Silicone Removal from butt

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I have had injections done since New Years Day of...

I have had injections done since New Years Day of 2015 and I went twice to get it done in Texas. I went two weeks after the first time to get it done again. I had so much put in me because it hurt so bad I moved so much that when the injectors were putting it in my butt it caused my butt to not be even so they continued to shoot silicone in me until both cheeks were even both times I went. Don't get me wrong it was beautiful to me and till this day it still looks nice. I get so many compliments, my friends and family dont want me to get the surgery because it look so nice on me and rather for me to leave it alone, however the reason I'm getting surgery is because I'm scared of what's to come. The people that injected me are now in jail and charged with murder. They killed a lady by the name Wykesha Reed the very table she was found dead on I laid there and received injections by the two. The injectors names were Denise known as Wewe and Jimmy Joe known as Alicia. These two people told me that the silicone was medical grade and that they do so many people and no one has ever had any problems. After being investigated for the murder of Wykesha the detective handling the case told me that there were large quantities of hardware silicone found at Wewe's home. Wewe was an African American lady about 34 who had an attitude who seemed jealous acting but at the end of the second time getting shots I thought she was cool. She had so many clients and made so much money by just doing shots she drove a Bently. Alisia was a transgender Hispanic she showed me her silicone boobs and butt filled with silicone she was very sweet and kind. Since I've had these shots I have had so much depression and anxiety, my body aches so bad my lymph nodes in my neck swell up constantly, I'm always feeling ill, and when my monthly comes around I feel like I'm dieing. I've been to the hospital so many times for them to tell me nothing is wrong with me. Several doctor's told me to leave it alone. My legs hurt so bad. I have head aches all the time chest pain in which it may be from the aniexty. I've did so much research on this topic and found that people just don't die at the time of getting the shots, people have died years later due to silcone embolism traveling to the lungs, some people have had heart attacks and died. Anyway I didn't go alone to get theses shots I went with a close friend I've known all my life she was desperate to get them just like myself but she didn't have the money but she knew where to go because her two sisters have previously had it done and they had no problems or complications to this day. I really wish I would of did the research I did after I got the shots prior to getting them. I've contacted people that have been on television due to these shots like April Meshelle the lady who lost all her limbs to this and we have became very good friends. I also contacted the lady who had gotten hers removed and tried to get implants afterwards and the implants flipped in her butt. They both can be googled. I myself have also been on the Chicago news speaking about the injections I have been here in Colombia since Halloween I was supposed to get the surgery last Tuesday but my iron was low so each day I have been getting iron transfusions and Tuesday nov 9th I'm supposed to get the surgery with Dr Alberto Carlos Rios if my iron is up. I'm staying at Recovery House I've met so many people and made so many friends due to me going to the Dr office. The Dr office stay packed with girls who has bioplyomers and girls who had butt implants. This doctor does a very good job I feel like I picked well. It's crazy because everyone here has a big butt and my translator told me that most people here have silicone injections and many people here have died due to it but you don't here about it in the states. They actually have a movement here called no more bioplyomers. If anyone has any questions let me know tomorrow is the big day for me.

After surgery

I had surgery done nov 8 he prepped me at 12:30pm surgery was over by 3:30. I don't feel like talking now I'm in pain but I just wanted to keep you informed I'll tell more later in the pic I covered my tattoo.

When I met the Dr he was so nice, kind, honest and very handsome. I feel like I chose the best Doctor.

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