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Hello fellow Dolls and Dolls in the making, I...

Hello fellow Dolls and Dolls in the making,
I started my research about 4 months ago and my initial doctors that I had in mind were Dr. Duran and Dr. Almonte. My best friend eventually underwent surgery and chose Duran and looks AMAZING. Dr. Almonte's work had also definitely caught my eye and her being a new surgeon, she is definitely showing out. After almost deciding to go to Almonte I dug into my research with Colombian Doctors and was instantly sold over. I wanted to have surgery in a facility that was up to date and more advanced then Dominican Republic and Colombia looks like they are definitely that. I made the decision to go to Dr. Alder Henao his work is amazing and looks like he is a perfectionist and alike Almonte is a fairly new doctor. I also wanted to stay at a nice recovery house and BeautiSleep looked so amazing, Jazmine the person who runs the place is fabulous and had surgery with Alder which made me feel even better. My good friend ended up going to Alder as well and she told me that the people at the recovery house were amazing and the doctor was so on top of things. I then made the step to secure my deposits and dates and confirmed my surgery with Alder. I am a thick girl and definitely want to stay thick.. I'm almost 6ft tall and carry my weight well. I want to have a flat stomach and more curvy figure. I have previously had breast augmentation and will be getting a revision with Dr. Alder along with a Tummy Tuck, Lipo on my back and front, and BL. I need a mommy makeover and I'm not even a mommy yet lol. I just am praying that everything goes amazing and will keep you guys up to date.


Hey guys so i got some stuff for surgery even though Beautisleep supposedly has supplies that they will provide I wanted to be on the safe side and still bring some medical supplies. I also was able to get two hosptial robes so I can be comfortable and switch if they get dirty with drainage. I have 5 sun dresses, 2 pair of shorts, 3 skirts.... Anything else I should bring ?



BeautiSleep & Complications

Hello guys I am currently at BeautiSleep and it's a beautiful place. The maids are SUPER sweet and the food is good but very small proportions which is ideal for recovery and training your diet. The location is a bit far from the airport about 1 hour away. My flight to Colombia was hell; too many lay-overs, but the good thing is that I got here. A lot of the girls here have problems with the house because they barely speak english but i fortunately am bilingual. The rooms are nice and whatever you need the maids can accommodate. I havent really talked to the owners of this place aka jazmine and Jazzy since i have been here so thats kind of a bummer because I feel like I should be able to talk to them for checkins even though I'm not part of their consult business.... they are the owners of the house and should be in contact with all patients. I dont really have any complains other than the ants everywhere because it is an open space house and in a tropical environment. The stores are near by and pharmacy but I WOULD NOT walk around by myself once the sun goes down it just doesn't seem right. As for DR.HENAO I feel a bit neglected he has been on vacation and I have gone to do blood work while hes gone to make sure everything is good for surgery which is on Monday the 29 and i have yet to meet with him. He's supposedly back in Colombia and is coming to the house but stillllll I'm waiting for him. MY BIGGEST PROBLEM which is extremely upsetting is that my Thyroid levels had to be checked today in order to have surgery tomorrow so I'm kind of pissed of and cried today because I want to be ready for surgery and I didnt come here to waist time or want to have to come back. I am PRAYING that everything turns out well and I can get surgery tomorrow. Hopefully Henao can work his charm because right now I'm not warmed up to him, He's slacking big time.

Just met Henao

WOW what a sweetheart.... Such a gentleman and really changed my perception of things. He was very informative and we definitely met halfway with things. I love how he listened to all of my nonsense and told me what could and could not be done. He made me feel EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE. Hopefully my Thyroid levels come back well so I can go in tomorrow at 12pm


I am a bit frustrated; I am so swollen it is ridiculous. My stomach is filled with liquid and my sides are feeling a bit lumpy. I dont feel thrilled with my surgery just yet. I have no shape whats so ever and I know that I do look a lot different than before especially my stomach but I really am not pleased with the shape I currently am facing. I am super bruised and its been a week today and I feel like I am still a couple of days post op. My back area where Henao did lipo has been the most painful and uncomfortable it feels like its burning everytime I move and no it is not lipo burn its the fluid inside. My drains were taken out the fourth day. I really hope that this swelling goes down and I start seeing a shape. It has been so hard to wear a faja because here in colombia i am too big for the ones they supply so tomorrow i go and get one custom made. I will be uploading pics soon


Hello guys today I am three weeks post op from getting surgery on the 29th of June with Dr. Alder Henao. I am so depressed right now because I ended up getting really bad wound separation. The stitches that Dr.Alder used on the T-section of my breast-lift popped open and there is not enough skin to just sew it back together. Dr. Alder removed too much skin from my breast and while I was in Colombia I kept questioning him on the stitch and if its going to pop he continued to say "no" that it will be ok and as the days came the wound started to puss and start to have a little stench. I was so desperate I kept contacting him and going to see his assistant and he kept saying no its going to be ok. A couple of days after leaving Colombia the smell kept bothering me and the yellow pussing as well as the wound gradually getting bigger, so I decided to go to my primary physician. When I got there they confirmed I had an infection and for a week they have been washing my wounds out with saline and bacitracin. I went to the emergency room because I have gotten really desperate and they sent in the plastic surgeon on call and luckily he works for the surgeon I see on tuesday to see what steps I can take but they advised me that I may have to take my implant out and let that wound heal because my implant is over the muscle and it wont take a lot for it to pop out. I am so desperate I have had implants since I was 18 and taking them away is like loosing my identity. I'm praying and keeping hopeful but honestly I'm afraid.


