Experienced Major Side Effects and I Am Not a First Time User

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I have rec'd botox for my forehead for the...

I have rec'd botox for my forehead for the last 8 years on and off, roughly 15 times in my life.. I have never had a problem with side effects. I never even really worried about them. For the most part, I liked my physical result, not loved but liked enough to keep doing it..

This time, I had it done at the same highly reputable dermatologists office, only had 25 units and 4-5 days later experienced horrific side effects. It began with severe chills, intense nausea, 100.4 fever, couldnt eat, was very sensitive to light,was weak and my joints ached badly.. I am NEVER sick. I had no stuffy nose, clogged nose or other guarenteed flu/cold symptoms but I felt like I had a cross between the flu and food poisoing without the vomiting. I was in bed for 3 days. My vision felt just off. Basically I couldnt function, my heart felt like it was racing too. All I could do is lay in a dark room.

I didnt even know this was a possible side effect but I went on Allergans website and there it was all the side effects I was experiencing were listed as possible side effects.. I called the manufacturer and they confirmed these are expected to be temporary side effects that they expect to last no longer then a week and they dont expect the side effects will last the duration of the botox.. There is NO way I could function, go to work or take care of my family if I had stayed like that.. I have to much to lose, luckily most of my symptoms besides the lingering head ache that seems to last forever got better.

I am just writing this just for those who might be on the fence..I will NEVER get botox again.. I'd rather have a wrinkle.

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