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I had removal of silicone this past Tuesday with...

I had removal of silicone this past Tuesday with Dr. Rios in Cali Colombia. He did a wonderful job and made sure to make all incisions where they can be covered with panties. I have one incision going across my lower back right above my butt and one on each side of hips where he had to cut out discolored skin and attach the good skin together. He took out 4 zip lock bags of hard rock material from me, weighing 17 pounds. I'm flat as a pancake but that's ok because my health is what's most important. I will be back for BBL in 5-7 months. Im also going to try the silicone strips and laser scar removal once I get back to the states to try to reduce the scar. I must say, as soon as I regained consciousness I felt different- refreshed is the best way to explain it, no more memory loss, back pain , tiredness etc. I really suggest you ladies to get this poison removed from your body, you're literally walking around with a ticking time bomb. One girl in the RH I'm at had it for 6 years with no complications, out of no where she said it caussd a really bad infection, she was in the hospital for 3 wks. She also went to Rios for removal. Another woman I met at his clinic had it for 12 yrs before complications began, she's scheduled to have her removal next week

I go to doctor appointments at his clinic daily for lymphatic massages, dressing changes and oxygen hyperbaric chamber treatments. I have one drain on the left side, it should be removed my the end of next week and just got my IV med pump removed today. I had no pain, just soreness, the IV pump is awesome!

If you're planning on coming to Cali I suggest you hire a translator to go with you to your appointments. I hired this guy name Diego, he charges $20 a week. He picks me up in a cab daily and we go to my appointments . He translates everything for me. Without him I don't know what I would do, he's amazing and so nice, if you all are interested inbox me and I'll give you his WA. He went with me to the hospital for MRI, psychiatric evaluation (Dr Rios requires it), Cardiology appointment and all my clinic visits

I will not be posting any pictures because I'm paranoid about them floating around IG in memes lol however I am happy with my results and would recommend Rios. He also gave me lipo to my waist on the house because he said when he took the granulation tissue from my hips it left me with a deformity, he lipo'd my waist so I could look normal- how nice was that lol

Good luck ladies with your removal, God bless!

Keeping your incision intact

Hello ladies, so far my wound is healing well and looking good. Some tips I would like to share are keep pressure and tension off your butt- please do not sit on your butt, the pressure can cause your sutures to open and the tension compromises the healing process of the wound. I literally lay on my stomach about 99% of the day. The cook at the RH I'm at brings my food to the room, I eat laying on my stomach in bed. When I go to my doctors appointments I lay on my stomach in the back seat during the ride. The only time I sit is going to the bathroom and laying on the table at the clinic for dressing changes and massages. Even then I use a wedge pillow to take pressure off my butt. I'm praying this continues to work out for me

Dr. Gallerani office visit

I visited Dr. G a couple days before coming to Cali, I wanted to see what he had to say. I paid $250 for consultation- which goes towards surgery if you decide to proceed. He's really nice and very competent when it comes to silicone removal. He quoted me $17,500. His personal fee was $13,500 (including the consult fee) and the remaining was the hospital fee. He doesn't accept Care Credit or any financing options. I called the hospital where he performs surgery and they accept payment plans for the hospital fee which was good news. You pay a down payment and monthly payments on the balance. I still decided to fly to Cali to see what Rios had to say. My heart told me to go with Rios and so far I have no regrets.

Preventing infection

So like I mentioned before, my incisions looks good however if you plan on coming to Cali BEWARE of the nurses who don't use proper sanitation methods. I was at one of doctors appointments and the nurse did my lymphatic massage. She started at my neck and worked her way down to my feet. After massaging my feet she called herself changing/cleaning my dressing. I couldn't believe it! I don't speak much Spanish and my translator was in the lobby." Lol. I'm like "por favor change gloves" and then pointed to my feet. She understood what I was saying, she said "oh, oh ok" and washed her hands then put on a new pair of gloves before dressing. So you mean to tell me after touching my filthy feet you're going to now touch my new open wound???! I'm like is she serious, how disgusting, this is how wounds get infected and I absolutely was not going lol.. I don't let anyone touch my wound without proper hand hygiene and sterile procedure

EMBRACE wound therapy and Fraxel laser

So I just ordered a 60 day supply of Embrace which are silicone strips for wounds that prevents tension and helps with the healing and appearance. I just read an evidenced based practice study on it and it shows to be effective. It's pretty expensive though but seems to be worth it. I'm also going to start Fraxel laser treatments once I get back to the states.

