Undefined on Dr. Plaza in Cali, or Dr. Medina This is So Hard Full Mommy Makeover TT,Bilbo/ba,full Lipo. Cali, CO

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Okay so I have had lipo and fat transfer back in...

Okay so I have had lipo and fat transfer back in 2010 in the states 6 years later and one child later need a full make over. It's so hard choosing a doctor I think I narrowed it down to 2 based on safety and results and reviews still unsure received a quote both the same price around 6100 not including recover house on either but medina is not including mess post op ect. This can be so nerve reckoning I'm so eager to send deposit, get passport and book flight next week omg and advice to those who have gone to Cali or going or to medina for work ?

Okay so I finally narrowed it down to Cali Colombia here I come

So I've been going back and forth between doctors and finding new doctors daily. Reading hundreds of reviews and finding girls who have already went to the doctors I was leans toward. So here I am happy and excited. I chose to go to Cali, Colombo YES! Mind finally made up. I love the work out there and think I can achieve my goal there with dr. Plaza. My first choice was dr. Medina in DR I followed her snaps and loved her work but I wasn't seeing results that fit my goal and decided on Cali :). Still waiting on my quote, but as soon as I get it in sending the deposit adapt and booking my flight next week going to start my passport process all next week. I'll keep you ladies updated. I'm getting a full mommy maker . The whole shabang! TT,bbl, lipo, Bl
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