TT.BA with Implants.BBL and Liposulpture. Cali Colombia Here I Come! Cali, CO

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Hey dolls! I've been stalking this site since...

Hey dolls! I've been stalking this site since November, and I've got to say it is so helpful! I'm a mother of a 3 year old, I'm young and just want to get my body back. I'm tired of sucking in my tummy all the time or not being able to wear certain clothes. At first I wanted to go to Dominican Republic to get a bbl and liposulpture done but after doing some research I have changed my mind. I've decided that I'm going to go to Cali Colombia in the second week of April, my doctor is going to be Dr. Harold Villalobos. I choose him because I loved the pictures I've seen of his work, his assistant responds to my questions in less than an hour. At first I didn't want a tummy tuck but when I took pictures of myself I realized I needed it! I'm getting a TT, BBL with liposuplture, BA with gummy bear implants done for $6500. It includes medical insurance for 30 days, anesthesiology assessment, 2 surgical fajas and 10 post surgery massages.

Changed my mind back to Colombia

I've changed my mind back to Colombia and pushed back my date. DR doctors really do suck you dry of all your fat and thats what I wanted but I've seen to much dolls come back with infections or poor after care and thats a no no for me. I was going to pay 4500 plus all the extra cost for labs,faja, meds etc just for a BBL and TT. The reason I came on this journey was to get my breast done and I'm not impressed with DR breast work. I got quoted from Dr.Cortes ( hes located in Colombia) 5723 for BBL, BL with BA and a tummy tuck plus all labs, faja, meds, massages etc are included. For DR. Villalobos I got quoted for 6500 and everything is included (Its more money because I haven't converted it yet). Maybe Ill go to DR round 2 but I really want to get my breast done. I will be leaving May 23 to June 8th so if any dolls are going to Cali for those dates, message me :).

22 more days!!

So after weeks of me being indecisive, I finally made up my mind and sent my deposit. I will be leaving to Cali on May 23 and will be getting my sx on May 25, I'm not nervous yet but I know when the day arrives I will be super nervous. I set Dr.Henao in cali my $300.00 deposit, and booked my airfare for 490. His quotes have gotten more expensive because of the high number of people going to him. I got quoted $5000 for BA,BL,tummy tuck, lipo, muscle repair and hernia repair. I'm happy that I made up my mind because it was so annoying going back and forth. My supplies are becoming a headache because a lot of the Canadian websites don't have what the American sites have or if im ordering something for 3 dollars shippings like 23 dollars (talk about struggle). I will be updating my review when I get to Alba Diaz Recovery house. For Alba Diaz recovery house I got quoted 52 US which is 62 CAD for the master bedroom with private bath which I will be staying in for those of you that wants to know prices its 115.000COP=46US=55CAD for the second room it has no washroom in it. The third room is 105.000COP =42US=51 CAD I wouldn't recommend this room because it has no AC. All room include pick up and drop of at the airport, transportation to doctors visits, laundry, 24/7 nurse, breakfast lunch and dinner, calls to the us and internet/wifi.

