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34 years old 5'3" 140lbs. 2 kids. 70+ weight...

34 years old 5'3" 140lbs. 2 kids. 70+ weight gain with each child. Breastfeed each child for 12-14 months. Lost most of the weight, always up and down for me. :-( Kids are now 7 and 5. I will be leaving to Cali, Colombia 15 Feb 2015. Meet the doctor on the 16th and surgery on the 17th. $6,700 for removal and new breast implants, breast lift, tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift. Close family friends have had surgery with this doctor so I am optimistic of the results. I need to send an email with questions that i have. I was given my list of labs that need to be done, so I need to hurry up and get those done.I will be staying with husband's family while there. Spanish is my second language so make me nervous but I am pretty fluent so this is a plus. Additional $500 for insurance, medication, 1 night stay, 2 fajas, 2 bras, 1 board. $25 per day for nurse $35 per day if staying over night with me. $200 (?) for groceries. I will be staying 3 weeks in Colombia. $680 plane tickets, $40 clothing. I went to salvation army. I was able to buy 3 pajamas dress type, 1 zipper other 2 button up. 5 cotton soft stretchy kind button up shirts and able to roll up with button 3/4 of the way. 1 stretchy capri, 1 long skirt. Button/zip up EVERYTHING was stressed by each person i spoke to who had this done. Pj's Real grandma style but cute. 3 weeks before I leave and I am nervous, was nervous when thinking of getting this done and nervous that I'm getting it done and nervous that is so close. Of course terrible things run through my mind but of course I am hoping and praying for the best. So I have been on Realself for the past 2 months 'researching'. I have found a lot of useful information. Most were not in list form, more like paragraph form - so i decided to do a list that i have taken from here and there and customize for me and I am sure i will continue to edit this list.
Post OP supply checklist – Mommy makeover plus BBL
1. Tylenol extra strength
2. pain medications.
3. Sleeping tablets
4. ProSil - 4 week post op
5. Scargaurd - 4 week post op
6. silicon scar sheeting/or paper tape
7. Overnight maxi pads
8. Arinca Brusing
9. Bromelian Swelling
10. Milk of Magnesia stool softener.
11. Colace
12. ice packs.
13. Cocoabutter
14. Neosporin
15. Antibacterial soap – liquid form and start 1 week prior
16. Hand sanitizer
17. Thermometer
18. Flushable wipes
19. Elastic wxercise band
20. 7 pair cotton panties
21. Heating pad
22. Waterbottle bendy straw
23. Waterproof pad/disposable bed pads
24. Chux pads
25. Bathroom chair
26. Handheld shower head
27. Female urinal
28. Pillow and bed sheets
29. inflatable innter tube
30. Whey protein
Thigh high Compression socks for BBL?

POST OP Food list
Healing foods

1. Pineapple
Protein- help in healing
1. peanut butter crackers
2. granola bars
3. nuts
4. yogurt
5. pudding
6. cheese
Zinc foods – help in healing
1. green peas
2. black berries
3. rasberries
4. Avocados
Magnesium – healing/depression/heart
1. Spinach
2. Almonds
3. Sunflower seeds
4. Pecans
5. Lentils
6. Chocolate
7. Bananas
8. Low fat yogurt
Reduce salt intake/sodium 1500mg or less
Trail mix
Hot or cold cereal with ½ cup berries & ¼ cup shaved almonds
Mid-Mornig snack:
Yogurt or cottage cheese
Sandwich roast turkey lettuce tomate avocado mayo on whole wheat or multigrain
Afternoon snack:
Peanut butter on whole wheat toast or pita
Stir fried chicken strips sautéed in canola oil with grated giner
Red/yellow/green peppers served over brown rice
Bedtime snack:
Homemade fruit smoothie banana strawberries, milk or yogurt add whey protein.


1. Tummy tuck what kind? Mini or full, new bellybutton. I want full
2. Muscle tightening repair
3. What type of implant saline or silicon? Undermuscle? (i currently have saline under muscle)
4. Is it okay to take these over the counter RX before surgery?
5. What kind of pain RX is prescribed?
6. Will I be given an antibiotic to take the day before and days after surgery?
7. What are the names of the medications that will be given to me?
8. Take vitamins before and after – is this okay or recommended
9. Local or general anesthesia
10. Hospital bed good idea for tummy tuck patients? Rent one?
11. Walker for 1st week? being that you can not stand straight up
12. How many hours to do you estimate that this will take? Tummy tuck, breast lift and implant and brazillian butt lift.
13. Dog ears – are these common and if these occur is this taken care of under initial payment of surgery?
14. Taking a shower with drains from tummy tucks. Elastic band to put drains on.
15. Do I need to buy lipofoam or just board?
16. Do I need to buy compression socks?
17. What kind of faja, will it be sleeves or sleeveless

If anyone reads this and has advice to what i should add or take off - please let me know.

Pre Op pictures

Gained a few pounds before surgery. :-( 145lbs. 5'2''. Pre op pictures. Getting breast lift, new implants, tummy tuck and brazillian butt lift.

Post op

Day of surgery post op went well. Don't remember too much and not in any real pain. I was being given pain RX. I stayed the night and the next day the nurse came to give me my massage where a lot of liquid came out. Also, many of the nurses were in impressed with the GoGirl female urinal that i had. This GoGirl helped prevent the faja from getting dirty. It's too painful to try and take off the whole faja just to go pee. The nurses don't do it and you can't do it buy your self. Trust me, buy the GoGirl. $9 at target and walmart online. $12 if you go to a place like bass proshop. I practiced the night before and it was super easy and actually fun to use. Day 4 post op now and feeling great. I am having the massages everyday, which helps with the swelling that i have ALLOVER. My feet are also swollen.

2 months post

I miss exercising and Zumba I feel good but I don't want to risk it. I'm way too afraid to be out in the sun In a swimsuit because of the scarring so I' don't think I will actually be able to wear any bikini this summer.
Dr Saad

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