More Booty, Less Tummy...From DR to.....DR?

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I knew after having my BBL and lipo, I was going...

I knew after having my BBL and lipo, I was going to have loose skin. I was hoping I wouldn't need a tummy tuck, but after eyeing all these beautiful, flat tummies, I knew I needed one! The greed gets very real after round 1!! So I am going to get a tummy tuck, and I am 85% sure I am going to get it done in Cali/Medellin/Bogota Colombia. I like the TT scars in Colombia and the consistency in their results. They also offer pain pumps after surgery and the clinics are A1 (according to what I have seen). I am hoping to be ready to go for surgery in January or February of 2016. Anyone going around that time?

So Maybe Not Colombia After All

While I believe Colombian doctors are very talented, I was more comfortable going back to DR. I made more contacts and friends going there then going to a complete unknown like Colombia. I saw first hand results of dolls in DR for the procedures I am looking to get. So, now, the process of choosing a doctor begins!


I have decided to get my breasts done as well! I went to my PCP and asked about getting a breast reduction (I am currently 38DDD/E). I was then referred to Dr. James Ferlmann who performed a physical consultation (the consultation appt took me months to get) and agreed I would benefit from a reduction. He sent a request to my insurance company and I was informed today that it was approved! Now I am going to have to figure out how to schedule my tummy tuck and my breast surgery. I know it would be best to have the tummy tuck first, especially since the tummy tuck will pull all the skin down. But how far apart? I am going to have to ask the doctors....

Sad Belly

Since surgery with Maldonado about 10 mos ago, my tummy skin has loosened up a lot. It sags but thankfully is still pretty flat. I cannot wait to get this fixed!!!


Ok, I am going down to DR for surgery on Jan 27 and would love a buddy! I will be staying at Serenity (of course) for about 2 weeks. Is anyone staying at Serenity around that time?

Flight Booked

...and its getting more and more real by the day. I can't believe I am going to have surgery and be one step closer to the body I have always wanted! I have, of course, booked my stay at Serenity. Is anyone going to be down getting surgery during the last week of January?
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