September 8 my 2017 2nd anniversary

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Hello lady's I am 43 year old mother of big boy ....

Hello lady's I am 43 year old mother of big boy . Petite 5.1, 150 lbs . I want to say goodbye to this big belly my plan is for September and want to lose 10 lbs . I have had weight gain and weight loss four years ago I reaching 202lbs the plan that helps me maintain and lose weight is weight watcher. My surgery will be in cali colombia by Dr Carlos Alberto velasco I seen his work in my friends

schedule for surgery

I'm a schedule to go in September 8 2015 I'm excited and nervous . I'm going to get tummy tuck, liposuction

saturday will pay the deposit for surgery

OMG im so nervous . 4 month im sure time will fly . starting to look for ticket flight. there will cali colombia

I'm did deposit payment

Hello lady's RS I'm did deposit payment Today early in bank of America. Next step buy flight .

flight purchased

19 week for flat side .

18 week for big change

I am so excited, nervous, anxious . I am looking to have tummy tuck, liposuction of flanks and fat transfer to my buttocks.

17 week for flat side

I always dreamed of a flat stomach. I hate when I go to stores and looked at my big belly in the mirror :(

16 week for special day

anxious for September comes

when I weighed 202 pounds

It is a picture of the past with 202 pounds deceo never in my life go back to that weight.

15 weeks to catch my flight to cali colombia

thinking today left me 15 weeks to catch my flight to Cali Colombia and my heart makes me bum, bum . I am happy and looking forward to come september 8 for the big day and when I look closely the date entering the fear I feel the pain . and God willing everthing goes victorious . picture . skinny but big belly . the change comes

I had a dream last night

last night I dream with flat side . I was happy , I had no pain. Happy dream

14 week . Time goes fast

June, July, August the days and months are going fast . And I made my first purchase , pajamas to be in clinical recovery

13 week to catch my flight Cali Colombia

months ago had a dentist appointment deep cleansing and fear did not go to the appointment. and I started thinking I'm going to make this process Tummy tuck I have to leave the fear and make my appointment and fulfill myself and I did the painful process by anesthesia. process the finished dental

12 week for September 8

Up . Hello . waiting for September 8 . 12 weeks .

I bought vitamins

I bought vitamins to start drink them.
total spent 40 $ Walgreens

10 week

Countdown 10 week

8 week

closer to the big day. I try not to think about the big day to be relaxed and the days pass quickly

7 week

one week less for the big day

Shopping time

Hello RS frinds . with the help of the members of RS I inform me well and made my purchase for care after surgery

6 week

6 weeks I will be in Colombia. for my surgery process

Countdown 34 days

34 days for the big day and I promised no drink coffee and took 3 days without coffee and first day was tough and a half headache. all this sacrifice is to increase my hemoglobin

29 day for September 8

Up . Waiting for my day for flat side

more closely

more closely 21 days . :( nervios up and down

2 week for flat side

I dreamed that my brother took me to the clinic for surgery and could not find the address was lost and stopped at a gas station with damaging the car and told the tow truck was going come and tow and I would leaving the clinic . Ready for big day

pictures of my big belly

latest pictures of big belly waiting for the flat side. Fat transfer buttock .

Airport time to take flight to Cali,Colombia

Good Morning. at the airport to take flight to Cali Colombia. I'm sad. It was a sad farewell with my son and my husband. pray for me to return to the United States healthy and beautiful. Family thanks RS

Tomorrow my day

ready for surgery will be at 8 am tomorrow. I am hosted recovery house belleza con seguridad .nurses are love and make you feel like you're at home

Room in belleza con seguridad


Room pictures

surgical expenses

surgery and lodging expenses 5325 plus ticket flight 560

I'm on the flat side

Happy, happy . No pain .

1 day

last night I did not sleep all combined pains. I had to sleep on my back and back ached a lot. They drained me today I got a massage on my back and they put a girdle(faja) thigh carved look hell

Up date . Picture

The pictures of one week operated a bad week much pain and discomfort . Today inflamed


I inflamed me two days in a row yesterday I was sad to see me cry so inflamed and today I am more relaxed and put my girdle

almost to two weeks

Doctor information . Today go back home

Happy, happy go back to U.S.A

18 day

Picture . Inflamed

difference 7 days and 18 days

Big change

4 week post op

Hello RS family . I'm 4 week post op today . Lower abdomen is really swollen. I doing better everyday. I'm looking forward to the 6 week for the swelling down and look better

Small table

Small table for help reduce the swelling

ebay for board table

Ebay have table for abdominal

5 week post op

5 week post op . I don't see much of a change in the last few weeks though. Very pleased with my results

6 week

I feel much better in my 6 weeks

6 week

8 week

Same no change

More 8 week

2 month

I am almost 2 month post op , I wake up completely flat . Happy with results

11 week

Happy with results . I wake-up flat, flat in the morning and afternoon swelling

5 month post operation

I feel fantastic. Happy, happy

September 8 my 1st anniversary

September 8 is my 1st anniversary. I stay at the same weight . now I'm going to the gym want to lose weight and tone

september 8 2017 2nd aniversary

september 8 2017 2nd aniversary

September 8 2017 2nd anniversary

2nd anniversary September 8 2017
Carlos Alberto Velasco Echeverri

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