28 and Looking to Change my Body for Life - Dominican Republic

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I have a pear shaped body but I am looking to...

I have a pear shaped body but I am looking to perfect it. I am a perfectionist in everything and now I want my body to be everything that I have hoped for. I am deciding between dr plazas, dr medina, or ferreras but I am getting the procedure in January for sure. I wish I could go before that, but unfortunately my life is booked up until then sadly. :/ if you ladies know of someone who can snatch me to look like my pic I am going to them!

Need a hemoglobin meter

I see that hemoglobin levels is one is the biggest issues that some girls are having prior to surgery. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good one? I want to avoid ANY issues when I am in a foreign country, especially needing a transfusion or more shots.

I am also working on my weight loss. I need I lose at least 20 more pounds before I head down, if I want to be happy with my results.

down 17 pounds. 20 more to go

I know that the better I look before the better I will look after. I want to be absolutely stunning after pinching all of my pennies to get my body done lol, so I am losing the necessary weight. I am trying to count calories, walk for 4 miles a day, and do push ups and sit ups.

Has anyone gone on a liquid diet before surgery? How did that go?

It's looking like Villalobos

Villalobos gave me a good quote I feel really comfortable with. Paz and plazas have yet to get back to me with a quote but hopefully I can get one by the middle of next week. I plan to put down my deposit by the 13th and schedule for January.


I wish more girls who went to Paz would post. He finally sent a good quote but I can't find much info

Mallol or sacristan

So it is between dr mallol in the Dominican Republic or dr sacristan in Cali Colombia. I want a vixen body but mostly good lipo to the middle and rounded hips with a booty. I prefer Colombia for safety but I know that the dr gives aggressive lipo and big butts. I really need to make a decision shortly since I want surgery next month.

Dr Diaz it is!

Welp, I am going to Dr Diaz in the Dominican republic. He is safe, makes some excellent bodies, and offers a great price with massaging included. I need to find a recovery house and book my dates this week! Will be sure to update my plans by saturday.
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