Botox, The Temporary Miracle Cure for Crows Feet And Forehead Lines. - California

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I had some pretty bad forehead lines and crows...

I had some pretty bad forehead lines and crows feet lines, and after trying some of the "miracle" creams and potions that all failed(copper peptides, RetinA, etc), I decided to have Botox treatment done. I had 60 units total done and there was very little pain since they use numbing cream beforehand. This treatment was done by a plastic surgeon who I felt would understand where to place this stuff since they really understand the underlying muscles. This is not to say that other qualified professionals would not do a better job, but I strongly suggest, when you go for consultation, find out if the doctor him or herself will actually be doing the injections.

I barley noticed any needle marks afterwards, and made sure to follow the aftercare intstructions. As the days went on, my condition improved greatly and reached its peak in about 10 days. Keep in mind that the results are just incredible for forehead and crows feet, but the lines closer to the undereye area are a different matter. And dont expect much help there from Botox.

They say that this stuff only works on lines you have when you smile, but I beg to differ. The lines that were there when not smiling were mostly gone too. I believe the reason for this is that the underlying muscle are always in a slight tense state even when you are not actively using them. So, the Botox kills the neuropathic communication and the muscle completely relaxes. I will go get this done every three to four months, and I may try Dysport on the next visit as an experiment to see how it stacks up.

I know many people ask how long it lasts, so the answer for me is to just keep getting it done on a predetermined schedule no matter what. From what I understand, the underlying muscle may atrophy after a couple of years or earlier and the treatments will last longer. Let me say one thing, Botox is great for its intended use, but for people like me, who have a myriad of other skin issues, this journey is far from over. But at least I have knocked out one of my concerns with such a simple treatment. One last note, I dont mean to diss RetinA, because that stuff CAN be a really good effective treatment for many skin problems, but it just kinda stopped working for me as I got older. But in terms of skin creams, it is still the gold standard for most people who choose to go that route.

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