22 Yrs Old! Finally Getting my Dream Body - Cali, CO

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I am flying to Cali, Colombia about a month from...

I am flying to Cali, Colombia about a month from now to get surgery. I am getting a full TT, liposculpture, arm lift and breast implants. I am so nervous! I lost over 100 lbs through healthy eating and exercise and need to fix the things that the gym can't. I am flying into Cali on April 18th, plan to have the surgery on the 20th and return back to Boston on May 4th. I have been creeping and lurking on this website and IG for months on end. After a lot of research, I was going to go with Doctor Giovanni Cortes but he is relatively new and I want someone who is more experienced (because of the scars, the last thing I want to do is create more insecurities) so I decided to go with Dr. Hugo Sacristan. He does not have a lot of information on the web, but everything I have read about him is positive.

I will be staying in a double suite at Beauti Sleep Recovery House. I am honestly really excited about that. I have seen a lot of amazing reviews about Casa Arama but Jazmine (owner of Bella Vita and Beauti Sleep) is so amazing and professional. I feel less nervous about the post op healing process because she hired 24/7 registered nurses to take care of the clients. Nurses that have had cosmetic procedures themselves so they have experience on both sides of the spectrum. I am still trying to figure out what I am supposed to bring. I know my quote covers all medicine, fajas, the drainage massages.. I have looked through various lists on here and they are all so overwhelming and confusing.

Is anyone else going to Cali in April 2015? Or has had surgery with Dr. Sacristan?

No social life pre-op???

So I'm about three weeks away from my surgery date. For the most part I have been eating really healthy. I meal prep every week and try to consume little to no dairy and do not eat processed foods. I go to the gym 5-6 times per week, even workout twice a day if I have the chance. My only issue is the fact that I'm 22 and all my friends do is drink liquor and smoke hookah on the weekends. I'm going to Atlantic City for a birthday next weekend. My question is, how long before surgery should one stop drinking?
Dr. Hugo Sacristan

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