Round 2 - Cali, Colombia

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Hi Dolls, Its been a little over 3 years post op...

Hi Dolls,

Its been a little over 3 years post op of my TT, LIPO & MR. I am heading to Cali, Colombia for Round 2!! So nervous and excited I don't regret my Round 1 atall!! there was no way in hell I would have ever lost that tire under my belly by just working out. My tummy is still flat scar has healed nicely but I had a couple of minor issues that I want to correct and some fat I want lipo'ed out. My belly button isn't new and the scar is noticeable so I will be re-doing a belly button and removing two tiny dog ears at the end of my TT scar. Next I am going for aggressive lipoescultra of my entire body arms, laterals, waist, thighs and back. Sad to say that I gained weight in my arms and under my boobs so when you look at my profile it kinda looks like I have a belly up top (not cute). I am also going to get some boobs! Not crazy out of this world boobs just a nice full D. I booked my flights today and am so excited to be going to the motherland! I will post some new before pics tonight.

Has anyone heard of Dr. Sacristian? I will be staying with his assistant Isabel because she offered me her home and she has direct contact with the Dr.


My New Before Pics

Sorry they are dark but here is my front view and side view. 3 years after TT, Lipo and MR

7 days till I am in Cali!

I am pretty much packed and super nervous. I packed the following items:

*56 Poise Pads
*Tylenol Extra Strength 24 capsules
*Tylenol PM 24 capsules
*Water Pills
*Arnica Pills
*Arnica Gel
*Hibiclens Antiseptic Soap
*Dial Antibacterial Soap
*Stool Softeners
*Compression Socks
*** BUG SPRAY with 100% DEET ****

I packed a ton of maxi dresses and 3 pairs of sandals. I also packed a sweater and footies socks (like the ones they give you at the hospital) Packed my shampoo, conditioner, lotions, makeup etc.

If anyone has anymore suggestions I will gladly accept them!!

Hugo Sacristan

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