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Hey gals! Pardon this long intro but am trying to...

Hey gals! Pardon this long intro but am trying to include all details as much as i can! So I've been stalking many pages on RS trying to gather up research and recommendations based on experiences and i have to honestly say i feel very motivated to go through this journey that I've been wanting for such a long time and want to share it with you all! I am a mommy of 2 ( 13 yr and 2 yr). I weigh 135 lbs and am 5 ft. I had my oldest very young and unfortunately have a pouch that i hate and as much as i try to work it out nothing will ever fix that so I need a tuck and of course want the beautiful silhouette so liposculpture will accompany as well . I also want a rhynoplasty cause I have a bump on my nose that I do not like so why not fix it. I am currently looking at Doctors in Cali, Colombia. Why there? Well I do believe there are some doctors here in the US who perform wonderfully and are obviously professional at what they do and the results they give, but let’s be honest, US docs will not give you that tiny waist and silhouette we all long for. So I am not interested in doing anything here. My mind is set on Cali, Colombia. I was born here in the US but my parents are from Cali, Colombia so it’s not like I’m going somewhere I've never been. My mom has had surgery there and all has been fine so I don't feel worried on all the negative comments many say in regard to leaving the states to have surgery and it is honestly not about the price, because i feel that when it comes down to having something so dramatic like cosmetic surgery done to your face/ body, why not invest into a good doctor who will not only give you the results you long for but also has all the credentials and certifications necessary to perform. I personally want to go there because like I mentioned before, I love the work I see from Colombia. I have a few friends and family members who have had surgery there and I also have friends who have had surgery here in NY and there is definitely a difference.
So let’s start off by saying that i have a list of surgeons whom i am interested in but have only reached out to the one that has cached my eye the most; Dr. William Jimenez Uribe! He does not have any pics on his website but has a few on his instagram. He's very private in exposing his patients i guess. But a couple of girls i follow on the gram have posted pics. Now i have been following a few docs’ pages on the gram who post many pics of their work and don't get me wrong, they are fab also but.... I want an awesome tt scar and belly button along with a tiny waist and Jimenez seems to deliver. And he also does nice nose jobs. I also have Villalobos on my list. I have read many reviews of him on here and his work is also fab so he’s on there. Family members have recommended Dr Jaime Zapata and Dr. Alvaro Arana ( also located in cali, colo) and their work is great too (they have pics on their site and the gram). At first i thought Jimenez would be the one to take his time to respond to my inquiry but to my surprise his assistant responded within a matter of minutes. I contacted her through whatssap and she provided me with her number and luckily I had a calling card and i called her so we can speak verbally and with details. She gave me a quote with only giving her my height and body measurement and weight which i couldn't believe. She made me feel very comfortable and explained what was included in the quote. He is board certified and is also a general physician. He seems to be very caring and is more interested in the well being and comfort of his patients rather than trying to make you do more stuff for more $$ as i have heard many docs will do. He seems honest. All these vibes once again are from what i got from his assistant so hopefully, if he is the one i choose to go for i will confirm that! I still want and will reach out to the other doctors on my list but for some reason my gut tells me Jimenez can take care of me and deliver. So let’s see. I have my mind set on traveling in February and my momma will come with me, she is so supportive so it makes this a little easier. I will continue to post because rs have been so helpful and I enjoy reading all experiences and stories and want to share my journey as well. I am currently working on coming up with a good personal leave of absence for work because since this is cosmetic surgery it does not fall into the Medical leave of absence act ( which sucks bolas). Anyhow I’m looking at tickets and know the dates I want. Just need to reach out to the other docs and have my request approved once I figure out what to say. So with all these being said, I hoping to hear thoughts and comments and find support in some of you girls!

Does anyone know the difference between Abdominoplasty and Lipectomia abdominal?

I have emailed a few doctors that have been on my list. Besides already obtaining a quote from Dr. Jimenez, i am also interested in a few more just in case my dates aren't available. I emailed the inquiry along with my pics to ; Dr. Sacristian, Dr. Villalobos, Dr. Zapata and Dr. Arana. So far Dr. Sacristian and Arana wb. So Sacristan tells me i need lipo and lipectomia abdominal which im confused because whats the difference between a tt and lipectomia abdominal? Any how he quoted me $3,300. I emailed him to explain the difference so lets see. Arana wb and said he needs to physically see me in order to give me a quote which i can understand. Im ready to book my flight, just need to see my options!


Which Recovery house is best in Cali? I've heard great things on Beauti sleep and Albita Diaz... any thoughts???
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