23 years old! surgery with Doctor Anthony Hassan in Miami!! Lipo and bbl.

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I wasn't so sure about Dr S, I Know he is a legend...

i wasn't so sure about Dr S, I Know he is a legend and i carried out a lot of research but i was not so sure if he could give me what i needed, ultimately it comes down to personal preference and also your gut, the doctor assured me that he would put my health first and not put me in danger in a bid to do too much at once. i Skyped with him last week and he answered all my questioned and now im pretty excited and confident that he will deliver in the best possible way. i was scared of going under and other complications that could arise but now im a lot calmer and just counting down the days till i get my dream body! i will also under go ozone treatments in cali as this helps with the recovery process and i will literally do all i can to hasten that process.

Date change

There was a little issue with the processing of my visa and so my surgery has been moved foward one week, I was upset and I cried a bit but my consultant Jazmine Navarro calmed me down and so I'm fine now! Just really want to get it done I can't wait!!!!

Pre Op Photos


So my visa was taking too long to process and it seemed endless and i just didn't want to risk waiting and it not coming out so i decided to expand my search and realised that i never considered the US. found DR Hasan and fell in love with his work, contacted his office and the rest is history!!


So I didn't want to say anything yet until I was absolutely certain! I was supposed to go to Colombia to have surgery with doctor sacristan but it didn't work out and last minute, like last week literally I changed my mind and contacted vanity in Miami Florida My cordinator Patricia, from vanity was Amazing and had everything arranged, I flew down here on Monday and had my labs and all the necessary tests

Everything checked out and I booked and paid for my recovery home, massages and my surgery is on Monday!!

Now I literally have to go buy all my stuff because I have NOTHING!!!

Bella Donna

Bella Donna recovery home
I'm very picky about where I rest my head and when u found out about belladonna I fell in love. I love the room the bathroom and the area. The staff are warm and friendly. I chose to arrive a day before my surgery so I could settle down. Tomorow is the day!!!!

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