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I came across this great reviews website after...

I came across this great reviews website after researching fillers and couldn't help myself to write a review about my "Body Wrap" experience.

I have done several Slimmer Mineral wraps over the coarse of 5 years but never really did a series of wraps like they were always recommended to me. After gaining some weight from good old age, I was desperate to loose some inches as natural as possible since plastic surgery seemed to back fire on me. After having a what I thought at the time was a good FDA Approved lipo job turned out to be a bad lipo job. The reputable Board Certified Doctor I went to sucked out the top part on my butt instead of the flanks on my hips and also removed fat from my inner thighs and under my butt which are now sagger then ever. I'm now faced with a butt that is flat on the top, still have the flank fat,and no matter how many squats I do, the fat is gone and I'm sure will never come back. Due to the lipo, I have also had to deal with saggy inner thigh skin and a butt that falls now due to no fat to hold it up. So all you ladies really think about lipo before sucking out fat from your body. Never suck the fat out from under your butt! You need the fat to hold it up. As we age your butt will fall without the little bit of fat underneath it. You also need to take into aging and what might look good at first can look horrible if you have a slight weight change or just natural aging. My weight has only fluctuated 10 pounds since high school;I'm now 40 and weigh 145,5/''8.

Then after having Saline (SAFE)breast implants (FDA Approved) for 8 years no problems, I started developing unexplainable auto-immune problems. Like the waiver said when I signed it could cause auto-immune problems but of coarse wouldn't happen to me and again the FDA claims that there in no link. HA HA no of corse a foriegn obect with over 35 chemicals wouldn't cause an autoimmune. Why would your body flight off a foreign object? Whatever FDA.

After thousands of blood test with only elevated ANA and Low C3 levels, which show infection in your body, I finally decided to have them redone after reading horrific reviews of women getting sick from implants and mine were 8 years old. I had the old implants analyzed in a lab only to find out they had bacteria growing in them and one of them had been slightly leaking over the years as it is less filled than the other. This surgery was also done by a Board Certified Doctor in San Diego who had a beautiful and clean office. He did a Great Job but nobody ever said the saline could go bad after so many years.. Getting back to my point, I did not want to go under any knife, do any lasers since they can burn the skin or anything that is FDA Approved for that matter. FDA Approved does not mean it is safe. It just means they can charge more the treatment and make more money. I also got sick from Botox as the nurse injected it too deep and it became systemic. I was sick for three months until it wore off. I now rely on Frownies to help with my frown line.

Anyways, sorry for the rant. Prior to the wraps, I also tried the F.D.A approved Endermologie at a Plastic Surgeons office which kind of worked on my cellulite but I found over time it made my skin looser and cellulite worse once I stopped. At the time I figured a deep tissue suction/roller massage wouldn't hurt me. Well it make my skin above my knees looser and the skin under my butt also looser and it aggravated my tissue making cellulite worse once I stopped. I know nothing is permanent and I would have kept going if the skin hadn't become looser. I guess its a good treatment for younger women who have tighter elastic skin. After failingto find a treatment to tighten the skin on my legs, I finally decided to try a series of the slender mineral body wraps since it slightly tigten my skin the first time. I could only image that multiple treatment would help even more and since it was only minerals, I'm sure it couldn't cause any permanent harm. I did 2 wraps a week for 6 weeks as recommended and were surprised at my GREAT results. My skin on my legs looked much tighter. The girl reshaped the sagging skin under my butt and I had noticeable less cellulite. I lost over 2 dress sizes! Yeah I also did the infrared sauna before my wraps and got on a good vitamin/mineral supplement. I drank lots of water, which was really hard for me, as I have a bladder the size of a pea, but I have to say I really love this treatment and found it to offer promising results if done in a series. Now when I did my first wrap, I didn't notice that much inch lose, just very little but I did feel a little less bloated and my skin looked a little tighter. I think it depends on the salon and the techniques, but I'm sold on this process. I must add that this is a process, not a one time wrap as they often advertise to get you in the door. I'm glad I finally decide to go for it and try the program. I will try to add my before and afters. Oh and the girl suggested dry brushing everyday, which has also helped my dry skin and cellulite. The process isn't relaxing at first, but I got used to having the hour to myself and watching Netflix movies I could never get around to watch. LOL

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