No more DRAIN!

Drain out today, praise the Lord :-) so happy

Dr Rios Nurses are Gross!!

Hello ladies, here's my update.. I made it home this past Sunday, I was suppose to stay longer but decided to leave early.. Dr Rios I feel did a great job removing the hardness and as much product as he could.. He also did a good job hiding my scars.. HOWEVER his nurses on the other hand know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about proper wound care.. Literally every nurse I had attempted to do my wound care without washing hands/changing gloves after finishing my lymphatic massage.. Part of the lymphatic massage includes massaging your armpits and feet FYI.. You CAN NOT do that then touch a fresh wound, this is how infection happens.. I had to tell every nurse to change their gloves and wash their hands- some had the nerve to have an attitude, like are you kidding me!! They all sprayed nothing but alcohol on my wound which is a big no no, the chemicals are way too strong for a fresh wound and its cells, this is nurse wound care 101, you only use normal saline.. What put the icing on the cake was last Saturday when one of the nurses did my wound care.. Once again she attempted to do wound care after lymphatic massage when I've already told her days before please do not do that.. Anyway, so she took my soiled dressings off and was throwing them in the garbage.. She was pressing the foot thingy on the garbage can and the door wouldn't open.. Instead of using her foot she opened the door with her left hand and threw the dressings away.. You would think, being a nurse, she would know after touching a Biohazard garbage can she would know she must now wash her hands and change her gloves.. NOPE, her trifling nasty azz came right back to my wound and attempted to clean it.. I immediately told her do not touch me.. She's acting as if she doesn't understand what I'm saying so I called my translator phone on WA, he was sitting in the lobby, and told him to come to the back.. At this point I was pissed, I'm a nurse and I'm very anal when it comes infection control.. Their practices are very incompetent, lazy and irresponsible.. My translator translated what I was trying to say, she then washed her hands and changed her gloves and finished my wound care.. At this point is when enough was enough, I felt if stayed there any longer I would get an infection dealing with his nasty ass nurses.. literally that day as soon as I got to my RH I booked a flight back home departing the next morning at 6a.. I left a week early.. I ended up getting a wound care specialist where I'm from.. I had that appointment a few days ago.. He said the wounds looks good and removed the stitches.. In my opinion Dr Rios is great, he's personable and very knowledgable when it comes to silicone removal.. I do not regret him doing my surgery one bit.. His nurses suck though.. They put you at major risk of infection.. This is my reason for not recommending him to anyone.. He needs new nurses who are competent with wound care or he needs to re-train the nurses he has.. I've sent his a WA telling him my disappointment in his nurses, I had a friend translate it.. He seemed concerned and apologetic.. Dr Rios is great however I do not recommend him to anyone until her re-trains his nurses

Scar Revision

Hello ladies, so I am in the process of finding the best doctor for my scar revision.. I know my wounds will never go away 100% but I would like to have a revision to make them thinner and lighter.. I then will get camouflage scar tattoo revision.. I am going to Cali Colombia in 2 weeks to consult with Paz, Ortega, Florez, Rodriguez and Plazas. Does anyone know of any REALLY REALLY good surgeons (abroad or US) whose good with internal suturing? I've consulted with 2 doctors here in the states, one in Indiana the other in Miami..

Hi ladies.. Here's an update.. So I'm planning to...

Hi ladies.. Here's an update.. So I'm planning to start the reconstruction phase. I'm praying I'll only need one round. I went to Cali a couple weeks ago and consulted with Cali, Colombia's Dr. Paz, Dr. Plazas, Dr. Guerrero and both Dr. Florez's. I've also consulted with Dr. Ferreras in the DR, he specializes in post bariatric revisions which is a plus. I've gotten quotes it's just a matter of deciding who I would like to go to. I want the best surgeon with suturing as well as who has MicroAire PAL cannulas.. Dr. Juan Florez is excellent with internal suturing (some of the best suturing I've seen) however he quoted me 10K (US dollars) which is super high for S. America, he also only does traditional lipo..Dr. Ferreras in the DR is really good and specializes in post bariatric surgical revisions, I should be getting a quote from him today. I also consulted with 3 doctors in the states who quoted me 5-6K for the scar revision alone... decisions, decisions, decisions...

Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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