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Hey y'all.....I have been on this journey for...

Hey y'all.....I have been on this journey for quite some time and now I am finally ready. I picked up a second job just to pay for the expenses; I haven't got much sleep because I have been doing extensive research on a surgeon and recovery home in Cali, Colombia. My first selection was Dr. Marcos Petro; he was going to charge me $7000 total for the surgery but they don't have any recovery homes in the area, so I started my search all over and stumbled across Dr. Harold Villalobos. Everything about him screams professionalism and great results. I will be sending him my photos for my assessment later on this evening......I'm excited and nervous and I haven't even received my quote yet.

Change is good

I changed my mind and I'm going with Dr. Marcos Petro.....I love all of his work; the staff is bilingual, polite and they respond fast. The only downside is, there aren't any recovery homes there so I am looking for a hotel I can recover in; as well as, a nurse that will help with my care.....I'm praying that I can get a friend to go with me. If anyone wants to offer post op suggestions, please do.
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