I Love my Kids, Now It's Time to Start Loving Me.( Dr. Henao Cali Colombia ) - Cali, CO

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Hello ladies, I a mother of 4, all via c-section...

Hello ladies,

I a mother of 4, all via c-section. Baby #3 was the one that ruined my body the most, totally worth it though as he is the sweetest little boy I know.

Anyways, I am having surgery in July with Dr. Henao. I contacted him via what's app. He responded 2 hours later. He asked a few questions and asked for photos of my body. I sent the photos and 2 days later he responded. It was a little nerve wrecking because I was sure I sent my photos to a creepy creepier, lol.

He quoted me $5450 for the following:
-30 day medical insurance
-fajas & bras
-post op massages (did not specify how many)
-plasma treatment

I am not sure what the plasma treatment is. I will doing some research directly after this..but if any of you ladies would like to enlighten me, feel free :)

I will be staying in a hotel with my lover. I have not yet decided which one. But rates are very cheap. I am planning to hire a nurse for the first 24-48 hours. I have been doing some research on how to hire a nurse in Cali, Colombia but can't find anything via google. I am going to ask Dr. Henao for any recommendations, but again...if any you ladies can help me out, thank you in advanced. Also, Dr. Henao said that I have to stay in Cali for 15 days.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you all. If you have any advice, drop a comment below. =)

Switched Doctors

Hello ladies,

I've decided to switch doctors because I have a friend that lives in Medellin that is willing to help me out while in Colombia. And I honestly think that I caught the Henao hype bug. I'm going to Dr. Correa and his team...I forget what the other 2 names are, but apparently they each work on you. I'm waiting for more information on them and my quote. I'm going through tabatinga consultants. So far, she has been instantaneous in responding to me via email which is awesome. I understand that going through a consultant isn't for everyone, but I legit don't have time to research everything I need to. I'm in the process of opening 2 different businesses. I'll keep yall updated.

Got my quote for Correa

7 bands. A little hard to swallow in comparison to Henao. Tabatinga consultants has slowed down significantly on communication...really annoyed at that.

Gonna get 2 more quotes.

Sorry for the moody post...long day.
Dr. Alder Henao

So far, communication has been awesome.

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