Much Needed Mommy Makeover with Dr. Harold Villalobos Cali, Colombia

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I've been on this site for over a year reading,...

I've been on this site for over a year reading, and gathering information. I am a very private person but this site has helped me learn so much about the whole process that I feel compelled to share my journey as well. Quick summary: I have 3 children VERY far apart! 23, 8, and almost 5 months. My 41st birthday is today! I have been thinking about getting a mommy makeover done for years but never had the time to go to Colombia and stay the required time due to work obligations, or the money. Had my last child in Nov of 2015 and gained a lot of weight. My stomach got really big it's been tough trying to get it down to a decent size. I have never been thin but this is by far the heaviest I've ever been post baby ( currently weighing in at 198lbs yikes! I am 5'6" tall so Imagine that!). Like I said in the beginning, this site has been instrumental in helping me understand what to expect and to get an up close look at what some of the real results look like. Thank you to all the brave people that share their pictures and stories! I don't know if I have the courage to share my before pics ( my current situation lol) as they are not something I am proud of- but maybe I will muster up some courage and do it in the next few days because I know those are key for a lot of people. Anyway, decided to go with Dr Villalobos based on reviews here, his before and afters on his IG and website, he's a member of the SCCP ( Colombian Society of Plastic Surgeons) and the contact I've had with his lovely wife and assistant Paola. She has been very prompt answering my 50 million questions and has explained everything very throughly. I have gotten 4 quotes from different plastic surgeons in Colombia and he is the one I'm most comfortable with. So I gave my deposit today to secure the 14th of April and bought my plane tickets!!!! It's a done deal now!!! I'm scared just because I have a low tolerance for pain but I'm getting the sistema de dolor which releases pain medication for the first 3 days via your back at an additional charge but it helps manage the pain of the first 3 days well I am told. Waiting for the details on the recovery house - Paola will coordinate that part for me so I will have those details soon. I'm Colombian but not from Cali so I will need a recovery house. If anyone is going to Villalobos that date I'd love a surgery buddy! I'm leaving out of Boston. Will update more details within the next few days my countdown to hotness has officially begun!!!!!!!

Much Needed Mommy Makeover with Dr. Harold Villalobos Cali, Colombia

My before photos :-(. I blurred out some stuff in the background because I had pictures in the background- side note-just take your pics against a wall so you don't have to do this later! I would die if anyone I know in person saw these and knew it was me!!!

I want to add that I am getting a breast lift with implant due to the tubular shape of my breast, lipo in back, arms, legs, abdomen and a tummy tuck.

Recovery House info and instructions

Paola (Dr. Vs wife/ assistant) coordinated the recovery house for me. It's called Salud y Belleza in Cali she explained that they have been working with this recovery house for only 2 weeks now but that they needed the switch from the one they were using previously due to patients being dissatisfied with their stay. She sent a few picture and told me she did extensive research before making a final selection since a lot of his patients are traveling to see him. Here are some pics of the house I believe it's $75/day is for transportation to and from the airport, round the clock care, meals, laundry, transportation to and from Dr appts, massages, and I need to ask her where else they take you. They have wifi, a safe and I will be sharing a room with another patient coming in, which I don't mind at all since I will be traveling alone and don't know anyone in Cali. I am Colombian though and speak Spanish just from another city. She said their would be 8 of us total there from US, Canada, and Spain around the time I'm there which will be 22 days total. She said I pay the owners of the recovery house directly and provided their contact info and details so I would have them to present at Immigration once I arrived in Colombia since they ask who you will be staying with. You also say you are in Colombia for medical tourism. Here are the pics of the house

preop instructions

So today I got a generalized list of preop instructions along with my itinerary. I am also getting dental work done so Paola arranged the schedule so I could go to the Dentist's office the following day after I arrive in between my labs, anesthesiologist consult, and my consult live and in person with Dr. Villalobos. I was told to suspend all meds with the exception of up to 300mg of iron and 1000mg of Vitamin C a day. If anyone is interested in seeing the actual preop list just leave me a comment and I will post . It's in Spanish though.

