Finally Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel. Colombia, CO

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I am preparing for surgery this coming January...

I am preparing for surgery this coming January with Dr. Carlos Rios. I am going to be removing silicone I had years ago. I am quite nervous as this is a major surgery. I don't know what to expect in terms of recovery. I can tell you all a little bit about my growing symptoms over the years. I had my buttock injected over 10 years ago, I have never had any issues with it until about a year ago, I started to get inflammation, the hardness and lumps, now the substance has since migrated to my lower back.

I am not going to continue to beat myself up about this, I made a mistake and I just have to correct it. I am not here for anyone's judgement also. A lot of people like to judge and make stupid comments. But I'm not here for that nor am I sharing my journey with those who are only here to judge. I am sharing my story so that NO ONE GETS HYDROGEL, SILICONE OR ANY KIND OF BUTT INJECTIONS. It's not worth it. When I got mine done there was no talks of fat transfers and bbls, everyone was doing injections. I know other women who are doing the same and getting rid of this toxic as soon as possible. I am just counting the days down to do the same.

I have met with Dr. Transir Mir whom was very knowledgeable in this type of surgery but due to insurance reasons and costs, I could not go with Dr. Mir. But he was very nice and I had a good consultation with him. If you have proper insurance and can afford him, I say do it.

I am going with Dr. Rios, I received my quote, for if he only has to do the laser technique (which is less), and also if he has to cut me open and operate (which is more). I don't really care at this point about the costs, disfigurement I am just ready to get this part of my life over with and get back to the healthy me.

After my removal with Rios, I will be flying back to do my reconstruction with none other than Harold Villalobos (who was the one who referred me to Dr.Rios in the first place) I will be getting a breast lift with implants, lip and bbl to reconstruct any deformities I may have after the removal. After my reconstruction, I can honestly say I am done with plastic surgery. I don't regret having any of my procedures done, but these injections I wish I never had done. The biggest mistake of my life, but with the help of people like Dr. Rios and the most high. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will keep everyone posted on my journey all they way through the reconstruction phase.

Peace to and blessings to all

Switched to Dr. Andres Felipe Diaz Paz

Hi ladies! I hope that everyone has been well. I wanted to just update everyone on my upcoming surgery.. I was initially going to go with Dr. Rios for the removal of my hydrogel injections but have since had a change of heart. Due to the latest, disturbing reviews of some other young ladies, I have decided to go with Dr. Andres Felipe Diaz Paz. Who was recommended by another woman in my surgery group on Facebook. If I had to compare, Dr. Diaz Paz has way more reviews than Dr. Rios and his reviews are at least 4.5 out of 5. And he has over 116 reviews. I sent him an email with photos and he responded very very quickly and we have been in contact since. I have fallen in love with his liposuction and breast work! I have decided to let him do a breast lift with a small implant during the same sx as the removal. Which I asked him f that would be possible and he stated yes. I could have both procedures done at the same time. Which is great! Two birds one stone. I wired him my $500 deposit today and am setting up my Airbnb (I hate RH) and then flight and I'm all set. I can't wait to meet Dr. Diaz Paz and his staff.. so far I see good things coming from them.

Getting ready for surgery! I am so ready to get this over with

Good afternoon ladies! Happy MLK day today, I'm hoping all you ladies are having a wonderful day today. Just updating my journey for you ladies, I fly in about a week and a half from today to Cali, Colombia. I am scheduled for removal of biopolymers with Dr. Andres Felipe Diaz Paz. I am very nervous and excited all at the same time. It's time to finally get this toxic out of my body and get back to being as healthy as possible. I haven't packed anything as of yet but I do plan on bringing mostly sun dresses, things I can easily get in and out of. I have also a stage 2 faja garment. For after surgery. Not sure what they put you in right out of the OR but I already have my stage 2 faja. I am going to walgreens to get some compression socks for my legs, maxi pads, and a few other things. If any of you ladies who have been through this survey have any suggestions on things that I should bring with me please chime in.. or send me a private message. Any help is greatly appreciated. Lately, my pain level has been low to moderate, same burning sensations, same hardness and Lumps in the same area.. lower back pain. I have added a couple of pics so you all can see my before.. I don't have anything in my hips.. and the only part of my buttock that was injected was my top shelf area and lower back, about 3 to 4 inches down from my back there is no silicone.. maybe some have migrated over the years but I didn't have anything injected there.. praying for the best outcome.. I will definitely keep you ladies posted on the Airbnb I rented, etc..

