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Years ago, I had small saggy breasts after I had...

Years ago, I had small saggy breasts after I had my first 2 children. So after my divorce I figured if I wanted to find someone I'd better fix myself up a little and I got small saline and silicone implants over the muscle. It filled up the sagging a little and looked better, but the weight just made me sag again with time. I remarried and when I had more children I couldn't breast feed. Then after 10 years they broke and I also had developed large calcium deposits that had to be removed (cancer scare at first!). Anyway, I replaced the broken ones with straight saline under the muscle and had my nipples lifted and breasts made smaller & the painful calcium deposits removed. I selected about 350cc implants and the surgeon decided he wanted them bigger while I was knocked out and upped them to 450cc. I am tall and he placed them down by the bottom of my sternum instead of up in my chest so they hang down over my waist when I stand up. After 17 years the scarring under my breasts and from my nipple down to my incision still stands out as well as stupid little dots where the stitches were made around my nipples. They look okay in a bra but the whole thing just annoys me and it is a lot of weight which makes it very hard to find a bra that will support me and not ride up in the back. Add to that the discomfort from painful nipples all the time and the rest of my breasts being numb for all these years. I am always worried they will break from the weight of my husband when we have sex. I am really sick of the whole thing. Instead of implants, now they can use your own body fat to make your breasts look larger or more symmetrical. I would much rather do that. But I can't even afford to take them out let alone do another procedure. Taking them out now costs more than when they were put in. So there are lots of things to consider besides just the procedure. I would advise everyone to be sure the doctor places them in the right position on your chest. And remember mammograms are going to hurt more and be less reliable for cancer screening. Nipples and breasts may be numb forever. Removing them in the future will be expensive. You may not be able to breast feed your babies. Bras may be hard to find that support larger breasts because they begin to sag with time. It is much more than "Look I got new boobs!"
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