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So I haven't been here for a while I wrote my last...

So I haven't been here for a while I wrote my last review on vanity Cosmetics that's where I was going to go for my first real round of liposuction. There was a whole issue with them and I do not recommend anyone going to them because they're scammers. And then I decided to go to on Dra. Almonte in Dominican Republic which I had paid a down payment and actually lost my money because I didn't want to go anymore and then I finally decided on going to Cali Colombia to Dr henao . So I went to doctor henao last year in October 2015. Honestly he was still kind of new on the scene so he was very nice and of course he wanted to make sure that everything all his work was on point. And in the beginning I enjoyed my results everything went great. once I got home there was just a lot of fat that he had left on my stomach, my sides, my back and I wasn't too happy. I stayed at Alba's recovery house and just to not go too much into detail because it was just ridiculous I would never recommend anyone to go there, it was a pain in the ass. the only reason why I would say to go there is to get your massages from Sandra she is amazing that's the only reason why you should even go to that house just to get massages and you can stay at another house but still get your messages from Sandra. Now I am going to with my second round and I initially wanted to go to DR to get my 2nd round from dr. Duran but of course no one can get in contact with this lady so I decided not to go to her and then I had contacted dr. Medina from Dominican Republic and she gave me a crazy qoute. she initially started off the email like oh my gosh you don't need anything you're perfect and then she gives me this crazy quote of $4,400 for just liposuction. So of course I decided not to go with her either and then I just said you know what I'm going to go back to Colombia the reason why i didnt want to go back to Colombia was just because the trip is a pain in the ass, it takes way too long to get there. Anyways so I was looking into Dr plazas and dr. Villalobos and then I came across some pictures of dr. Paz and I decided that I wanted to go with him because his work looks good. I feel that with my second round I can get the exact results that I want and I think that Dr.paz can deliver those results. I haven't completely decided on my recovery house I am debating like I mean 1% of me wants to go to albas house again only because I really want Sandra to do my massages but I probably will not because I hate that house, its disgusting and they steal your shit. so I might just stay at hermajesty and just go to Sandra for massages.

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