The recovery house

As soon as I walked out the airport, I seen a man and a woman standing with a sign with my name on it. She gave me a big hug and asked me how the flight was and so did he, I honestly thought she was the RH owner but she wasn't when we got into the car she told me she was my nurse and if I need her she will be there with me every step of the way. The car we drove it was a nice, new ford SUV I have to say I thought Cali roads were going to be bad but the road wasn't crazy like Jamaica or Dominican Republic. It was about a 35 minute drive from the airport to the recovery house (maybe it was so long because he was obeying the speed limits lol). Once I got to the recovery house Albas son (which is so handsome) carried my baggage up the stairs and to my room, I kept trying to tip but but he kept denying my money saying that it was his job and for me to keep my money. Once we were in the room the nurse packed away everything for me, she had me hand her everything because she said she won't and is not allowed to reach into any of my belongings. She sat me down and told me that for the first 3 days/nights she is free after its 30 for 7pm to 7am, she told me she use to work as a surgical assistant at curjica plastica (or however you spell it) but she enjoys working one on one with clients more. I told her the concerns I had about my doctor and she said nobody can play games with her, or she won't let anyone take me for no fool. She said she has a daughter my age and she will tell me straight if the doctor is trying to play me. She told me she is a Christian and treats people very well because at the end of the day god will have the final decision, and will call out the person and let me know if someone is trying to take advantage of me (whether its at the store, doctors office, wherever) This nurse is a sweet heart, she swears shes Jamaican which is too funny talking about how she loves lady saw and asking do I know the song man is the least of my problem. I told her the concerns. She asked me if there's any food or drink I want the cook to prepare but I said right about now I don't care just get me anything. She got the cook to prepare me dinner and fresh pineapple juice, chicken with cheese stuffed in it, rice and salad. I'm a very picky eater when I looked at the chicken I didn't want it but it actually taste really good. She told me tomorrow we will go grocery shopping and she wants me to pick out whatever fruits and food I want as long as its healthy. She explained to me if she sees me doing couple of days after surgery, she will request not to help me because I will become dependent on her, slow down the healing process and I need to save my money. The recovery house owner came after we were finished eating, she gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek saying how beautiful and young I looked (I'm glad she saw me looking good because after sx I will look like Fiona from Shrek when the sun comes up lol) Alba speaks very little english but the nurse translated everything for me, she called my doctor and tried to get everything figured out for monday morning (sx day) I'm really glad she spoke to him and got everything figured out because I was confused what I was going to do because I couldn't get my labs from my doctor back home. She said she will take me to do my labs at 8am then send my doctor the results and then go to the clinic to get surgery to be the second person. She said in the morning they will take me to go look at places, to western union ( as I requested) grocery shopping etc. I told the nurse to get on going because it was 9pm and it was late and i know the busses stop running. I tried to tip her but she to wouldn't take my money. (maybe its a good thing she didn't take it, because I probably would keep on tipping and tipping until I end up selling mangoes, pineapples and shells on the side of the road to make back my money lol). Oh by the way my room is spacious, it has a big wardrobe closet to put my things in, the washroom in my room is clean, the ac is nice and cool and the tv is in spanish (although my crazy ass doesn't understand I still switch shows and watch it like I do). Anywho i will update yall after my long day tomorrow.

Day 2

Soo.. I woke up to a knock on the door at 7am, the nurse doesn't speak english and shes like you have your labs at noon I wrote her back saying no you must be mistaken me for the wrong person. I was told I was going to the mall at noon. I went back to sleep and woke up to another knock when I opened my nurse was like "gal why are you cock up in the bed and not ready" im like ready for what? shes like your labs, poor me didn't know I had my labs today. My nurse, Alba (the owner) went to the clinic to get all my blood work done, when we were finished she took my back to the house to eat then we went to the mall. The mall she took me to was big a nice ( Whenever my ass is sitting right, I have to go back for these nice ass jeans) and then we went to the grocery store. My sister sent me money from Western Union and let me tell you there is security waiting at the door, you have to do a finger print of both index fingers, man Colombia don't play when it comes to that shit same thing happened to me at the airport they made me press my finger in black ink and put it on the paper. Any who when we got back from the mall, lunch was waiting on me and I met a few of the girls and I had to ask myself if I was into girls lol because I couldn't help but stare at there big round asses. After I finished eating I went up to the room, my leg was hurting and my nurse is heaven sent she massaged the hell out of my legs for 30 minutes. I tipped her of course because shes not getting paid and shes been doing the most (opening the car door for me, tying my shoes because she doesn't want me to bend, cleaning my room etc). I have to say I love how Alba is because she let me settle in and then discussed the pricing the second day, I still owe her $360 USD and shes still giving me kisses and hugs (you know some people would of been screwing up their face and giving pure attitude if you owed them money) I plan on paying my balance when I pick up more money tomorrow ( I use the money to buy so designers at the aiport, and I don't want to touch none of my emergency money). I keep forgetting my ass is in Colombia, maybe all the voices in my head is trying to not make me think about it so I don't freak myself out. My surgery is at 2pm tomorrow so all yall better go to church, the mosque, temple and pray for me please.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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