Plazasdoll Coming Soon!!! June 15, 2016 - Cali, CO

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The countdown is on!!!!! On June 12, I will be...

The countdown is on!!!!! On June 12, I will be flying to Cali, Colombia to get a Tummy tuck, Full body Lipo and BBL by Luis Plazas. I love the way Plazas shapes the waist which is my main goal other than the hourglass figure. I really just want a very small waist. I want a heart shape bubble butt but definitely not a horse look butt type. My family keep warning me about Colombia and how dangerous it is over there. I'm nervous and excited at the same time due to me not speaking Spanish. I will be staying at a RH where they speak little English. So far the owner has been very nice and helpful.

This is what I look like now....

Lose skin on the stomach from child birth and no ass!!!! Plazas going to get me right!!!

Wish pics


Question:::: Has anyone had to receive the "yellow fever vaccine" before having surgery in Columbia. Did any of you have to show immunization records?


So I'm having second thoughts about Plazas!!! His recent reviews are horrible and concerning. Dolls are saying that his aftercare is very poor to the point they are hounding him to see them and I can't have that.

Sticking with Plazas

I'm sticking with Plazas!!!!!! I voiced my concerns and he assured me that my experience will not be like that. He also explained his aftercare process. I did move my sx date to the 14th....I'm excited once again!!!! This time next weak I will be SNATCHED!!!!!

Today is finally here!!!!

June 12, 2016 is finally here. I'm sitting here in the airport waiting to board my flight. I'm going to be honest I'm a little nervous and excited. I will be on the flat side in 2 days can't wait. I met up with my sx buddy who is cool as a fan. I will upload b4 and after pictures. Cali, CO here I come!!!

1 month post op

I'm still swollen in my abdominal area. The swelling comes and goes.
Dr. Luis Eduardo

I reached out to him via whatsapp, sent body photos for quote and provided him with a date!!!! He replied quickly answering all questions. He provided me with a list of RH as well as a list incase I wanted to hire a consultant.

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