I had a lot of fat taken out i guess you can say I'm on the flat side and have a smaller waist

Still healing .....

Heres a little update ladies..... So my breast are getting super better and the vertical line of the breast lift incision is almost invisible, the horizontal line where i had the wound separation is closing up and I know I'm going to have a scar there but it's barely visible because it is at the bottom and I'm going to make sure I put lots of vitamin e and scar treatment. I cant believe how "Wet - to - Dry" method on my wound separation has helped the wound really close up and heal! I'm waiting for them to scab up thats when I'll feel a big sigh of relief. I found out the main cause for my wound separation and its those damn clear "dissolvable" stitches that doctor Heano used inside of body. My body is rejecting them all! My breast are getting better but now I have another problem and guess what it is?.... MY TUMMY TUCK! I have two areas where the stitches are irritating me and pushing up; the wounds are opening and one got so deep that i could see the stitch so i snapped it out and its starting to heal but then there is another part that is fresh and I can feel the stitch in there irritating my skin! I am really upset at this because my tummy tuck was fine until now. I really am so anxious for all this b.s. to close I just want to continue my regular life and not have to worry about any open wounds. I am going to go see my plastic surgeon this week to put me back on antibiotics and asses my wounds because he hasn't seen what my tummy tuck has been doing. Overall my surgery has been a really sucky experience due to all these wound problems. I definitely feel like my body is more curvy and I have lost about 20lbs. My boobs are smaller than before which is something I have been getting used to, now they are DD. I want a Round2 but the way this surgery was set up I'm scared to even touch my body it looks like my body is not so strong for healing wounds and my body rejects any stitches. I would really like more ass and hips and lipo my arms and back some more. Overall Henao did and ok job. I DO NOT recommend him for breast because there is a vast amount of ladies that has gone with him and the same problem has happened concerning the breast. He does really aggressive lipo and gives you a perky butt. He is definitely Dominican Republic in Colombia but with that being said he comes with a risk. If I could go back I would just do my BBL + lipo. I dont know if the material he uses is as advanced but my body did not like it one bit. I really didnt want to blast him or make him feel like he is a bad doctor but I think he could have done a better job and taken his time a bit more. I also think all doctors are better at different things and breast are NOT his specialty. He removed half of my nipple and now they look like boy nipples which I HATE! Do your research ladies and don't go to someone just because they are cheaper and they have drastic results that means you are putting yourself at a higher risk.


Hello dolls it has been a while since I last updated you all. I am doing great health wise and having no further complications at the moment thank god. I am thankful for having a great foundation and shape for my first round but I am currently doing my research and getting ready for a Round 2. My BBL was a success my butt in the beginning didn't look like much but that was because i was so fluffed out for about 6 months; as soon as the swelling went away I started to see the shape I ended up with. I lost over 20lbs after surgery but of course i gained about half of it back. Even though I haven't gone back to the shape I was before it seems like the fat in my butt expanded and got bigger because my butt is ridiculous. I hope in the near future for my second round that I can round it out more and connect it to some more laterals because my butt is very shelf like which doesn't really bother me but i want more of a heart shaped bubbled butt. The areas where I have seen my fat grow back are of course my upper back ughhhh which i hate and my arms. My tummy tuck is fine and seems to be fading but I want to have a slight revision for the middle which seemed to stretch out overtime. My stomach is still flat. My breast which were my biggest concern have closed up but my skin is so thin on my breast that I can feel the stitches that he said would dissolve which didn't under the skin. I have gone to my plastic surgeon in the states to remove most under local anesthesia but there are still some I have to remove and I have given myself time because I don't want to get anymore scars than the ones i have after the severe wound separation. I went to a consultation to see if i can have my scars revised and one doctor said it was not a good idea so I have been bummed out on that but overall my breast have dropped a bit and hid some of those scars. Overall I think Henao is amazing at giving you a nice shelf booty but I do not recommend him for breast work at all! I have yet to speak to him after my whole breast disaster he has not kept up with me. I am thankful for my ass but my breast have been something im scared to do again. For my next round I am thinking of going to Jimenez for some full body lipo to carve out my back and round out my butt. I might let him give me a mini tummy tuck revision. My breast work I am leaving that in the states and am going to continue to do my research and meet with doctors because although I know my breast will never look the same I want to make sure they look better than they do now and I choose my doctor wisely. Thank you all for being so respectful and following my journey I will keep you all posted!
Dr. Alder Henao

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