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I am preparing for surgery this coming January...

I am preparing for surgery this coming January with Dr. Carlos Rios. I am going to be removing silicone I had years ago. I am quite nervous as this is a major surgery. I don't know what to expect in terms of recovery. I can tell you all a little bit about my growing symptoms over the years. I had my buttock injected over 10 years ago, I have never had any issues with it until about a year ago, I started to get inflammation, the hardness and lumps, now the substance has since migrated to my lower back.

I am not going to continue to beat myself up about this, I made a mistake and I just have to correct it. I am not here for anyone's judgement also. A lot of people like to judge and make stupid comments. But I'm not here for that nor am I sharing my journey with those who are only here to judge. I am sharing my story so that NO ONE GETS HYDROGEL, SILICONE OR ANY KIND OF BUTT INJECTIONS. It's not worth it. When I got mine done there was no talks of fat transfers and bbls, everyone was doing injections. I know other women who are doing the same and getting rid of this toxic as soon as possible. I am just counting the days down to do the same.

I have met with Dr. Transir Mir whom was very knowledgeable in this type of surgery but due to insurance reasons and costs, I could not go with Dr. Mir. But he was very nice and I had a good consultation with him. If you have proper insurance and can afford him, I say do it.

I am going with Dr. Rios, I received my quote, for if he only has to do the laser technique (which is less), and also if he has to cut me open and operate (which is more). I don't really care at this point about the costs, disfigurement I am just ready to get this part of my life over with and get back to the healthy me.

After my removal with Rios, I will be flying back to do my reconstruction with none other than Harold Villalobos (who was the one who referred me to Dr.Rios in the first place) I will be getting a breast lift with implants, lip and bbl to reconstruct any deformities I may have after the removal. After my reconstruction, I can honestly say I am done with plastic surgery. I don't regret having any of my procedures done, but these injections I wish I never had done. The biggest mistake of my life, but with the help of people like Dr. Rios and the most high. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will keep everyone posted on my journey all they way through the reconstruction phase.

Peace to and blessings to all

Switched to Dr. Andres Felipe Diaz Paz

Hi ladies! I hope that everyone has been well. I wanted to just update everyone on my upcoming surgery.. I was initially going to go with Dr. Rios for the removal of my hydrogel injections but have since had a change of heart. Due to the latest, disturbing reviews of some other young ladies, I have decided to go with Dr. Andres Felipe Diaz Paz. Who was recommended by another woman in my surgery group on Facebook. If I had to compare, Dr. Diaz Paz has way more reviews than Dr. Rios and his reviews are at least 4.5 out of 5. And he has over 116 reviews. I sent him an email with photos and he responded very very quickly and we have been in contact since. I have fallen in love with his liposuction and breast work! I have decided to let him do a breast lift with a small implant during the same sx as the removal. Which I asked him f that would be possible and he stated yes. I could have both procedures done at the same time. Which is great! Two birds one stone. I wired him my $500 deposit today and am setting up my Airbnb (I hate RH) and then flight and I'm all set. I can't wait to meet Dr. Diaz Paz and his staff.. so far I see good things coming from them.

Getting ready for surgery! I am so ready to get this over with

Good afternoon ladies! Happy MLK day today, I'm hoping all you ladies are having a wonderful day today. Just updating my journey for you ladies, I fly in about a week and a half from today to Cali, Colombia. I am scheduled for removal of biopolymers with Dr. Andres Felipe Diaz Paz. I am very nervous and excited all at the same time. It's time to finally get this toxic out of my body and get back to being as healthy as possible. I haven't packed anything as of yet but I do plan on bringing mostly sun dresses, things I can easily get in and out of. I have also a stage 2 faja garment. For after surgery. Not sure what they put you in right out of the OR but I already have my stage 2 faja. I am going to walgreens to get some compression socks for my legs, maxi pads, and a few other things. If any of you ladies who have been through this survey have any suggestions on things that I should bring with me please chime in.. or send me a private message. Any help is greatly appreciated. Lately, my pain level has been low to moderate, same burning sensations, same hardness and Lumps in the same area.. lower back pain. I have added a couple of pics so you all can see my before.. I don't have anything in my hips.. and the only part of my buttock that was injected was my top shelf area and lower back, about 3 to 4 inches down from my back there is no silicone.. maybe some have migrated over the years but I didn't have anything injected there.. praying for the best outcome.. I will definitely keep you ladies posted on the Airbnb I rented, etc..
Dr. Andres Felipe Diaz Paz

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