Breast lift with implant concerns

So due to the shape of my breast the doctor said he recommends a breast left with implant because otherwise since they are not any kind of round shape to begin with, they wouldn't look good. I asked about the type of incision he'd have to perform and he said the inverted T because they are very low and that would give me the best results. I was very disappointed about that because that is another 2 scars to add to the mix... ughh!!! I am terrified of the TT scar, but the desire to get rid of this belly wins that battle and it's not like I'm going to be walking around naked for the world to see my scar right? He said he could do the doughnut or the lollipop but since they sag so much now, with time they would sag again and I would not be satisfied with the long term results. My BF tells me not to do my breast because of the scars but I'm a firm believer of go hard or go home and my tatas need help! Paola told me with time I can get laser to lighten the redness of the scars and that would help significantly, I just don't know what to do right now but I'm leaning towards getting them done. Paola also sent me some images of the inverted t scars for me to see that Dr V has done. These are also on his IG

General Preop instructions and recommendations

This won't let me upload the actual PDF but here are screen shots of the forms I got with instructions


Sorry not letting me upload. Hope the writing is legible

supplies needed

Here is a list from Dr. Villalobos' office of the supplies I should have I hand after the surgery

What to pack??

So I've been procrastinating big time but will head out today to get my supplies. Paola told me not to worry that anything I don't have I can easily buy there but I'm told certain things are cheaper to buy here like your iron supplements, and the diapers you need to soak up the liquid from the drains/incisions under your garment. I asked her about clothing and she said to take maxi dresses, or summer dresses that fall below the knee and basically clothing I will be comfortable in since Cali gets very hot. There is AC in the bedrooms and the businesses you go to but the rest is HOT. If anyone has any input on what they actually used post op please let
me know. I'm going to buy the supplies on the list she gave me and the usual I would pack for a trip. Sooooo nervous and excited, but I'm going to miss my boys terribly! I hope my baby will still remember me when I come back :-(. But this is something I'm going to do for me so all good things come with sacrifice! So glad those closest to me are so supportive of my decision. It makes a world of difference. I'm definately going with the breast lift with implants btw!! Paola the Dr's wife / international coordinator has been nothing short of AMAZING! She answers all my questions and concerns and has been invaluable in helping me out this together. I feel so glad and confident with my decision. 8 days from today I'll be getting all my pre op testing and I cannot wait to meet her and of course the man himself -Dr. Villalobos!! I pray that all goes well, my surgery is expected to last 6 hours so please have me in your prayers on the 14th of April.

Random thoughts

I went to get all my supplies for pre and post op care today, found most of it at Walmart so I wasn't running around to a bunch of places. So I'm really anxious, excited, and I haven't been sleeping much and my mind is racing... Has anyone thought about death??! I keep thinking I should make a quick will or something just because my boys are small and I worry sick about them, is this normal? Not that I think I'm going to die, but since I'll be under for 6 hrs I do have concerns. I am thinking positive but every now and then the fear gets me thinking. I'm also thinking about talking to Paola about Clinica Fiore - where my surgery is scheduled, to see if it's equipped like a hospital in case God forbid there are any complications, if it's not, I might just see if they can perform it at Imbanaco -which is one of the Top facilities in Cali and is equipped like a hospital. Will discuss how much that will cost etc. Ok enough about that! Post op tip from my Wise mom :have the cook at the RH get me the actual calendula plant and make infusions and drink that all day long to help with the swelling. I went to the Embassy today to get my passport "in a hurry" since remember-I put this together in like 2 weeks and didn't have an American passport, ummm not in a hurry!! I have to pick it up on Monday! She was trying to tell me to go Tuesday since the airport was nearby!!! Talk about cutting it close!!! But Monday it will have to be I guess. Ughhh I'm going to miss my kids like crazy :-(.... Also another tip if any of you have friends or family You Trust it's a good idea to send ahead money at one of those money transfer places, NOT WESTERN UNION they are pricey! You get the money exchanged at the current exchange rate which right now is about 3000 Colombian pesos for every dollar plus the gee which is usually 4%, I'm going to do that for incidentals and tips because if you exchange dollars there, they buy them at a lower rate so you lose a little bit. The big expenses I'll pay with my debit card ~my bank only charges 1% fee for the transaction which is safer than to have large sums of money with you. I called T-mobile and the plan I have allows free texting and data in Colombia the actual calls will be .20 a minute which is not terrible. The RH has wifi but good to know for when I get to the airport. I know alot of you ask about safety there- I haven't been to Cali specifically before, but I know people from there and they did warn me about not being flashy. Ladies and gents please leave your valuables at home - LV bags, diamonds, flashy watches, etc. just wear normal everyday things that don't call too much attention to yourself or Don't whip out your iPhone 6s Plus walking down the street, Use common sense and don't venture out in the streets alone, the recovery houses have people that can take you where you need to go. Do not hail cabs out in the street -if you need one there are cab services much like Uber or Lyft that give you plate numbers, car descriptions, driver names etc. you call them and they bring you where you need to go. Not trying to scare anyone, this is my country and I love it -but just be smart and aware of your surroundings when your out in the street and when your going out to sightsee or the malls or whatever just try to be with a native that knows how to get around.

