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I've always wanted this procedure since forever! ...

I've always wanted this procedure since forever! Super excited but nervous at the same time. Just wanted to share my journey since, I know I would appreciate reading most recent reviews and the experience with Villalobos. Also having to travel to another country for the procedure(which could be scary).

Flying Out

I'll be flying out to Cali this morning, started getting nervous now. My procedure is scheduled for 4/11, and I have some tests tomorrow.


I made it safe and sound. So everything has been good, the drivers picked me up from the airport and took me to all the appointments. All tests came out good and I'm ready for my surgery tomorrow. I'm staying at Beautisleep, and this place is a Mansion and it's beautiful! If you decide to come to Columbia, make the recovery home your first choice. All the girls here are from the US so far and are super nice(All different doctors).

First Day Out

So surgery went well!! Really good!.... It's more soreness than pain really. My butt looks really big right now, which I want to swell done a lot more and can't wait to see my ab etching. Little bruising as well, I had lipo on my inner/outter thighs, back, stomach, and arms. I wobble as I walk, and there's a lot of leaking and my stomach is bloated. Let me know if you guys want to know anything else

Healing process

So it's been 5 days post surgery, and everyday feels better. The massages are uncomfortable and my sides and stomach are so tender(For me it's a little painful when you touch it). I leave the 20th so hopefully i can get my drainage all out so I don't have to get the massages back home. The liquid inside feels like a slight burning sensation while lay down and sit up you can feel it running down your back. The nurse Sandra(out doctors nurse) is so attentive and nice and is the one who will give you the massages and they come to the recovery house. I went to see the doctor yesterday and he told me I was healing well and I need to do 4 sessions of the hyperbaric chamber.


So here's some pictures to show some slight difference

Final thoughts

Honestly I was very nervous before cgoing since it's a different Country I didn't know anybody I didn't know exactly how safe it was but after arriving and meeting so many people from the United Statesit made me feel much better about the whole entire procedure. I honestly believe that the surgeons out here are so much better than the one in the states but you have to make sure you research your surgeon. They do have the top-of-the-line and most recent equipment for surgery and post surgery needs.(I believe)

But overall I'm very happy with my results, with my doctor and his team very professional and attentive organized and I have nothing but the best to say about them. I've had a great experience except the recovering pain
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