Cali Colombia very soon!! :)

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I'm 32 and have 4 boys all c-sections need a mommy...

I'm 32 and have 4 boys all c-sections need a mommy makeover 911. I'll be going to Colombia in April, however I still have not decided with what doctor. Please tell me your opinions. Also I would love to partner up with someone. I also looked into Dr. Juris in Bogota. Anyone else going to colombia in April?

Im having issues with Paola Dr. Villalobos assistant

Ok so I'm asking questions, isn't normal to ask several questions and sometimes I problably even asked the same question twice, well she just answers so dryly with this bad attitude like didnt I answer ur question already!!!!
This is something big for me, is my body that I'm exposing is my life. I'm going to a place where I don't know anyone. Should she try to meke you feel comfort?
I asked today if I could talk to Dr. Villalobos via Skype and she said no he's too busy to talk with patients. She said if you are interested we need a deposit!!
What?????? I hate that I'm having these issues with her because I love his before and after pics. What should I do?
I'm confused. My second option is Dr. Sacristan. His assistant already workout a Skype conference between me and him for tomorrow.

So I picked Dr. Gerardo Camacho

After so much research day and night I finally feel confident. At first it was so frustrating because I couldn't decide on a doctor. I was between Dr. Sacristan witch has very good reputation on Univision forums however everything was done thru whatsaap app and his secretary was very nice and always responded my questions but I don't think is very professional that it was done thru whatsaap. Dr. Villalobos was on top of my list but Paola his wife/assistant and I did not click at all. She does not like to answer questions and I believe that when it comes to doing soothing like this is very important to feel 100% confident of asking anything that comes to ones mind. To me it seem she was more interested in collecting the 10% deposit. And when I asked to speak to the doctor she said no because he is too busy ???? To me is very important to click with my doctor and feel confident that he is the right one. I got a quote from Doctor Juris he is very good however I didn't stick with him because of the lack of communication with him and his assistant I didn't feel good that they don't anwer quick they take days to answer to me that's a no no. What's going to happen if after the surgery I want to contact him? They will not answer. Now let me tell you guys about Dr. Camacho ???? I came across his name doing research on doctors there is a web page name and that's where I saw his before and after pics and I liked them. I started doing more research on him and liked him even more. He has a reality channel on YouTube and several other videos. I contacted his office and spoke to his assistant Dr. Adriana we talked like for 30 mins straight I just told her what I wanted done, all my questions she answered without even me asking. Is like she was reading my mind. I asked if I could send my pics via whatssap app and she said no that's not a secure way to do it plus the doctor would want to look at them carefully and via whatsaap the resolution on pics is not the same. So I emailed her my pics and my info they. The doctor himself replied with a really detailed message about my body he even cought some things in my body that no other dr. Had notice. That really impressed me. Very professional. Gave me my estimate in Colombian pesos and in dollars. He also told me how I would have start preparing myself for the surgery right away for better results etc. no other doctor mentioned that to me before. I'm super impressed now I feel confident to say dr. Camacho it is!! ????

The clinic is very important too

Girls always do your research on the clinic where the surgery is taking place. I wanted my surgery to be done in a clinic that has ICU intensive care unit in case something goes wrong. The clinic where mine is taking place is Evolution Medical Center in Bogota Colombia. Very nice they have ICU and also blood bank.


I was very excited with Dr. Camacho, he And his assistant are very professional you will be impressed! However he wants me to wait 2 months before I go to get my sx he wants me to loose like 30 pounds before I go. My current weight is 155lb my height is 5-1. Really? I'm I not paying!!!
I wanted to go in 1 month. So what should I do now? Any opinions?

Tickets purchased scheduled for March 30

Ok Ladies I know I'm crazy and changed my mind and thought I was right but..
Is going to be with Dr. Sacristan on the 30 of this month ???????????? I'm scared!!!!!!
Is it normal?
Things didn't work out with Dr. Camacho because of our schedule so I chose to go to Sacristan. I'll be leaving on the 26. I'll be staying at casa Arama.. So I'll be seeing some of u guys there. I'll be praying for all of us.

Had to postpone my sx date :(

I had an emergency and had to postpone my sx date. Lost my ticket :( I'm so upset I was suppose to be on my way today:(..

Here we go again

Ok so I just bought a ticket to cali for June the 5th. Hopefully this time I will make it to Cali and have my sx done. I'm excited and nervous at the same time

I'm in cali!!

Hey ladies, I'm in Cali finally I'm staying with Alba Diaz she is such a sweet lady
Everyone here are so nice. I've seen many girls that already had surgery by different doctors they all look good.
I'm sticking to Dr. Sacristan, tomorrow morning i go for some labs and after that I meet Dr. Hugo Sacristan. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time.
Pls keep me in your prayers most likely I'm go in for sx on Wednesday morning.

I'm alive

Hi ladies I'm alive!! Thank God I'm on the flat side. My recovery is going very well, ppl here are surprise that I'm doing so well. By the way everyone here at the house is very helpful and nice I recomend Alba Diaz recovery house 100%
My only issue is that I can not sleep at night I'm very anxious is hard for me to fall asleep bc I'm used to sleeping on my tummy. My butt hurts, my boobs hurt the first 24 hrs, my TT does not hurt and my back hurts a lil from the Iipo.
Ladies my doc is awesome Im so happy that I chose Dr. Sacristan today is my 3 day post sx and I've seen him 3 times already he came personally to see me this morning and surprise me with flowers.

5 week update

Hi ladies, I'm 5 weeks post op and I feel a lot better now.
I was having trouble with my belly button healing but it seems that is good now,
What happen is that I was cleaning it too often so I wasn't giving it time to dry.
2 stitches opened on the date I started driving so pls just go with the doctors orders. Other than that everything else is fine. Im really not in a diet cause I'm not a heavy person plus I was more concern about my loose skin and hanging boobs than fat. I don't like my but cause I did not take care of it since I got a BL with implants, ladies don't get a bl and bbl together! Either u take care of one or the other I chose my boobies so my but is kinda a lil ugly so I'm thinking about a round 2 just for bbl. I'll upload some pics :)

After pics

Dr. Hugo Sacristan

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