Flying out tomorrow.

I am flying out tomorrow afternoon to Cali, my appointment for pre-op testing is early am Thursday and surgery Friday morning... yes I am nervous but also very ready to put this chapter of my life behind me.. for all the ladies that have been through this, there is light at the end of the tunnel.. don't wait, don't procrastinate, if you had it done yesterday or years ago, get it removed. Lord knows what the long term damage will be. Luckily for me I don't have much of this product to remove, but for those out there that are going through the back pain, the lumps, the hardness, migration of the product don't wait! Get help as soon as possible because it only gets worse with time.. there are plenty of good doctors that can help. If you have health insurance Dr. Tansir Mir in Manhattan is one of the best, so sweet and so professional. Unfortunely for me my insurance just wasn't the best to go with Dr. Mir, but I would recommend him to anyone... But I am very very very comfortable and pleased with choosing Dr. Andres Felipe Diaz Paz, his staff has been keeping up with me all the way until now, Lizeth has been in communication with me for over a month. Wishing everyone the best, see you all after surgery! Love and light ladies ????????

I am 100% silicone free! Surgery went fantastic! Dr. Andres Felipe Diaz Paz is a miracle worker

Hello to all my ladies, I got out of surgery about 12 maybe 1pm this afternoon and I am thrilled to have all of this silicone gone.. from a 1 to 10 my pain level is a 1 very little discomfort. Yes I opted to have open surgery it's was the only way to ensure 100% of the product was removed being I only had it on the upper portion of my buttock.. ladies do not spend all your money getting this removed in the US, in my opinion Colombia is as advanced in their technology as the US, Dr. Paz performs 2 of these removals a week every week.. this is what he does.. I am still a bit dizzy from the Anesthesia but will continue to update you ladies as I go. I am walking around already, yes you heard right. I am walking around and going to the bathroom on my own.. here are a few pics of what was removed.. I will post more updates I'm still waiting on my room to become available.

Hello ladies, I hope everyone is well. I am...

Hello ladies, I hope everyone is well. I am finally back to our Airbnb house after staying one night at the clinic after the removal of injections I had done over 11 years ago. I just want to cry I am so grateful. For the ladies who have been in my shoes, this wasn't an easy journey for me. After living with this product inside of me for all of these years I am finally getting my life back. I remember when I first got this hydrogel injected I was barely 19 years old, young and naive. Now I'm 32 years old with a young boy to live for I regret everyday the decision I made to let someone inject me with such poison. To give those who don't know a quick run down, I started feeling a lot of pain, hard lumps and migration maybe 2 years ago, I finally went to Manhattan NY and met with Dr. Mir who consulted with me and let me know that lucky my skin was still alive but the portion where the hydrogel was injected had killed a lot of my tissue and that I had about a years time before my skin would start to die. He did say he could do my surgery but unfortunately for me my insurance wasn't good enough to have anything done with Dr. Mir. I then turned my attention out of the country where I saw quite a few women going with Dr. Rios, after getting a quote from Dr. Rios, I started seeing a lot of bad reviews on him afterwards and changed my mind. I got a message from a wonderful young lady in my surgery group on Facebook (Queens and Kings of body Sculpting) who passed on the information for Dr. Andres Felipe Diaz Paz and she said to me, don't always go with the hype (Rios) there are plenty of doctors who do removals in Colombia and she passed on Dr. Paz' contact information. After one conversation with his staff and him I was convinced. I sent my $500 deposit and flew out Wednesday January 25th and had surgery that Friday the 27th ladies this was the most professional hospital setting I have ever seen out of the country.. All the equipment is state of the art equipment you would find in the US, I met with Dr. Paz who told me that laser wouldn't remove all of the product and that he recommended me cut open, at this point anything to remove the most product I can, and indeed that's what he did. He removed all of the product from my lower back and upper portion of my buttock. Which has left me with 2 indentations but my butt imo looks way better without all that junk in it.. the product had turned into huge blocks which he cut out. After surgery I was in zero pain, I mean even now I am in no pain, I paid extra for a pain pump which I well worth every penny.. I do have a drain. But boy do I feel so much better.. ladies I felt so comfortable with Dr. Paz because he does 2 of these removals a week, this isn't something that out of the norm for him, he specializes in this procedure and is very very knowledgeable. I am to return in 7 months and he says he will be sure to give me a very nice booty once my tissue regenerates. I can't wait, and ladies he is ohhhhhh so handsome. Imo ladies I would most defiantly recommend Dr. Paz for removal, he is 10 times cheaper than what I would've paid someone in the US to do this, not only that he didn't butcher me in terms of huge cuts everywhere. I have two cuts across the top of each cheek. That is all. Which I plan to cover with a tattoo. For the women who have this product in them DO NOT WAIT TO REMOVE THIS STUFF it gets worse with time. I just thank God I was able to remove this toxic and will be back to good health soon. Here are some photos of what was removed.. warning it's pretty graphic..
For the ladies who are suffering I just want to let you know there is hope. Get help. Anyone who needs his contact info please feel free to inbox me.. I would be glad to pass his info along.. thanking God for a second chance.. love and light ladies