As ready as I'll ever be!!

Went to pick up my passport today, bags are packed, I know I'm probably forgetting something but oh well. Just trying to relax now and get some sleep. I will be arriving in Cali tomorrow night around 9 and Wednesday I'll be up bright and early for labwork and consults with Dr Diaz (Anesthesiologist) and Dr. Villalobos in the early afternoon. Praying that all my bloodwork is good so we can get this done!! I cannot begin to explain how instrumental Paola has been in answering all my questions and putting my mind at ease. I feel really good about my decision.

Return flight and baggage questions

So in my case for my return flight, I have to go through customs at my first point of entry to the US which is Miami since I could not get a direct flight from Boston to Cali, that means claiming my bags in Miami, lugging them through customs, re checking them back on American, so seeing that I won't be able to do any lifting, I called the airline yesterday to request assistance with my bags on the return flight home. They said they would put it in my itinerary and to just tell the clerk at the counter when I arrived in Miami that I would need assistance and they would take care of it. I'm flying on American. Something to definately consider you do since we might be feeling good but we need to be careful for the first 3 months. Let's hope this actually works out

Im here!!

Sorry I'll be brief because I still have some things to prepare for my surgery tommorrow.
Flight went great but is it me or American Airlines planes are super cramped these days
Arrived in Cali around 9pm you can grab a cart for your luggage to handle yourself or there are baggage handlers to help you. They get your bags make the line with you to go through customs which was very quick and brings it out to your car. I tipped $5.
I made changes to where I was staying due to me finding me an option that worked better for me. I will provide more details on that after surgery so you are aware. Very happy with my choice though.
Went to get my labwork early in the AM then met with both Dr Villalobos and Dr. Diaz separately shortly after. I arrived late to my appt with Dr Villalobos because it was a monsoon outside in the morning but despite that, he went through every thing and explained what would be best and answered all my questions.
Dr Diaz was amazing- I get anxiety attacks once in a while especially with surgical procedures but he went through everything and made me feel very comfortable.
In the afternoon I went to Clinica Vida and met with Carla to go over the details, took measurements, got All The instructions, and made payments. Was on my way within the hour.

Other details: I going to get the oxygen chamber treatments. I will
Get 2 at the Fiore Clinic and the rest at Clinica Santillana as the prices are more reasonable $300,000 pesos for 5 sessions which is about 100 USD.
Went to the orthodontist as I have some issues with spaces and a small chip and unevenness due to grinding my teeth at night. Got my first bleaching session. His name is Julian Cordoba and he is great. He has done work on my mom and aunt in the past and comes highly recommended and is honest and reasonable. Will scan his card so you can have info. I'm not sure if he speaks English I will ask.
Packing my overnight bag now and my last meal was at 8pm
Took some pics for you to see

I did it!!!!!

Went in at 8am and finished at 2pm. Going to be brief because I am in some pain. Not going to say it's horrible since I got the pain pump but it's still really uncomfortable since the anesthesia wearing off now. Gail from 1 to 10 I say right now I'm about 4 but I have a very low threshold for pain . everything went really well everyone took excellent care of me I'm still swollen I'll load a picture but you can't really tell any results right now but wanted everyone to know that Dr. Villalobos did a great job !Dr. Diazdid a great job! And the whole staff was wonderful. The clinic is immaculate clean and has everything you need in case of emergencies

Before and after surgery

1 Day after surgery

Today I'm one day post surgery I've been feeling groggy all day because the nurses at the clinic last night gave me something so I was able to sleep which is nice the pain is manageable with the meds in the pump not the most comfortable out of everything I have to say my breast is what hurts the most.i'm not trying to type too much right now since my breast her and I'm not trying to move my arms so much I will try to update a little more with details in the next couple of days

Some pics of the booty

Hi don't have many of just the booty and with the faja and the pads underneath it looks a little weird but it take a little while he put in 850cc in each glute because I have a large frame and large hips. Will post more as I am able to take pics

Additional supplies you must have they don't tell you

Micropore tape, empty spray plastic container to put rubbing alcohol in to spray your drain and pain pump down your back, I also suggest bringing on the those squeezable plastic bottle they give you when you have a baby to wash down there after you pee to try to keep clean . Also baby wipes.

Pain meds

I had read on a few posts that people where in pain. Don't be afraid, the pain meds here are good I recommend the pain pump and they give you other anti inflammatory and pain meds that keep you comfortable. I brought perks from my csection just in case but I haven't needed them. Trust me the extra 150 for the pump is the best investment you can make in this whole process!


