Removal of Biopolimers in Cali Colombia

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After many tears and full blown depression I...

After many tears and full blown depression I finally took the courage to move forward. I researched the heck out of the internet and I finally found the doctor whom I believe is the best for me. The only set back is this doctor happens to be in another country. Not that I'm against doctors from other countries but the fact that I have to leave my family behind for one month.
So I will be traveling with my husband for support more than anything and when he leaves I will be staying in a RH. I did go to Dr. Gallerani for a consultation but I couldn't stomach the fact that he has to do 2 incisions, one on top and a 2nd surgery on the bottom, this was too invasive for me. I had heard of a doctor in Cali that uses a special technique that he invented in order not to cut the buttocks open. Don't get me wrong not everyone is candidate for this procedure. I just heard that there was one patient that he had no choice but to do an incision because it had traveled all the way up her back. In case you are wondering he does not use any type of lasers either. I think at this point anyone that has done their research know this would be detrimental for this type of procedure.
I purchased my tickets and I am ready to a healthier me. I know this procedure is not easy in any way, shape or form but I am ready and faithful to face my challenges.
My story starts in 2008 when I was lied to by a doctor's assistant of having Hyronic Acid injected. A few years later I started seeing women on TV injecting all kinds of stuff and I couldn't believe why would anyone do this to their body. Ignorance is not bliss. Little did I know I was suffering the same fate. Although I don't have symptoms as of yet I just want to take this silent killer out of me to make sure that my kids have their mother for a long time and not having to worry about my health in the future.
It saddens me to this day women are still injecting themselves knowing this substance is toxic because now everything is out in the open. It's in the news, media and internet. Don't do it ladies, you are killing yourself softly. Prayers to all those women that are in the same boat as I and those that had the courage to take the plunge of removing this toxic waste.
Ladies I will be taking pictures of the RH and gathering as much information as possible in case anyone is interested.

Time is getting closer

I can't believe this month is almost over. I've already started to pack my bag, want to make sure I don't leave anything behind. I think it hasn't struck me yet that soon it will be me on the operating table. It sounds a little crazy but I'm actually excited about going to surgery and taking this out. Maybe the excitement is for a new beginning and a time to heal and reflect.

For the first time in 7 years I woke up and felt some pain on the top right cheek. Nothing unbearable but definitely uncomfortable. It feels like a knot in there definitely inflammation. I can't get to Cali fast enough. For all those ladies that have biopolymers but no symptoms please get it removed. Sooner or later we will all have problems.

I just arrived at Cali Colombia.

Hello RealSelf family, everything went according to plan. No hiccups on the way. We were picked up by the hotel's taxi driver which was very pleasant and had a nice SUV. Since we got to the airport at 8 PM we had no time to exchange money. He took us to an ATM at Intercontinental bank and my husband took out $200,000 pesos which sounds like a lot of money but in actuality was $62.
Tomorrow I am exploring the city and finding a location to stay for my recovery. I will take pictures and post them as soon as I can. My doctor's appointment is on Monday at 9 AM and my surgery is set for Tuesday. I will keep updating everyone as I go along. Say a little prayer for me.

5 days post-op

Tuesday morning at 7 AM I arrived at CDC, this is the hospital where Dr. Rios operates. I was taken into the operating room and bathed, yes ladies a nurse washes your entire body although you bathed yourself that morning Hibiclens. If that's not enough she sprays it also with some sort of sterilization maybe iodine I don't know and I didn't ask. All I know is that they are extremely clean and sterile which is a good thing. I woke up at the recovery room three hours later. Wendy anesthesia wore off I began to get pains, I asked for the pump this is a anesthetic that is attached to your body and it releases the painkiller gradually. You pay for this ahead of time which is 350,000 pesos around $100 it is so worth it ladies.
We took a cab to the hotel which was around six blocks away. I was very sore but I had no problems walking around the hotel. At night was a different story because not only do you have the pump for the painkiller you also have your drains so moving from side to side trying to sleep was a mission. When I saw myself the next day I didn't know if to cry because of the deformity or be joyful that the poison is out. When I spoke to the doctor and two other patients they told me the reason of the indentation was because the dr. put stitches so that the skin don't sag and it adheres to your tissue. Dr. explain to me that the stitches are dissolvable and as they start to dissolve your skin will go back to normal. Well as normal as they could be.
The very next day you go to the clinic to do your lymphatic massage and hyperbaric chamber.
On Friday I was ready to go to Evalin the recovery house and start the healing process. When I arrived I thought I was in paradise the place was just breathtaking. The three meals they provide are all healthy and organic. They grow many of their fruits and vegetables. Oh and I forgot to mention the most important part they treat you like a queen. The people here are all amazing so caring and thoughtful.

Yay my drains are out!!!

Ladies today is my two week postop. I was going crazy with the drains, I have no idea how anyone can tolerate those dreadful drains for so long. I am happy to say that I've been sitting down for the past four days without any pain. And now that my drains are out I feel free like a bird. I still have stitches and they normally take them out close to 20 days. I am posting a picture of today with my drains out. Sorry for the picture, the nurse took it close up. Next time I'll ask her to take it further away. Ladies I can't tell you enough that this doctor is the best. He is professional, compassionate and the way that he deals with this problem is not only taking out the toxic but also interferes with your eating habits. No milk, red meat, pork or greasy foods. He only allows lean chicken and fish with lots of greens and fruits and healthy juices.

22 days post op

There's a few things I would like you ladies to know because l don't want you to make the same mistake I made.
The discover card has no fees like MC and Visa. You should take money out from your debit card because you will get the full current money exchange. Do not exchange your hard earned dollars to pesos from airports nor western union because you will get ripped off like we did. Also, when you get your garment make sure you get 2 one that is soft for the first 8 days and a more tighter one for the rest of the time. They made a mistake with me and gave me 2 soft ones so what end up happening is that I got fluid on my back because of no compression. I learned these things the hard way and I don't want anyone else to go through what I did. I will keep helping you ladies as much as I can for as long as I can. I am sending the latest picture so you can see the progress. Once I was done with the surgery all I can think about is the reconstruction. I am already making plans to come back.
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