27/ No Kids / Starting the Process with Dr Villalobos FEB 2017 - Cali, CO

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I've researched doctors in Colombia and the...

I've researched doctors in Colombia and the Dominican Republic and due to the level of professionalism, after care, and skill I've decided on dr Villalobos.

About me :

I'm 27
Se: 290 cw: 215 gw: 175
No kids
No previous surgery

Procedures: BBL, TT, BL no implant

I plan on losing 40 lbs pre surgery for better results. I emailed dr V. And in less than a week received a quote and detailed instructions from his wife. She is very helpful and a great resource. From my research I haven't heard of any instances of necrosis, or fatalities - 2 of my biggest concerns. She also recommended a RH that is 75/night. I was told that it would be best to plan to stay for 18 days. Is that too long? The procedure was quoted at 6500 +230 for pain pump and additional meds.

Flights are cheaper to bogota, so to save I'm thinking of booking to bogota and then from bogota to Cali.

If you are looking for more extreme results I think that the DR may be a better choice. I'm looking for a natural curvaceous body ( think Jessica biel, Beyoncé vs. a vixen -esque look) which from the pictures I've seen the dr can pull off. I will be adding pictures to this profile but I'd also like to start a Facebook group for women who are interested in finding the facts and following eachothers journey with Dr. Villalobos. I'm definitely looking for a surgery buddy so I don't have to go at it alone. Im praying for a successful journey - please don't hesitate to ask any questions or give any advice!!!


Hey guys !!!
I've been shopping more surgeons just to compare work, price , after care etc. I began to reconsider the DR. I received a quote from DR. Yily and, I've literally stalked Dr. Duran, but I still haven't gotten a quote from her. After doing my research it seems like she is more apt to give you a quote If you're under 190. Are there any other Drs in Colombia you all have looked into? I just want to make sure Villalobos is the best fit for me.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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