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Hello first time posting on RS, like many I have...

Hello first time posting on RS, like many I have been reading up and looking at pictures for over a year. Finally decided to stop looking and reading and actually go and get my body back. So I'm a mom of 5 about to be 39 years young.
Booked my surgery for November in Cali, Colombia. Plane tix are booked, place I will be staying is booked.
Will be going with my sister she is also getting her surgery done. So we can share our painful experience together. Very excited to be going with my sister. Hopefully we don't get on each other's nerves lol. Most likely we will but I'm sure we will be great support for each other. She's always been the nurturing kind always takes care of me which is ironic since I'm the oldest.
So as for me I'm about 148lbs went down a couple of pounds been dieting and exercising not only to loose some weight and be healthy but also to make it a habit.
Which is a little hard at times with work schedule and the kids. But I manage to go no less than 3 x week.
I'm 5ft even so I'm short plus fat bad combo.
My husband is sort of supportive even though there are times when he shows his true colors on how he really isn't behind me 100%
Today for example I think I had my first emotional breakdown. I'm trying not to tell everyone so only my mom, husband, sister and my 2 oldest know what I'm about to do. And yesterday my husband let it slip in front of someone. Which of course made me feel very upset hence the meltdown. Supposedly he didn't know it was a secret. Whatever! So now that he does know it's a secret let's hope he controls his tongue.
So I've decided to do tt, breast lift, bbl, and lipo. I'm very excited, nervous, scared and emotional. I'm so happy to be going through this crazy journey with my sister/ best friend.
Hopefully I can be helpful for someone that is thinking of going through surgery. I found many woman on RS to be so helpful on my decision and I thank all the brave women on RS for sharing there experience.

Waiting not so patiently

29 days away! Hopefully all goes as planned. Lost 15 lbs eating healthy exercising, lots of water. Taking iron pills, fish oil, vit C, biotin and vit E..
Originally wanted tt, breast lift, and bbl. But now with the weight loss not sure about tt. I guess I will discuss with dr to see what is best for me.
As everyone else stalking RS when I get the chance, reading all the reviews has helped me prepare mentally. I know that recovery won't be easy, and massages will hurt. But I want to thank everyone that has posted their journey and all the inspirational pictures. With out all of you I would be lost. I've learned so much with all of you. Thank you! Also happy healthy healing to all that are in recovery and good luck to all of us that will be in OR soon.

Blood work and ekg done today.

So it's like 27 days left. It's almost here and getting so real. I've been on the edge these days maybe due to my nerves. I've been on RS just looking and reading through reviews hoping I don't miss anything important that I should know. Everyone is so informative I love it. Thanks to everyone for all the insight. I've bought some products based on what I've seen from some of the girls. Also seen lots of wish pics.
So I went down in weight from 150lbs down to 138. Sometimes hoping to end up getting lipo instead of a tt. But I guess I will discuss that with pcp.
It's getting real ladies. Happy healthy healing to all those that are in recovery and good luck to all of us that still need to go through sx.

6 days till I fly out to Cali!

Got some bad news regarding my labs my hemoglobin is at 11.9. My Pc wants it at 14. Was told to up my iron pills and eat, drink, sleep, iron basically. I have to go and repeat my labs this Wednesday and see where it is at. If not they will do a transfusion before and after sx. Not what I want to hear but will not back away from sx. Not after waiting all these years to get it done and so close to my sx day. I will do what it takes. I've been drinking my pills morning and evening and also eating spinach, broccoli and black beans these passed few days.
On the other hand I'm excited to be almost on the flat side. I'm not so happy about leaving my kids behind for 3 weeks and my husband. But also looking forward to being away from kids and husband. I need a bit of quiet and tranquility just to recharge my mommy battery.
Scared, excited and super emotional.. plus I got my period this week. Woohoo!! Won't be having that red monster during sx and recovery days. Which is super great but also bad because I'm sure hemoglobin levels will drop some due to it but oh well.
Till the next time my RS family!

Day 1 good morning

Feeling ok drowsy and dizzy as to be expected. Didn't need the transfusion for pre op but was tested to see if I'll need one now. Any ways here are some pics from this morning. Anyone with questions can ask. Happy to be over and done with sx. Btw chose not to get the implants not sure I mentioned I was thinking about it. Hubby isn't happy but again I did this for me and not him.