Feeling much better

I posted another review not sure why it hasn't been approved yet but wanted to update you ladies with some photos. Even my skin color is coming back! I just can't wait until reconstruction and then I'm done !!

Finally ready to head home..

Well I have packed and on Tuesday morning I head back home Timmy family. I just want to say how happy I am with my results with Dr. Paz. I couldn't have asked for a better job.. All these days I have been here he has seen me every week to make sure I am healing properly to answer any questions.. I just don't have anything bad to say.. I have attached a photo of my buttock which is filling in nicely already.. this was taken today. If you have had injections my advise is do not wait and there is hell abroad. I spent $4,100 total on my removal (open surgery) which included post op everything, fajas, medications, etc. and I am pleased behind measure. The color of my butt has even returned.. : ) I am ready to go home and get ready for my final reconstruction round, which will be epic!

Love and light ladies

Ready for my last and final round breast lift w/ small implant, butt implants w/fat grafting and ab etching

So ladies just wanted to give you all an update. I am doing very well, the color of my buttock has returned to its original color, my butt feels completely normal and how it's suppose to feel now. I am now preparing myself for reconstruction. I thought it would've taken me a little while to make the $6,200 for my reconstruction but God sent me a blessing in disguise so I have my surgery money ready. Just waiting for the time to pass. Dr. Paz said I should be ready to come back for reconstruction in August, but I am going to give myself until September or early October. Just want to make sure my tissue and everything has been restored and I am ready for reconstruction. I am super excited as I have been saving a few wish pics to see what I want this reconstruction to look like. Dr. Paz has recommended butt implants with fat grafting and I will also be doing a breast lift with a small implant and Ab etching. I can't wait to see what amazing job he's going to do on my body! I have been eating a lot of protein and trying to put on the weight. Other than that I am in no pain, my scar is very thin and non visible with my panties on. Ugh I wish it was fall already, but patience.

Purchased my ticket back to Cali today!

Hello my beautiful ladies, I am super excited to say I purchased m flight back to Cali for surgery. I will be leaving August 1st and flying back on the 15th. I am scheduled for surgery August 3rd at 6am. I am sooooo excited I can hardly sleep! I found a wish pic that I showed to Dr. Paz and this is exactly what I want for myself in terms of my breasts and waists. I already have my friend picking me up at the airport, she lives in Cali not to far away from the clinic so it's super convenient for me having her. I thank God for her everyday lol. Other than that not bringing to much clothes with me, a bunch of sundresses. I am looking for a universal pillow which I may purchase in Cali. I have to gain at least 10 pounds because Dr. Paz will be doing fat transfer along with the implant so I have been eating like crazy lol. I will keep you ladies posted.

Update pics from this morning

I know I have been getting messages about what my butt looks like now, her are some pics from this morning. My scar is very thin and under the underwear line, so when I wear my underwear I can't see it.. doing scar treatment now. Just waiting for August for reconstruction
Dr. Andres Felipe Diaz Paz

Doctor was the best. Came to see me before he went home for the night. Round the clock nurses and massage nurses that come to you.. I have nothing bad to say. He is the best!!

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