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Wanting to get TT, fat transfer to buttocks (bbl),...

Wanting to get TT, fat transfer to buttocks (bbl), Breast lift. Was quoted 6200. Also including laser lipo. Sooo nervous. But have read nothing but great reviews about this doctor. Also don't want to make my body look worse than what (i think) it already looks. I weigh 160 lbs and 5ft. Measuring at 36,30,45... Very curvy already but just wanting to bring that waist in...

Before Pics

Natural Butt already looks awesome clothed(I think). Could use more volume. :-) but I think by bringing in the waist with the TT it will project even more w/out getting bbl


So it's official!!! Deposit Paid! Flight booked. SX Date June 2! I'm so excited!!! Anyone else going around this time? Paola is supposed to be emailing info about the recovery house options. Was considering Alba's but after reading quite a few negatives I think I will try Casa Arama. Heard lovely things! I will be posting much more since I have my date locked in! xo!


Ladies! June cannot come fast enough for me! Everything seems slow mo at this point. I find myself thinking more and more about my procedure. Now I'm questioning wether or not i should get the fat transfer to my butt. I already have a nice size butt but looking for more projection and volume. Just don't want to have a huge donkey booty and or jack up what I was already blessed with. I'm way too short to walk around with a stumpy butt! Lol! But has anyone stayed at or heard about Beauty Recovery Sleep and Spa? I follow them on IG and was maybe considering staying there.

Leaving for Cali in 2 weeks

Procedure is 2 weeks away ladies!!!! Emotional roller coaster for me. One day I'm excited the next day I'm scared! Lol! Unfortunately I will be going alone. I wish I could've had a surgery buddy. Any takers? Lol!

Finally here!

Ladies! Finally made it to Cali!!! Flew in last night! The flight went great! Even though I almost missed it exchanging usd to pesos! Which I later found out it's best to do it in Cali if you don't need it right away. Cheaper! But anyways. I got nervous going through customs though. Because I don't speak any Spanish and the forms were in Spanish and I was afraid of being questioned but the girl in line behind me helped so it went great! Ronald and Tatiana were waiting for me when I walked out! Was so happy to see them! They are so nice and hospitable! Actually everyone I have come in to contact with are! It took us about an hour to get to the house from the airport ( I think because of traffic). The house is beautiful! The nurses are amazing as well! Went and got labs done this morning! And exchanged the rest of my money to pesos. Finally On my way to meet Dr.V... I can't wait!!!! I'll keep posted! Xo

On my way!

Good morning!!!! Surgery is an hour and half away! Feeling very excited and confident that I will love my new body! Dr.V is amazing! Update in a few days! Xo

Made it!

Hey ladies !!!! Made it out of recovery this afternoon! Surgery went very well! Thank god I got the pain pump. Still very swollen and peeing so so much but that's a good thing. My boobs are looking good and I can feel my waistline is on point. Haven't really seen my butt. This tt is no joke. Hunched over literally!
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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