Week 1

I'm up it's 4:29am woke up around 3:30am body gets very stiff at night specially when you try not to move to much because you don't want to feel any pain.
Body pain more like swore, everywhere. The 1 main thing that is causing me more pain than anything at the moment is this draining tube from my abs. The breast draining tubes were removed yesterday but the other was left in. I think today it def should come out. I hope so, I think the stitch they place on the tube might be loose or snagging my skin which causes pain. Pain to walk pain to sit pain to lay.
I had my first massage yesterday and as everyone else says here on rs it def hurts. Not sure if I can say I felt better after the massage but then again that's when this tube started hurting me plus they keep stuffing me with more boards and diapers and I just feel like an NFL football player. Here some more pictures day 6

1 mont post op

It's been a full month and a couple of days and I'm feeling better. Still swollen on my ab area.Still have some body discomfort like a burning feeling where lipo has been done. Only when my body has relaxed for some time and I get up that's when I feel the burn. Not sure what that is exactly but once I'm up and going I'm ok. My stomach area is still numb. I really hate the feeling of it being numb. Can't wait to be 100% recovered.
There were times I questioned my decision to go through this procedure. It is a very difficult sx, I read about it but there is nothing like experiencing it yourself. I'm sure there are people out there that are tougher than I am and probably will breeze through it. But just prepare for the worst because you never know how your body will react. But if you are definitely convinced that this is what you want, go for it. Be wise in who you pick as your doctor. Make sure they are and will take proper protocols, make sure you are in the best hands.
As for me I am happy with my decision and results. I'm still coming along but day by day I am getting through it. With my wonderful support group aka my family everyday is getting easier.
I did have some set backs my hemoglobin dropped to a 6 so I had to get a transfusion, which I was already warned about so at least I expected it. I kept getting fluid build up and my draining tubes stopped working or got clogged inside of my abs so they were removed. And so everyday I had to go and get drained manually with a huge needle. That I didn't expect or read it from any of the girls on rs so it was a very unpleasant surprise. Plus my date to return to home was getting closer and the fluid kept building up so they kept squeezing me into smaller and smaller fajas and girdles so I went from a large to xs over night to get that fluid build up in control before I headed home. Which it didn't so I left with out my doctors permission regardless of all the warnings I received. I do not recommend any one else does this. But I am in the medical field and watched and learned how to remove the fluid and once home I did it to myself with my husbands assistance and luckily I only had to do it twice and after that the fluid went away. My doctor also had prescribed me some antibiotics just in case.
When the fluid builds up the body can't reabsorb it so it can cause an infection. And that was the risk I decided to take. But with lots and lots of prayers Thanks be to God I didn't catch the infection and managed to drain myself.
So ladies and gentlemen be wise in your decisions. Make sure you are smart on who you pick and what you do. This is major sx I pray for all of us that have gone through this and to all those that are considering it and for all of us that are still healing. Happy healing rs family.

3 months po op yippeee!

It's been 3 months and I've been going nuts shopping for clothes. It's been a hard 3 months I still have some stiffness but nothing like it used to be. I'm picking up my son and running around with the little kids I'm so much better. So much better I forgot how hard it was and I'm ready to schedule another bbl. ahhh! Yes I'm crazy I know. At first I really didn't want a big booty even though i guess deep down inside I really did. My butt looks fuller but isn't filling up my jeans the way I wanted them to. But I'll give another 3 more months to see and then we can talk bbl #2.
I'm still swollen in some areas my stomach isn't as flat as I wanted it to be and my waist isn't as small either. I'm being greedy I know. But I can't help it. I did do some before and after pics to compare, yikes! I forgot how horrible my body was. I'm feeling so good about myself and I love me now. I hate the scar but I feel it was all so worth it. Again as I've said before if this is something you been wanting to do, go for it! Just make sure you do your research and know that it isn't going to be a breeze those first 2 months but you get through it and at the end you do feel so happy about yourself it's a great feeling. Here are some before and after pics. Happy healing everyone!

Sharing some updated pics

I'm very happy how my body is looking. I'm dieting eating my greens, green shakes, salads. Trying to stick to my healthy diet. It's been helping with my swelling. I took a trip this weekend with my hubby and was drinking and eating really bad and I see the difference, oh nooo it's bad. I'll try to post pics so you can see the difference. Even though I'm having a great time at our little getaway I think it's time to go home. I'm sure once I'm home I'll get back on track and my swollen belly will go down again. No more alcohol till our next trip. The pics I uploaded are from the first day on our trip.
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