty birthday!

Wanted to update as today is my 1 month booty birthday! Still recovering pretty well some Days are better than others. Mostly for all of the petite dolls you do not have to gain a lot of weight to have significant results. when I started this journey I was 105-108 pounds. Pay of surgery I was 117 .. Today I am at 112 and will do my best to hold steady. My waist is now down to 25.5 inches from 28.5. If you have surgery account on IG follow me. It much easier to respond and interact than here on RS. Lots of good info and a great group of dolls who give tips and support. Take care xoxoxo

A few picture updates.

Ladies ... If you are my height 4'11-5'1 you do need to be in the range of 116-125 to get the biggest bang for your buck. Anything less it's not worth the hassle and pain. I'm just being honest based on my experience.

Almost 3 months PO

Butt is still hard but softening up.
Updated pictures will be 3 months PO next week . Healing is coming along.. Slower than I thought. Still very swollen a lot of days and butt is still hard. I'm doing Endermologie treatments to help with healing. Still over all satisfied with my results.

4 1/2 month post op Dr. Hasan

Hi ladies! Life has moved along and I'm about 90% healed ... Im just trying to get used to my new body. I look like a completely different person and unfortunately it's hard to find clothes that fit my butt and waist. Good problem to have. I believe that my butt has "fluffed" but haven't measured. It does look bigger. It's STILL hard in some places but it is jiggly ...my husband is like crazy man, following me around all day lol ... Of course in person people stare as they say, the hate is real. Oh! Also this real self app hasn't given me notifications so I apologize if I haven't responded. Let me know what you think!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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