I'm not sure why I haven't gotten notifications when people leave me comments, but I truly appreciate your concern for my well being and I'm sorry I haven't updated. I've been getting dental work pretty much everyday and believe it or not your day is busy. Example of my day: Wake up have breakfast, wait for Sandra who is Dr. V massagist come for my lymphatic massages and draining(about an hour), once she is done, my nurse comes and gets me ready for my shower ( covers my breast and tummy tuck wound completely with Saran Wrap and large maternity pads which is why I said make sure you bring the 3M brand Micropore) then I shower with her assistance. She dries my up, checks all my dressings to make sure everything looks good and sprays them with alcohol. Once those are dry she cuts up the diapers and pads accordingly to fit under your faja so when you drain you don't get your faja or clothes all dirty. I haven't drained much, Dr says some people drain more than others but doesn't mean it's a problem if you don't you body finds a way to release it or he can suction it out (not fun!) then she dresses me and I'm ready to go to my dentist appt. I'm there for about 1 HR or 1.5 hrs return to the house and put my legs up a bit since they are swollen and bother me to walk. After that I'm off to the oxygen chamber therapy which going and coming back takes about another 2.5 hours. I'm trying to sleep and get as much rest as possible. Okay so not to details of the actual day of surgery and days after: morning of surgery I arrived an hour before the OR nurse took me in I changed into the gown put my anti embolism socks on Dr V came in took pics started marking my body took measurements and we talked about what he was going to do and what my expectations where. Then I talked briefly with Dr. Diaz then the nurse put my IV in, she took me to the OR scrubbed my down with antiseptic and then put in a sedative. I don't remember much after that but I felt good. I remember slightly coming to during the procedure since you are not under general anesthesia and asking how long we had been there and Dr. Diaz said 2 hrs. Went back to sleep, came back to slightly and I asked Dr. V what he was doing and he said he was lipoing my thighs, went back to sleep and woke up during my breast lift feel back asleep. The next time I came to we were done and I was on the gurney in recovery. I vaguely remember talking a lot during the procedure lol and Dr. V telling me I talked more than a missing person once they are found lol ( I think the humor gets lost in translation). It happens to some people but trust me you don't feel any pain. Was in recovery for a while they put warm blankets on you because you are naked when you come out of the OR and they make sure you are not nauseous and make you move your extremites to keep your circulation going. Then they come and put your soft faja on while you still Lying down in on the gurney. You feel slight pain but more soreness then anything else. They bring you up to your room in the clinic and if you choose to, to can go to the oxygen chamber then to your room. Once in my room they brought me dinner which was decent hospital food. The nurse came in introduced herself and asked me if I wanted to try to go to the bathroom which I did. I got up went to the bathroom and felt good but it was still the effects of the epidural. I tried that later and got extremely dizzy to the point I almost blacked out! The pain with the pump is managable but you need to press the button when you feel pain, it delivers meds every 2 hrs but you can press it for meds sooner. I think the most you can do it is every 20 mins. The ley is to Not let The pain come on. They Also give meds in the hospital for pain and to help you sleep which made me super groggy the entire day after my surgery. I pretty much slept all day after being discharged. Important note bring your Saran Wrap, anti microbial soap, diapers and pads to the clinic, you will need them there. Make sure they cover your dressings with the plastic wrap when they bathe you. Okay 1st day post op very groggy, everything was extremely sore, slight pain ( on a scale of 1 to 10 mine was 2). Had to get up a walk around a bit as it's super important you are not just still in bed. It's crucial as a part of your recovery. I ate light and watched some TV and dozed on and off through the day. The following days were pretty much the same. I still stand stand up straight but the pain in very managable and every day is better than the one before. The only issues to date have been that my left breast is higher than the right so they put a band across my chest to fix that I've been wearing for 4 days and have definately noticed improvement. The next issue is the swelling in my inner thighs which is painful. Sandra the massage therapist suggested magnesium sulfate which you can get at the pharmacy and put warm compresses on the areas where you hurt or are very bruised and it work wonders! My overall experience with Dr. V, his team, the clinic and the house has been phenomenal. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mommy makeover.

Follow ups with Dr Villalobos

I also want to add the the Dr checks on you at the clinic the day after surgery and has labs done to make sure everything is good before discharging you. I have seen him 1 day post op, that following Monday where he prescribed water pills because I'm retaining water and the band, and Thursday for a follow up. I see him
Again this coming Monday.


Here are some photos of today. I'm retaining fluids and and very swollen I have to be patient since I know this part will take time

Updated fotos

The left part of my stomach is more swollen then the rest but seeing progress.

Updated pics

Here are some recent pics scarring looks great. Overall very pleased with outcome.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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