TT, BBL, Lipo and Breast Augmentation Dr. Villalobos October 2015 - Cali, CO

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Am scheduled for surgery with Dr. Villalobos in...

Am scheduled for surgery with Dr. Villalobos in October 2015. After researching for months, it finally became real once I booked my flight. Am very nervous as I am traveling alone to a foreign country. Especially nervous about the return trip home given some of the accounts I have read about people's concerns about being able to leave. I did not have difficulty getting a quote from Dr. V or booking the surgery date. The deposit was an ordeal because the wife didn't go through and the. Indy was returned. I was finally able to make the deposit through Paola with a credit card which is what I should have done initially. Guess it's time to start making lists and getting supplies together so any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.

3 weeks and counting...

Wow where did the time go? Seems like only yesterday, I decided to go this route. After doing a lot of research, I have decided to invest in the bbl pillow. Having to travel on the plane and return to work, I do not want to damage my newly constructed derrière. The pillow will become my new best friend...where I go, it goes. At least for the first 4 wks after surgery. Time to start getting things together...October 3rd (departure date) is right around the corner.

Less than two weeks away...,

Still seems unreal...will be on a flight to Cali next Saturday afternoon. I decided to add a breast lift to my surgical plan together with breast augmentation. Am currently a D cup...thinking moving up to a DD just to achieve that nice round look. Haven't mentioned this to the boyfriend just yet...Oops. Have most if not all of my supplies. Uhm, now to just get them in the suitcase. A day off from work would certainly help. I know I know. I need to upload before pics but prefer to do post op.

Cali, here I come...

Wow, less than 1 week away... To be honest, it hasn't really hit me yet. Probably will hit me full blast at the airport on Saturday. Just about packed...a few more things to put in suitcase and am good to go.

1 more day!!!!

Wow!!! Leaving on Saturday for Cali and putting myself into the hands of Dr. Villalobos. Hasn't really hit me yet...probably won't until am on the plane. Am all packed and ready to go and I am NEVER packed before a trip. Am usually still running around like an idiot on the day of departure. My suitcase is heavy...not with clothes but supplies. So afraid I would miss something which may explain it. Please keep me in your prayers ladies as am doing this solo...will keep you posted.

Am here!!!

Am finally here in Cali and at the recovery house. Flew from NY into Miami and then from Miami into Cali. Long day but had no problems getting here and Ronald from Casa Arama was waiting right outside for me. So am gonna call it a night and will keep you posted. Tomorrow is a rest day but on Moday it's labs and appt with Dr. V. so am gonna call it a night but will keep you posted. Btw, recovery house is very warm and honey. Have my own room w/private bath.

It's on!!!

It's a go. Lab work came back good so am on deck to tomorrow to get the works...tummy tuck, bbl, breast augmentation and full body Liposculture. Whew!!! I liked Dr. V a lot and am very comfortable with him doing the surgery. Paola was not only awesome but beautiful as well. Ingress and Karla were very friendly. So have to be at the hospital tomorrow at noon and will probably be I recovery until tomorrow evening. Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. Will keep you posted but it probably will not be for another couple of days as will be in the hospital overnight tomorrow. The new me awaits....??


Hi Ladies, Sorry for the long delay but recovery has been a b*tch!!! Can we saw SWELLING??!!! Will get back to that but please let me first start off by saying I LOVE Dr. V!!!! Him and his staff were phenomenal! And Paola was the best!!! Additionally, I stayed at Casa Arama and the owner Ronald and his wife Tatiana were the best. The staff was friendly, the house warm, homey and clean and the food was delicious. I had my own private room and bath and was very comfortable. Speaking Spanish would have been great but the translator app was an enormous help. So ladies if you're not fluent in Spanish, this is a must have. So much to tell but will have to do it in parts or please inbox me if you have questions. Am a little over 4 weeks post op so here are some before and after pics. Please keep in mind that my body was extremely swollen and still is. But am thrilled with my results to be only 4wks post op. I have begun to now view my faja as my best friend. ?? Further updates about trip and surgery itself to follow. Am very proud to be a Villalobos doll.
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